Twitter Aiming for A Billion Users

Twitter is no more Twit. It is clearly known about what it is capable of and is one of the best social networking web portals being a rival of all the micro blogging websites particularly when it is about wooing advertisers.

Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder recently stated that Twitter is aiming to get a billion user base which is not that far when the web portal itself stands at third position when it comes to all the social networking portals.

However, considering the current user base, it is more than a hundred and forty-five million as compared to 500–million-user base of Facebook. Nevertheless, Williams have mentioned no period.

Biz Stone the co-founder have shared this glare of publicity, where Twitter’s influence and role has been discussed along with its impact on the news, and what it is expecting to fulfill in the near future. Other stepping-stones to the visualization would be added with a new feature known as “Events” which will be keeping a track of all the keywords that have been automatically associated themselves with the particular event.

More than 100 million tweets are recorded on daily basis, Twitter is really making a dream come true!

Twitter’s New Search Engine- You can find everything now!

Twitter, one of the most popular and well-known micro blogging web portal, which is moving forward towards other frontier and this time it is about search engines. It has an extremely huge and massive user base; it has an existing integrated search engine capacity but this is extremely busy now. Just to give it a boost, the back-end infrastructure has been upgraded by its search engines.

Twitter generates around 12,000 search queries with in a second, which makes it more than a billion each day. a tweet posted becomes a part of the search depository within 10 seconds which it has been posted. The older search engine was supported by MySQL which was acquired by Twitter few years back. But, now things have changed, this web portal has grown too much and Summize’s system is now not able to catch up the search traffic that has been generated by it now.

This new search engine will be working as an open-source which is further improved and modified by Twitter, based on Java and is considered to be 50 times faster every one second while compared to the prior one when it is about indexing the tweets.

Bigger conventional and leading search engines such as Bing, Google, and various others are offering Twitter’s index of tweets; however, the inner search engine will be working as a fundamental component of the micro blogging service. Besides all the regular Tweets, it can also be utilized for all kinds of real-time data for following latest revelations, news, and even sharing ideas.

The most up-to-date refurbishing actions demonstrate how greatly Twitter is aware about the significance of having a comprehensive and fast internal search engine service which is useful for maximizing the actual significance for maximizing the assessment of its “tweet” depository.

Twitter – Web 2.0 News Agency

When Twitter was initially launched, I thought a number of times why Twitter is even gaining popularity and why bloggers and social networkers are going for twitter. Once I joined twitter, I got my answer. Twitter is not just a social networking website its even more than that. In a nutshell, twitter can be defined as  microblogging; a concept for which people still needs awareness. Compared to facebook, twitter’s traffic is very low but the good thing about twitter is that most of the traffic that is coming on the website are their loyal users. They say this microblogging or the terminology “TWEETING” is just addiction.

The users of Twitter have taken it to a further level. Why would I log on to different websites to search for different types of information? I have a much better solution to it. I can simply log on to, follow the people who post different types of news, and read their tweets. Isn’t it great that the information and news that you are getting through twitter is filtered and you get only those news which you really want.

Lets suppose you are following User A who post technology news, User B who post interesting graphical images and User C who has a habit of posting stock prices. There is another User D who daily post politics and social news in which you aren’t that interested, so you are gonna follow User A, B and C and not User D. So, the amount and type of information you are exposed to is pretty much relevant and the way you want.

Also, if you want to share the same news with your friends who are supposedly your FOLLOWERS, you can do it by RE-TWEETING it. So news and media agencies! Twitter is becoming your direct competitor