Facebook being Richie Rich!!

The bank balance of Facebook is simply reaching amazing heights. All you are required to do is to ‘Like’ it. Until now, Facebook is an entity worth $5o billion and there is simply ‘stopping the bull’! All the credit goes to the funding parties particularly from the Goldman Sachs, Digital Sky technologies and various other clients of the banks that are worth $1.5 billion. Facebook has already raised its funds up to $800 million lately.

You can now easily sign in any web portal if you have your Facebook account, it turns out to be a passport kind of thing; moreover, it is a giant that is growing and growing. David Ebersman, the Facebook’s CFO stated in an announcement that the giant has gained an amazing financial status and is ready to opt for amazing and unique opportunities. DST and Goldman Sachs invested around $50 million and $450 million respectively.

Lately, overseas investments have also been reported and this all was only possible due to the Goldman Sachs Facebook investment venture. While it could have reached to the figure of $1.5 billion, Facebook just restricted the funds to $1 billion. Facebook will be disclosing the financial results right before April 30, year 2012 as until now it has gained more than 500 shareholders.

Speculations have been spreading that Facebook having $2.8 billion on its hands; the social network-marketing giant will be escalating acquisitions and also is anticipated to buy the Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, California from Oracle Corporations. It is also going to broaden its resources as more recruitment is going to take place which is extremely a good news for all those who are eyeing a job there.

Facebook is emerging as one of the biggest and leading competitors in the market globally. All other competitors are cagey whereas the rest of the world will keep on ‘Liking’ it!!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Mark Zuckerberg ‘attacked by hackers’

Hackers have recently targeted Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of Facebook.

Few days back, the Zuckerberg’s fan page on Facebook was been attacked by hackers; they took over it and posted certain messages were pretending to be him such as; “Let the hacking begin: If Facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus described it? http://bit.ly/fs6rT3 What do you think? #hackercup2011.”

Right after the message was being posted, it was ‘Liked’ more than 1,800 times, attracting approximately 500 comments. All the Facebook users- no matter they are famous or not are required to take utmost care of their social networking security; senior technology consultant at internet security firm Sophos named Graham Cluley was stating this. He further stated that Zuckerberg would want to take a close look at his security and privacy setting after such an embarrassing breach. Although, it has not been cleared until now if he was being careless with his account password, if he was phished or h was been side jacked while making use of an unencrypted wireless network; nevertheless, it happened. It simply made its users uncertain while Facebook is trying to reassure them regarding the security and privacy settings in a serious manner.

The Zuckerberg’s fan page has been removed from the portal and it has refused to give any statement on the security breach. However, the screenshots of the hacked page can be seen here. This breach came in soon after the account of Nicolas Sarkozy; French President’s was also breached.

Social media: Is it for Products or People?

It is a fact that most of the people using the Internet globally have now stepped into the social networking world. We all are very well aware of what social networking and social media is capable of; it is all about connecting your friends, making new ones and exchanging views. On the other hand, in the present times, social networking and media are being utilized as business tools. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook are some of the most significant portals which people are using to advertize and promote their brands.

There are a large number of people who are making use of MySpace, technorati, Mixx, Digg and numerous other social networking sites to promote their programs and brands. Therefore, the most important thing to make sure the target market and while people are opting for social media, they need to concentrate and make some efforts too. Thus, it is pretty evident that you can be successful in promoting and advertising your brand by inputting some efforts in a right way.

We are all aware of the fact that making use of social media to market products and services is an extremely difficult task. If it has been extremely easy then each individual should have been successful with his or her efforts! Thus, you need to figure out what is social media and networking is exactly for? Is it useful for brands or people? Analysts state that social networking, media is actually for those who are utilizing the reality that is not applied by every big company, and they do not follow Twitter Followings. Still is there any need for these well established brands that they require these social mediums to enhance them? The answer is Yes! No matter how big their name is, still they are required to make use of them.

Users like following their favorite brands along with favorite celebrities. Stars that are recognized globally, people like following them on such social networking portals. Some of the brands have the largest audience such as O2. When comparison is made between a global brand Gucci or Nike, then they both are the most LIKED on Facebook. Other than that, the celebrity most ‘Liked’ on Facebook is Lady GaGa. She has a host of audience more than 26 million. The question here is that are these people becoming brands? Generally, people buy their designers merchandise and clothes, watch favorite sports stars, and buy celebrities music.


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Faces behind Facebook

‘Dating you is just like dating a StairMaster’; these were the words said to gauche Mark Zuckerberg by Erica Albright while she was breaking up with him at the initial part of the movie called ‘The Social Network’. This movie is completely based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg who is the co-founder of Facebook and world’s youngest billionaire.

The resentful Zuckerberg quickly heads towards his dorm, in-take couple of beers and start blogging errantly about Albright. This leads him to create a website named as Facemash with the help of his best friend named Eduardo Saverin; while they also hacked a little. This website was actually enabling the male Harvard students to ‘rate’ the photos of their female classmates. The portal received too many hits in such a short period that even the servers of Harvard crashed.

Aware about the circumstances, Mark Zuckerberg was placed on an academic probation. On the other hand, there was a lining to it; the soon to be the Terrible Three- the solemn  Winklevoss twins and their friend asked Mark Zuckerberg to work on creating a social network which is particularly for the Harvard Students named as ‘The Harvard Connection’. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg agreed to help them but he also started working on another social network which he named as ‘The Facebook’. He had the support of Eduardo Saverin and he invested $1,000 in this venture.

‘The Facebook’ turns out to be an instant success, which made the Terrible Three with extreme anguish and they believed that Zuckerberg stole their original and innovative idea and for this the eventually end suing him up.

In the meantime, Zuckerberg and Saverin get apart and this makes him lose his shares nearly to nil in ‘The Facebook’ mysteriously. This was the period when Sean Parker intruded; he was the co-founder of Naspter. Earlier, he advised Zuckerberg to remove the word ‘The’ and just make it ‘Facebook’. Saverin ultimately sues Zuckerberg. Paradoxically, Facebook has been a social network that has been developed to bring people closer and eventually it was helpful in tearing apart the relationship of two best friends.

The saying that ‘there is always a woman behind every successful man’ and this is something we could easily figure out here. It was Albright who made Zuckerberg create Facemash which leaded him to Facebook. This was the time when she told him that she has never heard of it and this compelled him to enable people outside Harvard access it, this eventually got popular globally having 25 plus million users.

The question that arises here is that who actually owned the idea? A person who had a germ that leads to the idea all itself? The one who conceptualized and executed? The one who funded it as without him it would have never taken off? The answer to it is that you always need a group of people to help you execute your ideas. You can even do it alone but for that, you need to be exceptionally strong and powerful in every regard.

The movie ‘The Social Network’ is featured in a series of different flashbacks that are stemmed with the two major lawsuits Zuckerberg faced. This highlights a mode of directions and makes the film gripped. it has been a great Hit!! This was the entire story that leaded to the development of Facebook and made this one idea a tremendous a blockbuster all around the globe!

Facebook Ishtihari! 🙂



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Facebook Ending on March 15th!!

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook recently announced that Facebook is going to end in March 2011. He states that managing this social networking portal has become too stressful for him. He further added that it has simply gotten out of control now and the stress of managing it has simply ruined his life; therefore, he is putting an end to this mess. This was said outside his Palo Alto office in a press conference.

From March 15th 2011, Users will not be able to access their accounts as the entire web portal will be shutting down, the Vice President of Technical Affairs, Avrat Humarthi at Facebook stated. He further stated that users should also be taking off their pictures off from the Internet as you will not be able to get them back as soon as Facebook is out of business.

Zuckerberg said that he does not think that it is a great deal and being honest, shutting down Facebook is for the better as without it, people will be going out and making real friends and that is always something good. People will not be upset about it; though, it was a hard decision to shut down Facebook.

As soon as users got to know that Facebook is shutting down, it was pretty shocking for them. They got extremely upset and such kind of reasons showed up; ‘What am I going to do without Facebook?’ ‘My life revolves around Facebook and I’m on it for more than 12 hours every day, what am I going to do in my free time now?

On the other hand, it turned out to be a great sense of relief for parents all around the globe. While interviewing them; most of them stated that they are extremely happy that the nightmare related to Facebook is now over and now their kid’s will not be glued to their computers all day. They will get some time to spend with them as well.

The financial circuit is criticizing Zuckerberg as he has walked away from a multibillion-dollar franchise. This is because, Facebook currently ranks as one of the wealthiest ventures in the entire world having a worth of more than 7.9 billion. However, Zuckerberg stays unruffled by such criticism and finger pointing as he says he is going to stand firm with his decision regarding Facebook. He says he does not care about the money but he wants his old life back.

We all have accounts on Facebook; thus, it is advised that all of you should be removing your personal information from the social networking portal before March 15th. This is because after this date, all the videos, links, notes, and photos will be permanently erased.

Twitter or Facebook?? Which one do you use?

Presently the social media channels are becoming most preferred and favorite past time for every individual irrespective of age. These channels are particularly preferred by the teenagers as they are taking a great deal of interest in the shared media channels. It does not only is helpful for people to stay in touch; however it also centralizes the entire world. Now a days, there are two renowned and most popular social media channels named as Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, the question here is that which one of these is the best Social media network?

If you happen to track all the results of these social networking media channels then you will be able to easily figure out that which one of these is the most popular and best. According to the statistics, around 70 percent of the Facebook users are not from the USA, and approximately 60percent of Twitter users are ahead of the USA.

There are 12 percent users who update their Facebook on daily basis, however, Twitter update percentage is around 52. There are 46 percent males who create their Facebook accounts whereas 48 percent make their accounts on Twitter. Around 40 percent of the users follow the advertise in Facebook while 25 percent is the figure when it comes to Twitter. The mobile usage for Facebook is up to 30 percent whereas for Twitter mobile access is around 37 percent.

Thus, you can see it pretty clearly that the competition is quite close between these two social networking mediums; however, Facebook is a bit ahead as compared to Twitter; and this assessment has been stated by globalvaluation.

Facebook Broke All Records by $41.2 Billion or 56% Growth

Facebook has been recently accounted with $41.2 Billion. Almost 6 months ago, the value Facebook had was $20 Billion. There has been an evident 56%increase in the growth in just a small period of time. Just have a glance at a number of different companies to give a sign of the evaluation.

Google, the King of the Internet is worth $149 billion which is then followed by the Amazon and then eBay worth $73.5 billion and $32 billion respectively. A company named Nyppex performed this evaluation and assessment. It has been mentioned that Facebook has now risen a lot bigger than various other companies such as CBS and Viacom.

Predictions have been made from year 2011 and it has been projected that there are going to be a large number of changes and one of them includes; Google is going to buy Twitter, the question here arises if Google could really buy Twitter?

it has been estimated previously that Facebook was expected to make such kinds of improvements. On the other hand, it is the truth and this has been attracting a large number of people in a small phase of time. Therefore, Facebook must be  applauded and praised for having such a massive growth in such time duration.

Twitter – Web 2.0 News Agency

When Twitter was initially launched, I thought a number of times why Twitter is even gaining popularity and why bloggers and social networkers are going for twitter. Once I joined twitter, I got my answer. Twitter is not just a social networking website its even more than that. In a nutshell, twitter can be defined as  microblogging; a concept for which people still needs awareness. Compared to facebook, twitter’s traffic is very low but the good thing about twitter is that most of the traffic that is coming on the website are their loyal users. They say this microblogging or the terminology “TWEETING” is just addiction.

The users of Twitter have taken it to a further level. Why would I log on to different websites to search for different types of information? I have a much better solution to it. I can simply log on to Twitter.com, follow the people who post different types of news, and read their tweets. Isn’t it great that the information and news that you are getting through twitter is filtered and you get only those news which you really want.

Lets suppose you are following User A who post technology news, User B who post interesting graphical images and User C who has a habit of posting stock prices. There is another User D who daily post politics and social news in which you aren’t that interested, so you are gonna follow User A, B and C and not User D. So, the amount and type of information you are exposed to is pretty much relevant and the way you want.

Also, if you want to share the same news with your friends who are supposedly your FOLLOWERS, you can do it by RE-TWEETING it. So news and media agencies! Twitter is becoming your direct competitor

Facebook committed to change social media experience

Facebook is no doubt the most hip and happening tool for all teenagers and youngsters but now the old generation has also stepped into the world of social media. As the target market is expanding and facebook is no more a tool for just young generation; CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to add more value to it. Facebook is going to introduce some new tools which will allow the users to see personalized version of websites they visit.

This personalized version version will be based on the things which users share with friends, their hobbies, the musical bands they like etc. Facebook is taking the social media to the next level now. So for example if you like a band and you have mentioned it on Facebook, the new tools are going to tell you information like when they are coming to your area for concert. Mark called this concept as “Being more Social!!”