Social Networking – Understand in a Better Way!



You will be provided with the fundamentals related to the Social Networking. This video primarily focuses on the role of Social Media Networking in your day-to-day life. it includes:

  • People related to different networks via their personal life and business
  • Networks in the real world – the hidden nature of those networks
  • How Social Media Web Portals are useful in revealing hidden connection
  • The fundamental concept related to social networking websites



Filipinos – Most Ardent Facebook Users

comScore lately conducted a survey according to which Filipinos are rated to be one of the most enthusiastic Facebook users. The USA based firm has ranked Philippines as the top market for the Social Media Networking industry particularly Facebook. According to the stats, there are approximately 93% of the country’s online users who have been visiting the social Media Networking portal only in the month of February 2011.

Turkey and Israel are also topping the list with more than 89.6 percent and 89.8 percent respectively of their entire web populations is making use of the Social networking web portal Facebook. Chile is fourth which is followed by Argentina at number five with 88.8 percent and 88.4 percent correspondingly. Sixth and seventh positions were for Malaysia and Indonesia with 87.4-percent and with 86.2-percent penetration rates.

The highest rates have been recorded by the Philippines especially when it comes to the Social networking medium usage in the entire Asia Pacific region is Facebook. It shows that Filipinos are crazy when it comes to Social networking. In year 2008, Filipinos were one of the most avid users according to the McCann’s global WAVE3 research concerning the people’s Internet habits. Later on, also testified Facebook analytics and statistics concerning that a large number of Filipino Facebook users had rapidly grown.

Let’s wait and watch until Filipinos could do and achieve with social media.





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Social Media Networking Sites – Killing the Girly Time?

If one day you decide to give up all your social networking, you certainly are going to realize how dependent you have been on it. Emailing, Facebooking and tweeting have become a major part of our lives and it certainly is killing girly get together. Normally, you hear people saying that ‘I’m not addictive to Social Media’ but you will be realizing that you have become highly addictive to status updating, texting, Twitter, emailing and you will not get an idea until you give it up.

Presently, you will be having thousands of followers on Twitter, hundreds of friends on Facebook and this certainly casts you into the social media bonding. On the other hand, a new research that has been conducted by the Mental Health Foundation revealed that tech-savvy youngsters are lonelier than the old age people are. It has been reported that human voice has more warmth and it is more useful in healing as compared to an electronic hug. You may happen to be to get connected with a large number of people all around the globe with Technology but it is also going to isolate you. So, are you suppose to give up your gadgets?

One day, when you are just not able to stay in touch to people via social mediums; you are going to feel agitated or impatient as you will be missing status updates, frantic Facebook messages or Tweeting, chats and all such things which you have been doing from last too many days, weeks or even months.
If you happen to spend a Facebook- and- Blackberry-free day, you will be experiencing a luxuriate nap. Nevertheless, you are going to get a sleep for a minute or two and you will be waking up five times during that; the reason would be that you want to see your updated Facebook, Tweets, or check if your friends have not posted something exciting?
While you are considering meeting your friends, you will not be able to get through your addiction as you will not be able to stop yourself from checking your networking portal accounts. You will get to know that you are more comfortable in tweeting and texting instead of meeting them face to face. This is something that is making you more like a Dummy which is sitting in front of the computer screen and checking out time-to-time. You are more likely caught up in the cyber realms.
At a night out, you will be sharing stuff, talking photos, laughing hard, but, you are never going to forget updating your status or putting up your photos with networking sites as you have a bonding hormone in you which forces you to knit yourself in an electronic manner with your virtual friends all around the world.
Now, you are one of those people who are forming a new Socializing Networking group which is known as ‘Faceless Book’ this is for all such people who have recently realized that their private and personal lives are not a public property, business, apart from your handful of true friends. Thus, you should start meeting & stop Tweeting!! This is because, your friends are the real people around you, who are supportive, helpful and Loyal while you need them and not just virtually!!



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Facebook Ending on March 15th!!

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook recently announced that Facebook is going to end in March 2011. He states that managing this social networking portal has become too stressful for him. He further added that it has simply gotten out of control now and the stress of managing it has simply ruined his life; therefore, he is putting an end to this mess. This was said outside his Palo Alto office in a press conference.

From March 15th 2011, Users will not be able to access their accounts as the entire web portal will be shutting down, the Vice President of Technical Affairs, Avrat Humarthi at Facebook stated. He further stated that users should also be taking off their pictures off from the Internet as you will not be able to get them back as soon as Facebook is out of business.

Zuckerberg said that he does not think that it is a great deal and being honest, shutting down Facebook is for the better as without it, people will be going out and making real friends and that is always something good. People will not be upset about it; though, it was a hard decision to shut down Facebook.

As soon as users got to know that Facebook is shutting down, it was pretty shocking for them. They got extremely upset and such kind of reasons showed up; ‘What am I going to do without Facebook?’ ‘My life revolves around Facebook and I’m on it for more than 12 hours every day, what am I going to do in my free time now?

On the other hand, it turned out to be a great sense of relief for parents all around the globe. While interviewing them; most of them stated that they are extremely happy that the nightmare related to Facebook is now over and now their kid’s will not be glued to their computers all day. They will get some time to spend with them as well.

The financial circuit is criticizing Zuckerberg as he has walked away from a multibillion-dollar franchise. This is because, Facebook currently ranks as one of the wealthiest ventures in the entire world having a worth of more than 7.9 billion. However, Zuckerberg stays unruffled by such criticism and finger pointing as he says he is going to stand firm with his decision regarding Facebook. He says he does not care about the money but he wants his old life back.

We all have accounts on Facebook; thus, it is advised that all of you should be removing your personal information from the social networking portal before March 15th. This is because after this date, all the videos, links, notes, and photos will be permanently erased.

Watch Out!!! Everyone is addicted to Cell Phones!!

Social networking mediums are extremely powerful tools and are a tremendously strong addiction. In reality, it has now become too obligatory that every fifth user is grabbed by its charm even while they are on the roads. This research has been recently conducted by the RAC.

The study conducted reveals that around 21 percent of motorists are adamant to check their social media accounts while they are driving and the mostly browsed ones are Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, music, photos, and email. 11percent prefer checking their emails however, 9 percent make use of the Google Map application to find out the routes whereas Facebook attracts 7percent.

There are 31 percent people text while they are driving and this figure has increased almost three times more than the last year figures. 28 percent people talk on phone and last year the figure was just 8 percent. 53 percent just cannot wait to check their cell phones to see who is calling them and only 45 percent subjects are not bothered about checking their phones while they are on the journey.

Nevertheless, taking a call while you are driving in considered un-influential by 46 percent of the drivers whereas the same is declared for texting by 47percent. 26 percent people prefer to check their cell phones while they have stopped at a red light whereas 9percent allow themselves with the emancipation of checking their phones when they are stuck in a traffic jam.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist stated that it is exceptionally concerning that the usage of cell phones for calling and texting is increasing greatly. The most worrying part is that people make use of all the social media applications and phones while they are driving. If you take you eye off the road even for a second to read any alert or checking the name of the caller; the results can be extremely fatal.

Twitter – Web 2.0 News Agency

When Twitter was initially launched, I thought a number of times why Twitter is even gaining popularity and why bloggers and social networkers are going for twitter. Once I joined twitter, I got my answer. Twitter is not just a social networking website its even more than that. In a nutshell, twitter can be defined as  microblogging; a concept for which people still needs awareness. Compared to facebook, twitter’s traffic is very low but the good thing about twitter is that most of the traffic that is coming on the website are their loyal users. They say this microblogging or the terminology “TWEETING” is just addiction.

The users of Twitter have taken it to a further level. Why would I log on to different websites to search for different types of information? I have a much better solution to it. I can simply log on to, follow the people who post different types of news, and read their tweets. Isn’t it great that the information and news that you are getting through twitter is filtered and you get only those news which you really want.

Lets suppose you are following User A who post technology news, User B who post interesting graphical images and User C who has a habit of posting stock prices. There is another User D who daily post politics and social news in which you aren’t that interested, so you are gonna follow User A, B and C and not User D. So, the amount and type of information you are exposed to is pretty much relevant and the way you want.

Also, if you want to share the same news with your friends who are supposedly your FOLLOWERS, you can do it by RE-TWEETING it. So news and media agencies! Twitter is becoming your direct competitor