Sony & Tablets

Sony has been on the back foot of being behind the schedule. Until now, the Japanese consumer electronics giant has not at all announced any news related to the released of any digital tablets at all. However, some rumors have been circulating the market lately and now they have been confirmed!!

Sony has recently unveiled two of its tablets that are based on Android 3.0.

By this autumn, the ‘S1’ and the’S2’ are going to be in stores. The first ones seem to have a 9.4-inch screen and the second version seems to be unique and innovative. Making it go half of the prior version, the ‘S2’ holds two 5.5-inch screens that are useful in displaying either one application or simply the interfaces of two different applications.

As both the gadgets are making use of the DLNA wireless technology, you will also be able to stream videos to your Television. Moreover, both of these devices are PlayStation certified. Because of which these gadgets stand out as tablets capable of winning over video gaming fans.


Let’s See What Sony is offering! 🙂




Sony saying goodbye to the cassette walkman after 30 years

Finally, it is ending and this is one of the official farewells for a good old friend. After being with us from such a long time, giving company, at last it’s time to say good bye. Soon after the floppy disks, now it’s the Walkman.

Sony has closed down the manufacturing and distribution of one other now-obsolete technology and that is the cassette Walkman; one of its kind, portable music player available at low cost.

The final batch of the Sony manufactured Walkman has been shipped in April to the Japanese retailers. As soon as these units are sold, there would be no new cassette Walkmans available by the manufacturer.

Cassette Walkman was first generation gadget. It was commonly known as Stowaway in the United Kingdom and in the US it was known as the Sound. Cassette Walkman was launched in Japan on July 1st, year 1979. After a short period of time, it became a gigantic success as only 3,000 units were sold in the first month. Sony has managed to sell approximately 200 million cassette Walkman units during the gadget’s 30-years career.

To some extent paradoxically, this announcement has been delivered just a day before iPod’s ninth anniversary which was on October 23, even though, the rejection of the cassette Walkman has already been attributed because of the popularity of the CD players in the 90’s era and not the iPod.

Google TV….Coming Soon

Yes Google TV is coming soon now. The news is circulating on different blogs for almost 2 months now but finally Wall Street confirms that Google is going to launch Google TV soon. But what is Google TV by the way? Its a web based television software based on Android technology.  The software is designed to bring Internet content, web searches, apps and the as the name suggest Google TV so videos have to be there Ofcourse!

So now lets come to the plan how Google is thinking to execute this new software. According to Wall street, its may come with web enabled TVs, Game consoles or Blu ray players. Google is going to partner with Sony and Logitech on this TV initiative which are known as the top players in the market. So the software will be embedded in Sony and Logitech machines with Android as the running operating system .

Google TV is going to release in this month and according to WSJ the tentative date is 19th May. Google has always come up with state of the art innovations which has always changed the way people think of a paticular service. Can Google TV do the same? Stay tuned to Ishtihari

Sony Is No More Manufacturing The Floppy Disks

In the midst of an added nail hammered into the coffin, the honored and admired floppy diskette prolong its creeping however, inevitably ends as Sony proclaims that the company will no longer put up for sale the 28 year old digital storage Product in Japan.

In view of the fact that in the year 2002, they sold around 47million units, and then Sony’s floppy diskette business declined steadily and gradually. Japan is the only market left where Sony is still selling the floppy disks. Roughly, the sold accounts for all sales are around 70%. Although, the company is still planning to sell around 3.5inchers till March 2011 domestically.

Sony has been implicated with numerous digital storage devices over the past years, however, only some have been as steady as the floppy disk. IBM created the first floppy disk, which was 8inches wide. Several iterations of the disk followed as different companies came up with faster and smaller devices and designs. Being one of those companies, Sony launched a 90mm diskette in the year 1982, but it in no way, took off the 5.25-inch floppies, as they were also determinedly ingrained within the industry. Regardless of the perceptible failure of Sony’s form feature, a group of companies used it as the foundation and a starting point for what would turn out to be the 3.5 inch floppy, ultimately finishing the “five and quarter’s” point of influence.

With each passing day, consumers’ needs are requirements are becoming more and more complex, the capacities are increasing, and the floppy drives are simply unable to meet the demands. Regardless of this critical inefficiency and shortfall, as the needs of the consumers became more difficult, the need for sotrage space increased and the floppy disks were simply unable to meet that requiremnet. Despite this crucial inadequacy, many technologies, which aimed to displace the aging means such as recordable CDs, Super Disks, and Zip disks, failed to restore it alone.

Ultimately, it took the ubiquitous acceptance of USB flash drives, which are to dole out as the demise knell for ordinary floppy use. Conversely, with more 12 million disks sold in the year 2009 only by Sony, it would appear as the floppy disks may be still in demand for some time come.