Watch Out!!! Everyone is addicted to Cell Phones!!

Social networking mediums are extremely powerful tools and are a tremendously strong addiction. In reality, it has now become too obligatory that every fifth user is grabbed by its charm even while they are on the roads. This research has been recently conducted by the RAC.

The study conducted reveals that around 21 percent of motorists are adamant to check their social media accounts while they are driving and the mostly browsed ones are Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, music, photos, and email. 11percent prefer checking their emails however, 9 percent make use of the Google Map application to find out the routes whereas Facebook attracts 7percent.

There are 31 percent people text while they are driving and this figure has increased almost three times more than the last year figures. 28 percent people talk on phone and last year the figure was just 8 percent. 53 percent just cannot wait to check their cell phones to see who is calling them and only 45 percent subjects are not bothered about checking their phones while they are on the journey.

Nevertheless, taking a call while you are driving in considered un-influential by 46 percent of the drivers whereas the same is declared for texting by 47percent. 26 percent people prefer to check their cell phones while they have stopped at a red light whereas 9percent allow themselves with the emancipation of checking their phones when they are stuck in a traffic jam.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist stated that it is exceptionally concerning that the usage of cell phones for calling and texting is increasing greatly. The most worrying part is that people make use of all the social media applications and phones while they are driving. If you take you eye off the road even for a second to read any alert or checking the name of the caller; the results can be extremely fatal.

Apple is dominating the Japanese SmartPhone market!

Nowadays, china is not the only Asian country right now that is making the smartphone. Half of the smart phones market is caputred by another Asian country, and that is Japan. According to the recent market research being made in Japan, it is the region where smart phones have become a part of their culture. And, Currently, Apple is around teo third of all the smart phone.

Yes! this is correct. This is the nation, where every individual can get their hands on smart phones putting all American models to shame.
Among all Iphone is still the king. Japan has been years ahead of everyone, when compared with the smart phone industry, this may be a revealing look into the future of the market everywhere else. Perhaps the Android and WP7 are not as much of a threat as they had hoped.

Face book is now commanding 41% of the Social Media Traffic

YouTube and face book are shifting the rivals and actually taking over the social media network. Moreover, to show continued and massive traffic growth throughout the year 2009 and in the beginning of year 2010, YouTube and face book continued to capture the market of social media network traffic to the highest volume. Twitter also acquired mainstream attention, helping and serving the company to increase the number of visitors to the website by five folds throughout the year.

Taking a more closer look at the traffic charts, we can see a widespread and extensive migration of users from MySpace to face book very clearly. By March year 2010, face book traffic was up to 41percent considering all the popular social media network destinations. MySpace stood second by capturing around 24percent of the traffic. Gmail had 15percent and twitter only had8percent.

Nevertheless, in year 2009, MySpace was leading with 38percent of visitor’s traffic over Face book, which was 33percent. Whereas, Gmail maintains to show sluggish year-over-the year growth and the websites like Twitter and LinkedIn experienced exponential increase in the past 12 months, and MySpace traffic has been completely inactive and stagnant. On the other hand, face book has exhibited a strong and potential growth with high volumes of traffic.

Bungled McAfee updates are shutting down the XP machines globally

It has been examined from all over the words that a McAfee destructive and faulty update for Windows XP has caused computers to shutdown worldwide. According to the grapevine situation, that update, which is named as 5958 initially, deletes the svchost.exe file, and then it activates as a false positive in McAfee itself, setting off an array of abandoned restarts of the system and losing the networking functionality.

Now, this is wild! The Twitter is mainly going nuts and the McAfee’s support website is appears to be down. There is a number if fixes, that are floating around, however, it may be extremely late. The number may reach millions, before that affective action is required !

What people are searching in Pakistan?

We cannot deny the fact that Google has now easily replaced the word of search especially in the new generation. Google is no more used as a noun but verb amongst youngsters.  I saw a small clip on what people have searched in 2009 world over so I thought of writing something specifically to Pakistan.

Well, lets first see where we are going in terms of Internet usage. The broadband penetration rate in Pakistan is increasing and thanks to PTCL for starting the price war in broadband industry. The increasing rate of broadband can also been verified with the top searches in Pakistan. While looking at the past trends on Google Insights, I came to know that the keyword “facebook” is amongst the top searches in Pakistan and its increasing by 350% which is huge followed by “Youtube” and “Pakistani Girls”. If you look at the top searches in Pakistan, you will came to know that mostly people here are downloading movies, songs games, pictures and stuff. So, on the basis of this one can safely assume that Internet is still considered as source of entertainment but not source of information holistically speaking. Now a million dollar question is why is it so? Please keep that in mind that the results are based on Google insights and they are not survey based so this is actual Google data.

Internet marketers are really thinking out of the box so that they came up with social media networks which is a combination of information and source of entertainment as well. So a user at the same time is playing FarmVille on facebook and simultaneously ready some news shared by his or her friend on facebook. Networks like facebook, orkut or twitter are addictions for most of the users, thats why people love to be there most of the time.

Twitter vs Facebook – Which one is the best marketing tool ?

280509221014twitter_facebookI never thought I will compare these two websites because both of them have different implications and different set of users. If I ask a layman to compare both twitter and facebook, he/she would definitely go for facebook because of one important factor which is the user base. Comparatively, the number of users of facebook is quite high which is 175 million active users. On the other hand, twitter has just 5 million users but keep that in mind that twitter hasn’t disclosed this as a documented figure. It is actually an estimate. So lets see how twitter and facebook can be good marketing tools for promoting your business.


Facebook is offering advertising space which is one of the sources of revenue for facebook. The company can analyze the cost depending upon the cost per impression and the exposure a company want to give to their ad to different groups. Another way of promoting your business is to add a business page, start some activity in your group, posting the group link and your company’s website link on different related groups etc( something we already know)


Let’s talk about Twitter now! The best thing about twitter is you can setup your business for free despite the rumors that twitter is going to charge the businesses in future but up till now its totally free. Lets first define who are the people using twitter right now. If I have to group them in one segment, I would say most of them are influencers and they really want to share their opinion in each and every aspect. I would suggest a series of steps which can help companies set up and launch successfully their businesses on social media tool.

Identify your objective

What do you want to do on twitter and you should be very clear in this regard. I would like to quote some examples here like mostly I have seen News channels posting news on twitter through RSS feed. Even if you are not a news channel, post something related to your business. Try to share the knowledge with your followers and you will see the number of followers would be increasing

Analyze the Search terms

Most of the twitter users have defined the search terms, so they can filter their results. For example, I have defined the search term ‘Pakistan’ on twitter so I will get each and every news related to the word Pakistan. Companies can analyze the trends of those search terms and try to use in their microblogging.

Install Twitter client software

If you ask any of the twitter’s user, he/she would say that we don’t know but its an addiction. Most of them don’t have words to define what twitter actually does. Installing a twitter client software would give you some extra options and you can manage all of your tweets in a separate window.


In the end, if you really want to sustain on twitter and increase your number of followers, you have to tweet daily, you have to be consistent like I said most of the twitter users are hyper connected.