Twitter Aiming for A Billion Users

Twitter is no more Twit. It is clearly known about what it is capable of and is one of the best social networking web portals being a rival of all the micro blogging websites particularly when it is about wooing advertisers.

Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder recently stated that Twitter is aiming to get a billion user base which is not that far when the web portal itself stands at third position when it comes to all the social networking portals.

However, considering the current user base, it is more than a hundred and forty-five million as compared to 500–million-user base of Facebook. Nevertheless, Williams have mentioned no period.

Biz Stone the co-founder have shared this glare of publicity, where Twitter’s influence and role has been discussed along with its impact on the news, and what it is expecting to fulfill in the near future. Other stepping-stones to the visualization would be added with a new feature known as “Events” which will be keeping a track of all the keywords that have been automatically associated themselves with the particular event.

More than 100 million tweets are recorded on daily basis, Twitter is really making a dream come true!