Windows® 7 Family Pack is to be released in UK

Microsoft Corporation is ready to release its Windows® 7 Family Pack in the United Kingdom by October 22nd which will be allowed up to three computers in a household to improve to the significantly commended operating system by Windows.

Windows® 7 Family Pack has been on sale in US and has been for a sale under $150 and United Kingdom pricing is to be confirmed yet.

Ashley Brown, Representative to Microsoft Corporation stated that for all those people who are living outside US would be able to get the Windows® 7 Family Pack after October 22. He further stated that Windows® 7 has been designed with the Home networking features. Windows® 7 Home Premium has HomeGroup feature in it that is useful in sharing files, music, and photos between all the PCs that are integrated into your home-based network. It can be extremely handy if all the PCs at your home are sharing a single printing device.

Windows® 7 Family Pack is only available to such users who have upgraded their older systems from Windows® XP or Windows® Vista so that they can get the most recent operating system.

Windows® 7 has been a great hit for Microsoft and it is doing its best to make it more useful, functional, and practical for its users.

Bungled McAfee updates are shutting down the XP machines globally

It has been examined from all over the words that a McAfee destructive and faulty update for Windows XP has caused computers to shutdown worldwide. According to the grapevine situation, that update, which is named as 5958 initially, deletes the svchost.exe file, and then it activates as a false positive in McAfee itself, setting off an array of abandoned restarts of the system and losing the networking functionality.

Now, this is wild! The Twitter is mainly going nuts and the McAfee’s support website is appears to be down. There is a number if fixes, that are floating around, however, it may be extremely late. The number may reach millions, before that affective action is required !