HP – No More A Part of Tablets & Smartphone Market

HP has lately declared that it is not going to produce tablets or smartphones any more because of poor sales as well as low profit margin. HP is now going to fully concentrate on cloud-based solutions and business software and has recently acquired the U.S. software Company Autonomy for $ 10.3 billion.

HP tried really hard to get a part of the smartphones and tablets market by even acquiring of Palm and development of WebOS with their smartphones and tablets, and even few months back, HP was planning to input the WebOS feature even on their PCs. On the other hand, all these efforts were of no-good productivity for the firm, and as a result they have decided to close it for further production.

Various smartphone and tablet manufacturers like Apple and others are now counting one less rival after HP has withdrawn from the market. Therefore, the number of rivals drops down to four of them including RIM’s BlackBerry, Microsoft’s Windows 7 Phone, Google Android and Apple iOS. HP happened to be one of the primary hardware manufacturers; various others such as Asus and Acer are suffering a lot more under the ‘tablet effect’ as compared to HP, and it is truly anticipated that some of the great players would be throwing in the towel in the coming year.

Social Media As Addictive As Smoking!!

A large number of studies being done until now have concluded that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and some of the other social networking portals are as addictive as drugs. While people were not provided with an access to any of the electronic mediums or even the Internet, they reacted just as twitchy addicts who have denied to take their drugs while they are forced to give up access to them.facebook addiction

Furthermore, just as a Boozer who completely inclines on bourbon as a social media lubricant, these online addicts truly believe that people who are not hooked on the information expressway, instant messaging and text messaging tend to be big time bores; this fact has been lately reported by the New York Post.

The research firm Intersperience concluded at the end of the study which was useful in depriving the behaviors of people and their online habits that some people truly considered giving up the Web based technology as hard as quitting the habit drinking or smoking.

The study states that approximately 53% out of 1000 people who were being surveys reported feeling ‘upset’ while there were deprived of their Internet connectivity. Moreover, it was also indicated that more than 40% people consider themselves lonely when they are just not able to access these portals.

 Making use of social media portals is certainly helpful but getting it over you definitely isn’t the idea. These portals although have been truly useful for a large number of people all around the globe but still they are making people get addicted to themselves and as a result their productivity and efficacy is being affected to a great extent.

Disable iPhone Tracking System – Easy Steps to Follow

We all have been coming across news these days that iPhone secretly send records and tracks of a users’ location without their prior consent. Nonetheless, there is a useful and handy solution to it as well. You need to keep this point in your mind that only the Jail-broken iPhones will be able to access this particular feature.

Follow the following steps mentioned below and you can enjoy the freedom and risk of being tracked and monitored.

First and foremost, you are required to open the Cydia App and Update it.

In the second step, you have to type ‘UNTRACKED’ in the search bar.

The next step is to install ‘Untrackerd’ This particular application would be running in the background. The app is useful in initiating a process that runs in the background of your iPhone, which is helpful in cleaning and consolidating the .db files. Do not worry as now new icon will be added to your iPhone and you do not have to configure anything as well. The app will be working on its own which is going to prevent the iPhone to sent security related information over the World Wide Web by keeping track of the iPhone Users.



Google Android Smart phones are No.1 Choice of U.S. Consumers

With the continuous release of innovative smart phones, mobile devices and PC tablets, they are directly associated to the mounting innovation in these particular niches. Technological advancements and developments are creating a need for modern and compact mobile products.

Nielsen, one of the leading research based companies has lately confirmed it after they have conducted a research. The data being collected highlighted that the Smartphone market is exceptionally competitive and this makes the consumers take a new challenge when they are considering opting for their new Smartphone.

There are three leading manufacturers when it comes to the Smartphone market; however, Google’s Android Smartphone has finally taken the lead. According to the new data, the USA consumers prefer buying Android phones as compared to any other Smartphone model on the market. Both the iPhone and Blackberry have been sharing 27 percent market share for the past year whereas Google’s Android presently is holding around 29 percent of the entire U.S. based Smartphone market.

Android is offering its users with a lot more choices; this is something far away from the fairly low-tech Samsung Intercept to the high-end with Motorola Droid Pro. Android offers a large variety of manufacturers as the Operating System can be modified so that the models, features along with the overall user experience completely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Nielsen explains this point that when it is about the producers then Apple winners and RIM, ever since they are the only ones that are creating and selling Smartphones with their respective OS. The company has further added that the HTC’s consumer base has 12% a HTC Android device and 7% own a HTC device running Microsoft OS. At Motorola, it is 10% and 1% of consumers who have Android and Microsoft OS.



Increase the Speed of your Website

People belonging to all walks of life are utilizing the power of the world wide web in the present times and this way they are able to attain a lot of stuff. The Internet makes them search and find such things they have been looking for in a less period of time instead of going to the shopping malls in person, searching through the pages of a telephone directory and a lot more. When people are having access to fast Internet, they greatly appreciate it as those who are living their life at a fast pace do not ever prefer wasting their time when they know that they are going to get access to the same thing more rapidly via any other means other than the Internet. however, there are such people existing as well who do not have a rapid access to the Internet as they are making use of dial up Internet to login to the world wide web. There are large numbers of professional and expert web designing companies and they consider this particular point while they are building and developing the websites for their clients worldwide.

No matter in which part of the world you are, if you are having access to the Internet, you can make use of it and utilize it to market your products and services. Regardless of marketing the same products or services to different parts of the world, the loading time period for each location could differ where your potential buyers are trying to access your website. therefore, if your potential buyers are going to come across the issue of slow loading time while they are viewing your website, there is a huge probability that your potential consumers will be shifting to another web portal that loads faster as compared to your website.

When you are having a website and it loads fasts, it turns out to be extremely beneficial to the web portal owners as the website visitors will not be wasting their precious time in waiting for the website to load. This is because, all those people who happen to be impatient and keen will not be waiting for the website to load if it is taking too much of time and they will simply prefer visiting another web portal instead of your website. The loading time of the website is one of the most significant and substantial factors that is taken into considerable by all the search engines such as Google while they are ranking the website. In the present times, it has become extremely imperative for all the web designing and developing agencies to work on reducing the loading time period of the websites which they are producing.

Following are some of the vital tip and techniques that you can make use of while you want to reduce the loading time of your website pages. Moreover, these guidelines are also going to help you improving your website loading time along with increasing your website page rankings with the search engines.

  1. One of the most significant factors that are associated with a loading time of your website is the number of graphics and images you have inserted into your website. You should only be utilizing vital images on your website. The usage of images and graphics will be helpful in enhancing the feel and outlook of your entire website. Therefore, you should only be considering including only necessary images to your website instead of overloading it and making your potential consumers wait for ages until your website loads or uploads completely. For this reason, it has been strongly advised that instead of placing full size images, you should be making use of thumbnails. Moreover, making use of a background color for your website will make it load faster as compared to when you have made use of an image.
  2. You should be avoiding making use of the flash based components as this is another means to make your website load right away. People prefer making use of Flash based animations as it is useful in making the website attractive and colorful, however, unfortunately it is going to cause your website take a longer period of time to load. As a website owner, you must be well aware of the fact that the search engine spiders just do not like it to trawl much to the WebPages and more animations that are flash you have; this makes it quite tough for them to completely analyze your website and pages. It is better to avoid flash and still if you feel that it is  required, make sure you are keeping it simple.
  3. You can also make use of different website based tools such as a good idea can be making use of Google webmasters. This tool is going to provide you with a good idea about how your website is actually performing. There are a large number of web tools that are presently available over the World Wide Web and they can turn out to be extremely useful in evaluating and analyzing your website; its loading time and speed. Once you start making use of such tools, you will be in an accurate position to execute some of the necessary modifications required to reduce the time your website is taking to load fully.
  4. search engine optimization strongly recommend the website owners to make use of the JavaScript files and external CSS which would be helping them in reducing the loading time period of their website. The reason behind is that if the file is being coded within HTML itself, the file size would be huge. On the other hand, if it is being done using JavaScript files and external style sheets, it would be easier for you to insert them into your website and also it will be reducing the loading time. In case, you have too many external style sheets available to you, you can choose any one of them to merge them altogether so that the web page only has to call a single file and not many.
  5. In addition, you can also make use of an online image optimizer which would be helpful in reducing the image along with the file size. You will be able to reduce pngs, jpg or gif images sizes which will allow you to improve the loading time of the images that have been inserted into your website. This is going to make your web portal more user-friendly to all the audience along with your probable customers as well.
  6. You should only be making use of static images and text. As this way, your website will be loaded rapidly as compared to animation graphics or movable text. Though, animations or moveable text gets more attention but it could turn out to be a drawback for you. It could be irritating to the visitors; moreover, they may also going to slow your website and it will not load quickly.

With so many tips, you can figure out the best one that you can make use of to boost the uploading time of your website. Make sure you are making an appropriate decision as this is ultimately going to affect your business to a great extent.


iPad 2: Buggy

The proud Owners of the iPad 2, unfortunately are struggling with resolving some of the glitches that have appeared in their new gadget. for instance, the Video Chat service Facetime simply freezes if it is being used for a lengthy period of time and evidently the back-light seems to be bleeding as people have heard about it. Yes!! these are not at all serious issues and we just cannot call it as a propaganda regarding the gadget but just think how irritating and frustrating it would be to work around such kinds of problems on a fancy, a new gadget!

People, more likely the iPad 2 users are voicing their relevant concerns on different forums. Presently, a time-being solution provided is to reboot so that the service does not freeze. However, the display still remains patchy as it has turned out to be a manufacturing defect and anything regarding it just cannot be changed.



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Android – A Source of Inspiration for Apple?

One of the fastest and most rapidly growing Operating System is Android which has been launched from Google. It has approximately agitated the entire Smartphone industry in just a period of one year. Lately, it has been in news that apparently Apple has also started making use of the Android’s technology.

There have been different Screenshots that have been received, which shows that Apple is currently making use of the iOS version of Locking system which more likely resembles the ones with the Android based phones. However, no official claims have been made by either of the firms; neither Apple nor Google. According to the resources, Apple Corporation has by now incorporated this new lock screen feature which is being utilized by the employees only. No official remarks have been made; thus, it makes the claims of the resources tough to believe though. One of the Apple’s retail store worker recently claimed that Apple is planning to make use of the Screen lock system in their Internet apps and devices. This is a new gesture, which is soon to be introduced by Apple, and it is based on the same features that are being used by Android. The patterns are more or less the same.

Only due to the Password system that has been launched by Google, it is relatively easy and convenient for the developers to discriminate both the devices that are running on the same Operating system platform. Just wait & watch what we get to know more about the facts relating Android & Apple matching features.


All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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A New Feature from Google – Recipe View!!

What’s ‘cooking’??? It could be something in your mind as you may be thinking to prepare something with your hands preferring hand-made stuff in your own kitchen. For this reason, you can try out the new feature of Google named as ‘Recipe View’. This feature has been introduced by Google which will be telling you about the instructions related to any recipe. However, the bad news is that this feature is currently made available in Japan and the United States until now but will be introduced in other countries as well depending on its success rate.

According to Google Product Manager, Kavi Goel, contrasting his parents who could cook a dish by intuitively adding an accurate amount of spices in frequent basis of their gut feeling, this particular technique did not work well for a computer and math geek such as him. Therefore, with this new feature, a large number of people who prefer having accurate instructions and numbers can be benefited while cooking their food.

The search engine functions accurately as an eBook and it has all the recipes listed in it. The search terms vary from names of different dishes to the seasoned foods such as holidays or strawberries. Moreover, all the recipes have been rated that appear in the search results. On the other hand, the search results can even be filtered by inputting your criteria such as ingredients, calorie count, as well as cooking time!

Goel further stated that this ‘Recipe View’ feature would be released shortly as some test results are awaited and soon it will be doled out to other countries as soon as it becomes a ‘seasoned’ player.



Windows New Operating System for SmartPhones

After Apple and Google, Now it is Microsoft Corporation which is planning introducing its latest Windows 7 mobile applications for Smart Phones. According to the media reports, Microsoft Corporation is anticipated to work on this latest version of its core Windows OS for gadgets like tablets. It has been confirmed by the Microsoft sources that Windows Phone 7 software application is soon projected to hit the global Smart Phones market.

Smart Phones, it is one of the most booming sectors in the telephony world. And now, Microsoft is considering establishing its hold in the Smartphone’s market. The analysts assume that Apple and Google have made the market extremely competitive that this latest addition is not going to attract the consumers on huge basis. We already know that Apple’s sales have been remarkable and Google is also expecting to drive the force beyond with its Android based phones. Google recently has associated with Acer and Samsung for the sales of Android applications.

Microsoft, on the same lines is considering unveiling its latest operating system software application that is designed by the ARM Holdings; it is a UK based firm. The OS is running the first time on processor. Microsoft is intending to announce its latest Operating system version that runs on the ARM chip and the chip runs its operations on Intel’s “x86” design. Some of the players say that this US based Software giant is not in a condition to lose the Smart Phones market share.

Microsoft even does not want to lose its Smartphone’s market share at this point where its rivals are planning series of launches. In the next few years, the Smart Phones market is going to be a leading platform for Operating system software makes; as a large number of people are switching from laptop to iPhone and iPad.