Twitter or Facebook?? Which one do you use?

Presently the social media channels are becoming most preferred and favorite past time for every individual irrespective of age. These channels are particularly preferred by the teenagers as they are taking a great deal of interest in the shared media channels. It does not only is helpful for people to stay in touch; however it also centralizes the entire world. Now a days, there are two renowned and most popular social media channels named as Facebook and Twitter. On the other hand, the question here is that which one of these is the best Social media network?

If you happen to track all the results of these social networking media channels then you will be able to easily figure out that which one of these is the most popular and best. According to the statistics, around 70 percent of the Facebook users are not from the USA, and approximately 60percent of Twitter users are ahead of the USA.

There are 12 percent users who update their Facebook on daily basis, however, Twitter update percentage is around 52. There are 46 percent males who create their Facebook accounts whereas 48 percent make their accounts on Twitter. Around 40 percent of the users follow the advertise in Facebook while 25 percent is the figure when it comes to Twitter. The mobile usage for Facebook is up to 30 percent whereas for Twitter mobile access is around 37 percent.

Thus, you can see it pretty clearly that the competition is quite close between these two social networking mediums; however, Facebook is a bit ahead as compared to Twitter; and this assessment has been stated by globalvaluation.

Facebook Broke All Records by $41.2 Billion or 56% Growth

Facebook has been recently accounted with $41.2 Billion. Almost 6 months ago, the value Facebook had was $20 Billion. There has been an evident 56%increase in the growth in just a small period of time. Just have a glance at a number of different companies to give a sign of the evaluation.

Google, the King of the Internet is worth $149 billion which is then followed by the Amazon and then eBay worth $73.5 billion and $32 billion respectively. A company named Nyppex performed this evaluation and assessment. It has been mentioned that Facebook has now risen a lot bigger than various other companies such as CBS and Viacom.

Predictions have been made from year 2011 and it has been projected that there are going to be a large number of changes and one of them includes; Google is going to buy Twitter, the question here arises if Google could really buy Twitter?

it has been estimated previously that Facebook was expected to make such kinds of improvements. On the other hand, it is the truth and this has been attracting a large number of people in a small phase of time. Therefore, Facebook must be  applauded and praised for having such a massive growth in such time duration.

Twitter – Web 2.0 News Agency

When Twitter was initially launched, I thought a number of times why Twitter is even gaining popularity and why bloggers and social networkers are going for twitter. Once I joined twitter, I got my answer. Twitter is not just a social networking website its even more than that. In a nutshell, twitter can be defined as  microblogging; a concept for which people still needs awareness. Compared to facebook, twitter’s traffic is very low but the good thing about twitter is that most of the traffic that is coming on the website are their loyal users. They say this microblogging or the terminology “TWEETING” is just addiction.

The users of Twitter have taken it to a further level. Why would I log on to different websites to search for different types of information? I have a much better solution to it. I can simply log on to, follow the people who post different types of news, and read their tweets. Isn’t it great that the information and news that you are getting through twitter is filtered and you get only those news which you really want.

Lets suppose you are following User A who post technology news, User B who post interesting graphical images and User C who has a habit of posting stock prices. There is another User D who daily post politics and social news in which you aren’t that interested, so you are gonna follow User A, B and C and not User D. So, the amount and type of information you are exposed to is pretty much relevant and the way you want.

Also, if you want to share the same news with your friends who are supposedly your FOLLOWERS, you can do it by RE-TWEETING it. So news and media agencies! Twitter is becoming your direct competitor

Facebook committed to change social media experience

Facebook is no doubt the most hip and happening tool for all teenagers and youngsters but now the old generation has also stepped into the world of social media. As the target market is expanding and facebook is no more a tool for just young generation; CEO Mark Zuckerberg has decided to add more value to it. Facebook is going to introduce some new tools which will allow the users to see personalized version of websites they visit.

This personalized version version will be based on the things which users share with friends, their hobbies, the musical bands they like etc. Facebook is taking the social media to the next level now. So for example if you like a band and you have mentioned it on Facebook, the new tools are going to tell you information like when they are coming to your area for concert. Mark called this concept as “Being more Social!!”

Twitter vs Facebook – Which one is the best marketing tool ?

280509221014twitter_facebookI never thought I will compare these two websites because both of them have different implications and different set of users. If I ask a layman to compare both twitter and facebook, he/she would definitely go for facebook because of one important factor which is the user base. Comparatively, the number of users of facebook is quite high which is 175 million active users. On the other hand, twitter has just 5 million users but keep that in mind that twitter hasn’t disclosed this as a documented figure. It is actually an estimate. So lets see how twitter and facebook can be good marketing tools for promoting your business.


Facebook is offering advertising space which is one of the sources of revenue for facebook. The company can analyze the cost depending upon the cost per impression and the exposure a company want to give to their ad to different groups. Another way of promoting your business is to add a business page, start some activity in your group, posting the group link and your company’s website link on different related groups etc( something we already know)


Let’s talk about Twitter now! The best thing about twitter is you can setup your business for free despite the rumors that twitter is going to charge the businesses in future but up till now its totally free. Lets first define who are the people using twitter right now. If I have to group them in one segment, I would say most of them are influencers and they really want to share their opinion in each and every aspect. I would suggest a series of steps which can help companies set up and launch successfully their businesses on social media tool.

Identify your objective

What do you want to do on twitter and you should be very clear in this regard. I would like to quote some examples here like mostly I have seen News channels posting news on twitter through RSS feed. Even if you are not a news channel, post something related to your business. Try to share the knowledge with your followers and you will see the number of followers would be increasing

Analyze the Search terms

Most of the twitter users have defined the search terms, so they can filter their results. For example, I have defined the search term ‘Pakistan’ on twitter so I will get each and every news related to the word Pakistan. Companies can analyze the trends of those search terms and try to use in their microblogging.

Install Twitter client software

If you ask any of the twitter’s user, he/she would say that we don’t know but its an addiction. Most of them don’t have words to define what twitter actually does. Installing a twitter client software would give you some extra options and you can manage all of your tweets in a separate window.


In the end, if you really want to sustain on twitter and increase your number of followers, you have to tweet daily, you have to be consistent like I said most of the twitter users are hyper connected.