Wave of Popularity – Twitter’s CEO

Without doubts, we all happen to appraise our professional relationships. Nevertheless, our opinions and ideas tent to remain with us only. The web portal Cubeduel is considering changing this particular state of affairs, it has been launched lately, and this runs while you connect to your LinkedIn account. For this company, it did not take much long to reveal a standing one of the most popular CEOs in Silicon Valley. Conceivably, it is an effort to raise its own profile to some extent..

Based on approximately 1.2 million votes that have been registered by the company’s workforce such as Google, LinkedIn and even Microsoft, the professionals working at Cubeduel were able to determine that Dick Costolo was one of the most bosses in the Silicon Valley. Dick Costolo even replaced Evan Williams as head of Twitter last October.

This is something not bad at all for someone who does not even had an honor of having a single page Wikipedia by his name!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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What would be Facebook’s answer to Muslim Community?

Facebook has been blocked, and the reason that no Pakistani is feeling awful about it. I can certainly assure my statement. The reason behind is that Facebook let the Muslim community down all over the world by not taking action against the event  DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY, in which people will come up with caricatures of the Holy Prophet MOHAMMAD. It’s not just religiously wrong but it’s against the ethical values of the society which has hurt the feelings of Muslim community.

Pakistan’s Government took a step forward to block the social networking web portal as a protest, making this page inaccessible to the users, as it is extremely offending for all the Muslims.

Facebook officials feel disappointed because of this action taken by the Pakistan government, and wanted that the government should have informed them about the decision of blocking Facebook without any warning.

Along with Facebook, YouTube has also been blocked, as it also contained blasphemous material.

The point, which arises here, is that is this boycott going to influence Facebook?

The answer is, surely yes! It will largely influence the traffic of Facebook and YouTube! Considering the Internet traffic from Pakistan and the traffic from the entire Muslim world can make these social networking sites face a huge difference. Thus, if Muslims all around the world boycott and refuse to use these web portals, YouTube and Face book are going to suffer enormously. Facebook and YouTube are rated as the most distracting websites, which undoubtedly affect the work productivity, and now, as they are banned, it will give positive work result, as people will be just working.

Both the social media and networking giants must revise their policies, because if they do not, they would be suffering like Orkut and MySpace, and soon would appear as dead.

Actions must be taken which are useful in bringing down such conspiracies against Islam, as blocking these web portals will not remove such pages but it will only not enable Pakistanis to view them.

We should not IGNORE THE FACT BY BLOCKING IT, HOWEVER, MUST TAKE SUCH ACTIONS TO REMOVE IT!! PTA’s step is truly appreciated; however, Facebook and YouTube should be banned for an indefinite period unless it apologizes from the entire Muslim community!!

It is indeed shameful that religions are no more respected, and DRAW MOHAMMAD DAY is one of the biggest examples!  Is Facebook going to take action against the event or strict to the statement that NO POLICY HAS BEEN VIOLATED is still a question mark. Everyone is anxiously waiting for Facebook’s response. Stay with us for updates!

Impact on Social Media after blocking Facebook, YouTube & Wikipedia in Pakistan

Looks like nothing is going in Facebook’s favor nowadays. If privacy issues and concerns by US government were not enough to weaken the social media giant; here comes another major concern from Muslim world which has arisen especially from Pakistan where the government officials and stakeholders have stood against the Web 2.0 giants.  We already know that Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for religious reasons which we all know and we are not going to talk about what we already know now. I wanted to write on this topic because what would be impact of banning these sites to Pakistani market is an interesting point to debate on.

Facebook, Wikipedia and YouTube have the highest daily traffic according to Alexa.com. Social media is not confined to younger age brackets only but young professionals are found addicted by updating their statuses, watching videos and writing content.  The telecom industry in Pakistan has allocated special budget for placing their ads on YouTube and Facebook so we can safely say that Pakistan is not just giving high traffic to these websites but also playing an important part in generating revenue to these players. Facebooking and YouTube have become a daily activity for these Pakistani users so if we keep this all the facts and figures in mind; an action plan should be developed because this is not going to end here. The perception of Facebook has drastically changed with privacy and religious issues. I agree to the view point that Facebook might not violating any policy right now but we have to keep Orkut in mind which used to be the social networking giant and people quit using orkut not just because Facebook was here but also due to spamming and lot of adult content there. I must say to keep facebook CLEAN, they need to revise their policies and delete such kind of  groups which are there just to attack the religious and social beliefs and also illegal content which is very low compared to orkut but its still there. Otherwise, Facebook has to say Goodbye not only to its Pakistani users but this will hit them globally soon

Top 3 Free applications for Ipad

Like someone said everything good in this world is not for free is sometimes wrong especially when it comes to Ipad. We all know that most of the applications on Ipad are not free but there are some which are free to download.

ABC Player

This is one of the most highly used applications not even on Ipad but also Iphone and other Apple devices.  If you are interested in watching Prison break or you have just missed the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC player is just here for you and its totally free.  According to a report by Wall Street, ABC player for Ipad has been downloaded 205,000 times and  650,000  different television episodes have been watched in just10 days since Ipad has been released.

The Weather Channel Max

This application’s cost was $3.99 when you were an Iphone user but guess what; its free now for Ipad. This application is as flashy as it should be and gives you the right forecast about weather and also read tweets from Weather channel Max. But the story doesn’t end here as you can also watch Weather Channel videos


Like the name suggest, its a navigator for wikipedia so its your wikipedia companion. The differentiating attribute of this gadget is its user friendliness and easy navigation. Wikipanian gives you exactly the same experience as the real wikipedia.

There are of course many others like NYT editors, Bloomberg for Ipad, AIM and many others which are available for free