Getting less junk emails?

You might have been noticing that the number of junk emails that you have been receiving before has dropped to a great extent and you must be wondering why !

However, more than 200 billion spam emails were sent in August on daily basis as there were just 50 billion emails sent each day in December 2010. Rustock is the botnet that is generally responsible for sending such spam emails all around the world; however, in the month of December, it just sent less than 1% of all spam.

Xarvester and Lethic, along with Rustock have also been quite but this does not mean that you start celebrating the death of spam immediately until now this can be the lull before the storm?

Is there any probability that they are re-grouping so that they attack in a stronger and more deadly manner or is it really an end for the spam emails?

For instance, spam may turn out to be extremely lucrative when it is in the form of a Facebook post, SMS, or Twitter messages. We are not sure; nevertheless, having such a sudden and sharp decline can only be rated as a bad news.