Top 5 Tech products of year 2010

Each and every year that passes by holds its own individuality and exclusivity. Year 2010 has been a year with recession but packed with tech products. The market is flooding with tech products that you have always been dreaming of. Following are some of the top tech products that have been truly admired by the techy lovers.

  1. Google Android: this is an operating system for the Smartphones which is now included within the phones such as the Apple iPhone 4, the HTC Incredible, and the Motorola Droid X and with this numerous creative apps we liked within the largest products category. This operating system is included with phone Mobility that is an innovation to the tech industry in year 2010 and is aiming to flourish a wide range of outstanding mobile products and Google Android has been a consistent standout. Android is supporting powerful and robust apps, extreme customizability, a slick interface, which is tremendously amazing in supporting tablets and phones all around the world.
  2. Apple ipad: the tablet’s price starts from $499; this is a technological revolution positioning handheld slates at the vanguard. The gadget holds entire credit as it was launched. Tablets manufactured previously had a false start; however, Apple’s 9.7-inch model simply resisted the market with its svelte design, a exceptional array of apps, and a robust but simple touch interface
  3. Amazon Kindle: this is a third-generation E-reader that has a starting price of $139. Amazon has changed the rules and trends for e-readers with its newly launched third-gen kindle. This is an only WI-Fi- version that is useful in delivering convenient e-book shopping with a lightweight design, and an E-Ink Pearl screen.
  4. Netflix: it has a starting price of $9, offers video-by-mail and Streaming video services. You can instantly watch free with monthly subscription plan. It is growing and dominant provider of streaming TV shows, movies, and videos. Netflix offered its Watch Instantly service this year. Apart from gaining popularity on desktop PCs, it was highly appreciated with devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab: this tablet has been priced around $600 from Verizon and price from other carriers is yet to be determined. Until now, this sleek little slate is one of the best Android tablet. It holds designed finesse to fun, polished softwares, highly portable and multipurpose touch screen device. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the new iPad.

Some interesting Insights about LIKE button

Facebook “Like” button is not limited to just the website but now it is found everywhere. The Like button which was launched in April, 2010 can be seen on more than 2 million websites according to a media analytics company in United States. The company also talked about the engagement of different users and shared some interesting insights about Like button

1. On average, a Facebook user who “likes” the content on your website has almost  more than double the number of friends than does a typical user of Facebook. Having said that, we can derive that the person is more social and influential but another assumption can be derived from the insight that this segment is more attention seeker

2. Another great insight about these users is that they click five times to external links more than a typical Facebook user. So, if you are developing a clickthrough media strategy for your website, this is definitley a good news

3. After the launch of Like button, the traffic of facebook as drastically increased upto 200% according to different sources like ABC news, NBA & Gawker

4. The average age of a Facebook user who “likes” content on a news website is 34which is  about two decades younger than the average newspaper subscriber in United States

Interesting Insights..Aren’t they?

Google’s Weppy – An alternative to JPEG

Have you ever experienced slow browsing when you are opening an image through Google images? Its not always because you have a slow internet connection but sometimes its due to the heavy traffic on the website and the size of image you are downloading. Google has recently come up a latest technology which will reduce the file size u pto 40%. This technology is actually an alternative to the widely used images compression technique called JPEG which according to Google, will be replaced with this new called. This new image compression technique is called WebP ( pronounced as Weppy). Obviously, this technique cant be used for printing purposes but as far as human eye is concerned, you wont find any different as claimed by Google.

Nokia’s exclusive partnership with Yahoo

Nokia and Yahoo have now formed a partnership, and according to it, they will mutually present the exclusive content over their contrary platforms.

Nokia will be the exclusive content provider for navigation and maps for Yahoo; and Yahoo has offered Nokia with an exclusive email provider.

This has turned out to be a deeper collaboration than expected, and it could be particularly useful for Nokia to broaden its scope and range of messaging and email services in the upcoming markets, where it is already holding a strong market share.

This remarkable move made by Nokia has made its stocks price go up with a percentage of 0.4, whereas Yahoo got an increase of 0.8percent in its stock price. This partnership will definitely open new horizons for both the players as both are one of the best in their business. Yahoo could offer its other services and they can also come up with their own operating system which they can run on Nokia’s smartphones. Similarly, Nokia’s infrastructure can be a real benefit for Yahoo as well.

Facebook Privacy : My Boss Shouldn’t know what I am doing on Facebook

While the survey has been conducted in Malaysia, but this study can be applied anywhere in the world. According to this secure survey, 73% of the respondents haven’t added  their Bosses as friends on Facebook. The reason is pretty obvious i.e. the privacy concerns. No one really wants their Bosses to track what they are actually doing on Facebook its because it would negatively affect their jobs for sure.

With the revised Facebook privacy policies, many people have serious privacy concerns . Back in 2009, many people have deleted their photo albums when the profile picture went public and could be shown to the users who are not in the friends list. According to the survey by F-secure, almost 56% of the respondents have backed up their photos from Facebook.  Employed people have great concerns about these new Open privacy policies because now they have to be careful while sharing anything, commenting on someone’s status. In a nutshell, they can’t do anything openly like they used to be.

Verizon Customers want Iphone

A recent survey has been conducted by a marketing research agency and the results came out to be in great favor of Iphone among Verizon subscribers. This research was conducted on a sample of 4000 customers out of which 19% are very likely to have Iphone if their current operator offers Iphone followed by 34% who said “Somewhat likely to have”

AT&T who is currently offering Iphone plan came out to be the least favorite brand among customers as their despite their low churn the customers are not very satisfied with the service due to frequent call drops and other network issues as well. On the other hand 45% of the customers were very satisfied with Verzion service on satisfaction index which shows high potential for Iphone users. So Apple! what are you waiting for …I think you should go for it…The numbers are supporting the cause

Nokia Ovi: Navigating with your own voice!

While the original and pioneer of navigating devices is leading the market and still is mulling over the app store, Nokia has also launched the Smartphone path-finding bar in a slightly higher manner, and this is done by letting people share and record their own voice and instructions.

It is not the most complicated procedure left in the world; you can certainly use voice-based applications that run with the current and new version of Nokia Ovi maps and can easily set up your voice talent for free. At the end, all you will get is a small voice pack that enables you to utilize your handset or allow you to share it with the world, which are waiting to hear from you.

Let the silliness begin!

Twitter – Web 2.0 News Agency

When Twitter was initially launched, I thought a number of times why Twitter is even gaining popularity and why bloggers and social networkers are going for twitter. Once I joined twitter, I got my answer. Twitter is not just a social networking website its even more than that. In a nutshell, twitter can be defined as  microblogging; a concept for which people still needs awareness. Compared to facebook, twitter’s traffic is very low but the good thing about twitter is that most of the traffic that is coming on the website are their loyal users. They say this microblogging or the terminology “TWEETING” is just addiction.

The users of Twitter have taken it to a further level. Why would I log on to different websites to search for different types of information? I have a much better solution to it. I can simply log on to, follow the people who post different types of news, and read their tweets. Isn’t it great that the information and news that you are getting through twitter is filtered and you get only those news which you really want.

Lets suppose you are following User A who post technology news, User B who post interesting graphical images and User C who has a habit of posting stock prices. There is another User D who daily post politics and social news in which you aren’t that interested, so you are gonna follow User A, B and C and not User D. So, the amount and type of information you are exposed to is pretty much relevant and the way you want.

Also, if you want to share the same news with your friends who are supposedly your FOLLOWERS, you can do it by RE-TWEETING it. So news and media agencies! Twitter is becoming your direct competitor