Face book is now commanding 41% of the Social Media Traffic

YouTube and face book are shifting the rivals and actually taking over the social media network. Moreover, to show continued and massive traffic growth throughout the year 2009 and in the beginning of year 2010, YouTube and face book continued to capture the market of social media network traffic to the highest volume. Twitter also acquired mainstream attention, helping and serving the company to increase the number of visitors to the website by five folds throughout the year.

Taking a more closer look at the traffic charts, we can see a widespread and extensive migration of users from MySpace to face book very clearly. By March year 2010, face book traffic was up to 41percent considering all the popular social media network destinations. MySpace stood second by capturing around 24percent of the traffic. Gmail had 15percent and twitter only had8percent.

Nevertheless, in year 2009, MySpace was leading with 38percent of visitor’s traffic over Face book, which was 33percent. Whereas, Gmail maintains to show sluggish year-over-the year growth and the websites like Twitter and LinkedIn experienced exponential increase in the past 12 months, and MySpace traffic has been completely inactive and stagnant. On the other hand, face book has exhibited a strong and potential growth with high volumes of traffic.

What people are searching in Pakistan?

We cannot deny the fact that Google has now easily replaced the word of search especially in the new generation. Google is no more used as a noun but verb amongst youngsters.  I saw a small clip on what people have searched in 2009 world over so I thought of writing something specifically to Pakistan.

Well, lets first see where we are going in terms of Internet usage. The broadband penetration rate in Pakistan is increasing and thanks to PTCL for starting the price war in broadband industry. The increasing rate of broadband can also been verified with the top searches in Pakistan. While looking at the past trends on Google Insights, I came to know that the keyword “facebook” is amongst the top searches in Pakistan and its increasing by 350% which is huge followed by “Youtube” and “Pakistani Girls”. If you look at the top searches in Pakistan, you will came to know that mostly people here are downloading movies, songs games, pictures and stuff. So, on the basis of this one can safely assume that Internet is still considered as source of entertainment but not source of information holistically speaking. Now a million dollar question is why is it so? Please keep that in mind that the results are based on Google insights and they are not survey based so this is actual Google data.

Internet marketers are really thinking out of the box so that they came up with social media networks which is a combination of information and source of entertainment as well. So a user at the same time is playing FarmVille on facebook and simultaneously ready some news shared by his or her friend on facebook. Networks like facebook, orkut or twitter are addictions for most of the users, thats why people love to be there most of the time.