Apple Creating the BUzZzZ

We all know that Apple is always way ahead of the entire competition; At least when it is about creating the buzz over the World Wide Web in terms of its unique and latest products.

This is something which the list of some particular keywords has shown us, these are the words that ascended the fastest in the Google search engine request throughout year 2010 for the consumer electronics, gadgets and products.

Leading this particular category of Google’s most recent Zeitgeist is the Apple’s iPad. It is a multimedia touch screen tablet manufactured by Apple and it is standing out as the trendiest hi-tech gadget of the modern times. One other gadget from the Steve Jobs’ firm that stands second on the listing is the iPhone 4; it is the latest and hottest addition to the Apple’s range of smartphones.

The gadget that ranks third is the Nokia “5530 XpressMusic; thus confirming that consumers around the world are still interested in such mobile phones; however, they are losing the ground…

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Selling convincingly well

For most of the people, all the mobile devices that have been equipped with the Google’s Android OS are standing out because these are the only ones that are casting shadow over Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Samsung’s “Galaxy Tab” which has been recently released is one of the serious rivals to the Apple’s iPad; it is supported by Android 2.2 operating system.

This South Korean firm has proclaimed that this is a multimedia tablet and till now it has sold approximately 600,000 units in the first month since it has been released. The figure is noteworthy enough to give Samsung adequate assurance and confidence.

It is aiming to reach the target of one million units by then end of this year which seems perfectly achievable. The manufacturer hopes to sell 6 million units of Galaxy Tab by the end of year 2011.

Nevertheless, this particular success rate remains much more reticent when compared with the iPad, which sold around 1 million units in the first month after it was launched.

Intel launching Phones and Tablets in year 2011

The Intel Corporation is considering making some enhancements and this is by getting their chips into their manufactured smart phones and tablet computers using them as processors. The gadgets will be available for sale in the year 2011 as it is rushing catching up the quickly growing and changing mobile market.

Intel claims that their new chips will be available for shipping by the next year and it will be revitalizing its smart phone businesses that have resisted getting off the ground among immense and substantial sales of Apple’s Smartphone’s and iPad tablets that are making use of the Google’s Android OS.Paul Otellini, Chief Executive Intel Corp stated that the consumer based products and gadgets will be rolling out in the markets by the first half of year 2011. He further stated that the manufacturer and firms have settled to make use of the Intel Chips in their 35 tablet models, and some of them are now already available in the market. The prominent names of different brands include; Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus and Dell.

Intel’s Atom chips ruled all kinds of netbooks; however, tablet and smartphone makers then neglected them as different companies such as Marvell and Qualcomm offered them with superior quality chips.

Microsoft’s new range of smartphones

Microsoft has recently introduced a range of smartphones to compete against Iphone and Android army. The range of 6 new smartphones targedted towards the US market have 1Ghz processor which most of the smartphones have. As far as RAM is concerned, HTC with the highest RAM of 576MB followed by Dell Venue Pro with 512 MB RAM are available in the market. If you are a big fan of large screen smartphone, then Windows Phone 7 is there. Screen sizes also vary for other players with 3.2 inches to 4.3 inches. All these phones have 5 MP camera and other options like Wi-Fi, GPS are also available.

Despite all these features,  there are some drawbacks in this range as well. Like new smartphones, it lacks the most demanding feature of multitasking and one very basic functionality of copy/pasting. Absence of Flash would be another concern for Windows mobile users, though it is still not available in Iphone as well but Android has it all. With HTC and Iphone who are currently dominating the market, we have to wait and see what Windows Mobile can do with their smartphones.

Watch Out!!! Everyone is addicted to Cell Phones!!

Social networking mediums are extremely powerful tools and are a tremendously strong addiction. In reality, it has now become too obligatory that every fifth user is grabbed by its charm even while they are on the roads. This research has been recently conducted by the RAC.

The study conducted reveals that around 21 percent of motorists are adamant to check their social media accounts while they are driving and the mostly browsed ones are Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, music, photos, and email. 11percent prefer checking their emails however, 9 percent make use of the Google Map application to find out the routes whereas Facebook attracts 7percent.

There are 31 percent people text while they are driving and this figure has increased almost three times more than the last year figures. 28 percent people talk on phone and last year the figure was just 8 percent. 53 percent just cannot wait to check their cell phones to see who is calling them and only 45 percent subjects are not bothered about checking their phones while they are on the journey.

Nevertheless, taking a call while you are driving in considered un-influential by 46 percent of the drivers whereas the same is declared for texting by 47percent. 26 percent people prefer to check their cell phones while they have stopped at a red light whereas 9percent allow themselves with the emancipation of checking their phones when they are stuck in a traffic jam.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist stated that it is exceptionally concerning that the usage of cell phones for calling and texting is increasing greatly. The most worrying part is that people make use of all the social media applications and phones while they are driving. If you take you eye off the road even for a second to read any alert or checking the name of the caller; the results can be extremely fatal.

Nokia N8 is arriving soon

With the battle between Iphone and Google, Blackberry and Nokia have also decided to revamp their softwares as well.  To compete directly with the new smartphones, Nokia is coming up with N8 which is positioned as Nokia’s smartphone. While looking at the features, it has almost everything you need in a smartphone. Starting with a 12 megapixel camera with auto focus and also 720p video recording which existing smartphones are not offering.

We are defintiley awaiting for Nokia’s OS Symbian 3 which promises to be a smartphone OS. The highlighting features of OS are its multitasking, swipeable home screens,hardware-accelerated graphics and above all it is said to be more faster and responsive. Well, lets see its kind of a Do or die situation for Nokia because with the existing players and the upcoming trends and changing patterns of consumers towards smartphone either N8 should have the punch so that consumers can atleast have the choice to think and evaluate between N8 and other smartphones. Also dont forget Blackberry’s RIM is also coming so stay tuned to Ishtihari