Social Media Networking Sites – Killing the Girly Time?

If one day you decide to give up all your social networking, you certainly are going to realize how dependent you have been on it. Emailing, Facebooking and tweeting have become a major part of our lives and it certainly is killing girly get together. Normally, you hear people saying that ‘I’m not addictive to Social Media’ but you will be realizing that you have become highly addictive to status updating, texting, Twitter, emailing and you will not get an idea until you give it up.

Presently, you will be having thousands of followers on Twitter, hundreds of friends on Facebook and this certainly casts you into the social media bonding. On the other hand, a new research that has been conducted by the Mental Health Foundation revealed that tech-savvy youngsters are lonelier than the old age people are. It has been reported that human voice has more warmth and it is more useful in healing as compared to an electronic hug. You may happen to be to get connected with a large number of people all around the globe with Technology but it is also going to isolate you. So, are you suppose to give up your gadgets?

One day, when you are just not able to stay in touch to people via social mediums; you are going to feel agitated or impatient as you will be missing status updates, frantic Facebook messages or Tweeting, chats and all such things which you have been doing from last too many days, weeks or even months.
If you happen to spend a Facebook- and- Blackberry-free day, you will be experiencing a luxuriate nap. Nevertheless, you are going to get a sleep for a minute or two and you will be waking up five times during that; the reason would be that you want to see your updated Facebook, Tweets, or check if your friends have not posted something exciting?
While you are considering meeting your friends, you will not be able to get through your addiction as you will not be able to stop yourself from checking your networking portal accounts. You will get to know that you are more comfortable in tweeting and texting instead of meeting them face to face. This is something that is making you more like a Dummy which is sitting in front of the computer screen and checking out time-to-time. You are more likely caught up in the cyber realms.
At a night out, you will be sharing stuff, talking photos, laughing hard, but, you are never going to forget updating your status or putting up your photos with networking sites as you have a bonding hormone in you which forces you to knit yourself in an electronic manner with your virtual friends all around the world.
Now, you are one of those people who are forming a new Socializing Networking group which is known as ‘Faceless Book’ this is for all such people who have recently realized that their private and personal lives are not a public property, business, apart from your handful of true friends. Thus, you should start meeting & stop Tweeting!! This is because, your friends are the real people around you, who are supportive, helpful and Loyal while you need them and not just virtually!!



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Social media: Is it for Products or People?

It is a fact that most of the people using the Internet globally have now stepped into the social networking world. We all are very well aware of what social networking and social media is capable of; it is all about connecting your friends, making new ones and exchanging views. On the other hand, in the present times, social networking and media are being utilized as business tools. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are some of the most significant portals which people are using to advertize and promote their brands.

There are a large number of people who are making use of MySpace, technorati, Mixx, Digg and numerous other social networking sites to promote their programs and brands. Therefore, the most important thing to make sure the target market and while people are opting for social media, they need to concentrate and make some efforts too. Thus, it is pretty evident that you can be successful in promoting and advertising your brand by inputting some efforts in a right way.

We are all aware of the fact that making use of social media to market products and services is an extremely difficult task. If it has been extremely easy then each individual should have been successful with his or her efforts! Thus, you need to figure out what is social media and networking is exactly for? Is it useful for brands or people? Analysts state that social networking, media is actually for those who are utilizing the reality that is not applied by every big company, and they do not follow Twitter Followings. Still is there any need for these well established brands that they require these social mediums to enhance them? The answer is Yes! No matter how big their name is, still they are required to make use of them.

Users like following their favorite brands along with favorite celebrities. Stars that are recognized globally, people like following them on such social networking portals. Some of the brands have the largest audience such as O2. When comparison is made between a global brand Gucci or Nike, then they both are the most LIKED on Facebook. Other than that, the celebrity most ‘Liked’ on Facebook is Lady GaGa. She has a host of audience more than 26 million. The question here is that are these people becoming brands? Generally, people buy their designers merchandise and clothes, watch favorite sports stars, and buy celebrities music.


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YouTube’s Online video Editor

Although the news is quite old  that Google has released the most desired and advanced feature for its most popularly used video sharing web portal YouTube. But as Ishtihari hasn’t reviewed it yet so we wanted to write a post about it.

With this, the YouTube users will be able to easily edit and modify their videos by trimming them and joining together several other video clips which they have uploaded over the Website. The editor will be able to add audio files to the modified videos by making use of YouTube’s AudioSwap library of approximately 40,000 songs.

Presently, the newly formed Java Script based editor is offering users with the fundamental functionalities such as merge clips, cutting down the unwanted strips from such videos that have a long duration. However, Google has promised to bring out more enhanced and improved feature in some time to come. Various other capabilities are also being explored by Google by making use of the cloud based computing techniques for the editor to provide with more feasible options while users are editing their videos. It would not be dependent on any particular browser and Silicon Valley giant with its extensive and competent infrastructure will manage the entire backend processing.

This is not the first time when YouTube is adding the editing option to its services. An advanced Flash-based video editor was been integrated back in year 2007 which was commonly known as YouTube Remixer. This application was useful in adding captions, images, and transitions to the videos. Nevertheless, this service was terminated because it is buggy and slow response.

YouTube Video Editor sounds extremely greatly and is rated as an outstanding service.

What would be Facebook’s answer to Muslim Community?

Facebook has been blocked, and the reason that no Pakistani is feeling awful about it. I can certainly assure my statement. The reason behind is that Facebook let the Muslim community down all over the world by not taking action against the event  DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY, in which people will come up with caricatures of the Holy Prophet MOHAMMAD. It’s not just religiously wrong but it’s against the ethical values of the society which has hurt the feelings of Muslim community.

Pakistan’s Government took a step forward to block the social networking web portal as a protest, making this page inaccessible to the users, as it is extremely offending for all the Muslims.

Facebook officials feel disappointed because of this action taken by the Pakistan government, and wanted that the government should have informed them about the decision of blocking Facebook without any warning.

Along with Facebook, YouTube has also been blocked, as it also contained blasphemous material.

The point, which arises here, is that is this boycott going to influence Facebook?

The answer is, surely yes! It will largely influence the traffic of Facebook and YouTube! Considering the Internet traffic from Pakistan and the traffic from the entire Muslim world can make these social networking sites face a huge difference. Thus, if Muslims all around the world boycott and refuse to use these web portals, YouTube and Face book are going to suffer enormously. Facebook and YouTube are rated as the most distracting websites, which undoubtedly affect the work productivity, and now, as they are banned, it will give positive work result, as people will be just working.

Both the social media and networking giants must revise their policies, because if they do not, they would be suffering like Orkut and MySpace, and soon would appear as dead.

Actions must be taken which are useful in bringing down such conspiracies against Islam, as blocking these web portals will not remove such pages but it will only not enable Pakistanis to view them.

We should not IGNORE THE FACT BY BLOCKING IT, HOWEVER, MUST TAKE SUCH ACTIONS TO REMOVE IT!! PTA’s step is truly appreciated; however, Facebook and YouTube should be banned for an indefinite period unless it apologizes from the entire Muslim community!!

It is indeed shameful that religions are no more respected, and DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY is one of the biggest examples!  Is Facebook going to take action against the event or strict to the statement that NO POLICY HAS BEEN VIOLATED is still a question mark. Everyone is anxiously waiting for Facebook’s response. Stay with us for updates!

Impact on Social Media after blocking Facebook, YouTube & Wikipedia in Pakistan

Looks like nothing is going in Facebook’s favor nowadays. If privacy issues and concerns by US government were not enough to weaken the social media giant; here comes another major concern from Muslim world which has arisen especially from Pakistan where the government officials and stakeholders have stood against the Web 2.0 giants.  We already know that Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for religious reasons which we all know and we are not going to talk about what we already know now. I wanted to write on this topic because what would be impact of banning these sites to Pakistani market is an interesting point to debate on.

Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube have the highest daily traffic according to Social media is not confined to younger age brackets only but young professionals are found addicted by updating their statuses, watching videos and writing content.  The telecom industry in Pakistan has allocated special budget for placing their ads on YouTube and Facebook so we can safely say that Pakistan is not just giving high traffic to these websites but also playing an important part in generating revenue to these players. Facebooking and YouTube have become a daily activity for these Pakistani users so if we keep this all the facts and figures in mind; an action plan should be developed because this is not going to end here. The perception of Facebook has drastically changed with privacy and religious issues. I agree to the view point that Facebook might not violating any policy right now but we have to keep Orkut in mind which used to be the social networking giant and people quit using orkut not just because Facebook was here but also due to spamming and lot of adult content there. I must say to keep facebook CLEAN, they need to revise their policies and delete such kind of  groups which are there just to attack the religious and social beliefs and also illegal content which is very low compared to orkut but its still there. Otherwise, Facebook has to say Goodbye not only to its Pakistani users but this will hit them globally soon

Linkedin turned seven today!

LinkedIn was founded in year 2002, December, however, the actual and original website was not launched until 2003, May5th. This makes LinkedIn older than Face book, which was launched in year 2004, twitter in year 2006, YouTube in year 2005, and MySpace in 2003, August.

LinkedIn dominated the business social networking vertically with no rivals along. Lately, its growth and expansion has been accelerating.

LinkedIn surpassed 50million users in the last year and now, has launched a wave of new and innovative features, which generally includes new link-sharing features, ability to track the companies and many others. Some estimates nail the Worth of LinkedIn at $1.3 billion or more.

All we can do it wait for more and more features from LinkedIn and wish LinkedIn more success.

Face book is now commanding 41% of the Social Media Traffic

YouTube and face book are shifting the rivals and actually taking over the social media network. Moreover, to show continued and massive traffic growth throughout the year 2009 and in the beginning of year 2010, YouTube and face book continued to capture the market of social media network traffic to the highest volume. Twitter also acquired mainstream attention, helping and serving the company to increase the number of visitors to the website by five folds throughout the year.

Taking a more closer look at the traffic charts, we can see a widespread and extensive migration of users from MySpace to face book very clearly. By March year 2010, face book traffic was up to 41percent considering all the popular social media network destinations. MySpace stood second by capturing around 24percent of the traffic. Gmail had 15percent and twitter only had8percent.

Nevertheless, in year 2009, MySpace was leading with 38percent of visitor’s traffic over Face book, which was 33percent. Whereas, Gmail maintains to show sluggish year-over-the year growth and the websites like Twitter and LinkedIn experienced exponential increase in the past 12 months, and MySpace traffic has been completely inactive and stagnant. On the other hand, face book has exhibited a strong and potential growth with high volumes of traffic.

YouTube turned five

The video streaming giant YouTube turned five on 23rd April. With billions of videos watched daily, YouTube is clearly the market leader and one of the most visited websites daily. Google who bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars in 2005 is planning a series of events to celebrate the 5th anniversary of YouTube and there might be great possibility that Google comes up with new additions in YouTube.

Here are some facts and figures we should be aware of YouTube :

1.  According to Yahoo, an average of 24 hours length of videos are uploaded after each minute on YouTube

2. To deal with piracy, YouTube is also dealing with 10,000 partners like music companies, movies production companies like EMI, Disney and lots of music rental companies.

3. If we calculate the time people spent on YouTube, it would be like 9305 years.

4. 70% of the users who are registered on YouTube are American

5. How could we forget the Zidane football event. Do you know that more than 2000 videos on Youtube are titled with Zidane..Interesting isnt it?

Now you can run Android on Iphone 2G

Yes this is true! Iphone development team uploaded a video on YouTube yesterday explaining how to install Android on Iphone 2G. The same development team made it possible to run Linux on Iphone. The team explained that Iphone is not just a phone for Iphone OS but it always had the dual boot capabilities.  So now people who wants a sleek cellphone like Iphone and reliable OS like android can have the combo on Iphone.

Planetbeing wrote on his blog that ” it is not the besr Android OS that I have ever seen but its the first one I have seen for Iphone”. Planetbeing also explained that it would be easier also to port Android onto Iphone 3G but they are currently working on it. So in the near future we are also going to see Android OS with Iphone 3G

YouTube – Unlocking the Secrets of Success

There are so many websites which are following the same model and even the structure of the website but why YouTube is one of the top visited websites around the world. Lets find out.

First thing first, the unique business model behind YouTube. It allows the users to share videos following the Web 2.0 model. Initially it looked difficult that who will share the videos but now people want to share their videos. Different channels have made accounts so that their viewers can watch the shows online when they want to. In all this, What YouTube is offering ; An interface with excellent uploading and streaming speed for which there is no comparison. It happened with me several times that I am browsing through different videos and what I found was an Old video uploaded on YouTube which recalls my old memories.

With the advent of Web 2.0 and P2p network, the sharing has been a problem for copyrighted material. But YouTube knew that this is going to be a problem if we allow our users to simply upload anything and everything. So, YouTube has a strong mechanism of checking for any Video and even Audio whether it is a copyrighted material which has been uploaded or not.

With the concept of sharing videos, YouTube has made several successful artists and movie makers to promote their videos. This is one of the class who used to share their songs, videos on YouTube.

The concept of RELATED Videos is simple excellent. If you are watching comedy shows on YouTube most of the times, it will show related videos so you dont have to search for every single video. Almost 90% of the videos are watched in this fashion.

YouTube has celebrated its 5th Anniversary recently but the users and especially the circle of loyal users are growing. YouTube has added some technical features in its movie player. Lets see whats going to happen in 2010 for YouTube and what new it can bring to keep their users loyal.