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You must have read about the announcement that has been made that Skype and Facebook together are offering video chat feature within Facebook. You can learn about how you can make your first video call via Facebook chat. Open your browser to the point of Facebook Video calling and click on the ‘Get Started’ button […]

After rumors that initially Facebook and now Microsoft have been considering acquiring Skype, it has been announced recently that the VoIP giant for around $8.5 billion cash has acquired it. Now, Skype would be incorporated into various Microsoft gadgets and systems such as Outlook, Lync, the Windows Phone, Xbox live, Kinect and Xbox; this has […]

Google Voice is a testing service for which one can subscribe by invites only. Google has recently added the Skype support because whenever someone calls from Skype to any phone number, others could see the Skype number which normally people living in US don’t want. Skype and Google voice offer now the ability to set your Google […]