Facebook Broke All Records by $41.2 Billion or 56% Growth

Facebook has been recently accounted with $41.2 Billion. Almost 6 months ago, the value Facebook had was $20 Billion. There has been an evident 56%increase in the growth in just a small period of time. Just have a glance at a number of different companies to give a sign of the evaluation.

Google, the King of the Internet is worth $149 billion which is then followed by the Amazon and then eBay worth $73.5 billion and $32 billion respectively. A company named Nyppex performed this evaluation and assessment. It has been mentioned that Facebook has now risen a lot bigger than various other companies such as CBS and Viacom.

Predictions have been made from year 2011 and it has been projected that there are going to be a large number of changes and one of them includes; Google is going to buy Twitter, the question here arises if Google could really buy Twitter?

it has been estimated previously that Facebook was expected to make such kinds of improvements. On the other hand, it is the truth and this has been attracting a large number of people in a small phase of time. Therefore, Facebook must be  applauded and praised for having such a massive growth in such time duration.

iPhone’s Alarm Does Not Work!!!

Apple has really let the users down!! They were partying on the New Year’s Eve; they set their alarms using their iPhones so that they could wake up, bright and early on the very first day of the New Year. On the other hand, a malfunction came up in the iPhone’s alarming feature and for this reason; a large number of people, all around the world who overslept.

Appointments were cancelled, Flights were missed, and agendas were juggled causing a disorder and confusion; ultimately making the iPhone users extremely disgruntled.

Nevertheless, all those people who make use of the alarm feature on regular basis did not come across any such issue, only those people who activated it for a single time suffered such consequences. Moreover, All those people who are still making use of the prior Operating system did not encounter the issue while those who are using the latest iOS 4.0 faced issue with this buggy alarm.

A patch is expected to be released soon that would be fixing the issue for good!

Apple Sending Personal Information to the Advertisers

The iPhone and iPad apps manufacturers of Apple have recently filed a claim that the personal information of their users has been sent out to the advertising network companies for promotion purposes. This has been done without taking any permission from the customers.

The case has been filed in San Jose, California, federal court on 23rd December. It alleges that these apps are containing a large number of data or information which is related to its gadget users such as usernames, passwords, and contact list. Other than this, it also has a comprehensive bio-data of users’ concerning their earnings, gender, age and many more factors. The petitioners alleged that sharing such kind of personal information with the consent of the user certainly breaks the privacy as well as the national laws. Court has been reached, so that strict actions can be taken against Apple along with its application manufacturers.

The case was filed with the support of a person named Jonathan Lalo, who lives in Los Angeles County. He claimed that Apple and its apps manufacturers can easily track its customers and their personal information because both iPhones and iPads have an integrated device named as ‘global unique device identifier’. This device is useful in tracking any kind of information or data which is related to the consumers all around the world.

Let’s wait for the Courts decision!

Apple Creating the BUzZzZ

We all know that Apple is always way ahead of the entire competition; At least when it is about creating the buzz over the World Wide Web in terms of its unique and latest products.

This is something which the list of some particular keywords has shown us, these are the words that ascended the fastest in the Google search engine request throughout year 2010 for the consumer electronics, gadgets and products.

Leading this particular category of Google’s most recent Zeitgeist is the Apple’s iPad. It is a multimedia touch screen tablet manufactured by Apple and it is standing out as the trendiest hi-tech gadget of the modern times. One other gadget from the Steve Jobs’ firm that stands second on the listing is the iPhone 4; it is the latest and hottest addition to the Apple’s range of smartphones.

The gadget that ranks third is the Nokia “5530 XpressMusic; thus confirming that consumers around the world are still interested in such mobile phones; however, they are losing the ground…

Windows New Operating System for SmartPhones

After Apple and Google, Now it is Microsoft Corporation which is planning introducing its latest Windows 7 mobile applications for Smart Phones. According to the media reports, Microsoft Corporation is anticipated to work on this latest version of its core Windows OS for gadgets like tablets. It has been confirmed by the Microsoft sources that Windows Phone 7 software application is soon projected to hit the global Smart Phones market.

Smart Phones, it is one of the most booming sectors in the telephony world. And now, Microsoft is considering establishing its hold in the Smartphone’s market. The analysts assume that Apple and Google have made the market extremely competitive that this latest addition is not going to attract the consumers on huge basis. We already know that Apple’s sales have been remarkable and Google is also expecting to drive the force beyond with its Android based phones. Google recently has associated with Acer and Samsung for the sales of Android applications.

Microsoft, on the same lines is considering unveiling its latest operating system software application that is designed by the ARM Holdings; it is a UK based firm. The OS is running the first time on processor. Microsoft is intending to announce its latest Operating system version that runs on the ARM chip and the chip runs its operations on Intel’s “x86” design. Some of the players say that this US based Software giant is not in a condition to lose the Smart Phones market share.

Microsoft even does not want to lose its Smartphone’s market share at this point where its rivals are planning series of launches. In the next few years, the Smart Phones market is going to be a leading platform for Operating system software makes; as a large number of people are switching from laptop to iPhone and iPad.

An X-Ray Camera – Secret Eye that makes you see everything!!

The advent of technology enables you to look all the way through walls and even make you click over the images of such things that you even can’t see. All you need for this is an X-ray vision incorporated into your camera and it makes you snap and see images even around the corner.

A team of experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has created a prototype that has the capability of collecting even tiny bits of light that rebounds off different objects located in different corners. Subsequently, a laser light is being used to elucidate the scene that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

Such kind of camera can be utilized in rescue and search operations; one of the professors, Ramesh Raskar, working on this project stated that this is simply about having x-ray vision without having the x-rays.

Hope to have this technology available shortly, lets keep our fingers crossed!!

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Selling convincingly well

For most of the people, all the mobile devices that have been equipped with the Google’s Android OS are standing out because these are the only ones that are casting shadow over Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Samsung’s “Galaxy Tab” which has been recently released is one of the serious rivals to the Apple’s iPad; it is supported by Android 2.2 operating system.

This South Korean firm has proclaimed that this is a multimedia tablet and till now it has sold approximately 600,000 units in the first month since it has been released. The figure is noteworthy enough to give Samsung adequate assurance and confidence.

It is aiming to reach the target of one million units by then end of this year which seems perfectly achievable. The manufacturer hopes to sell 6 million units of Galaxy Tab by the end of year 2011.

Nevertheless, this particular success rate remains much more reticent when compared with the iPad, which sold around 1 million units in the first month after it was launched.

World’s Best Brands of 2010

Products have now turned into brands and because of this; companies are investing heavily in them so that their brand name can be recognized. There is nothing related to share of mind but now it’s all about share of heart. For this reason, branding plays the leading role.

Interbrands has just pointed out some of the most famous and popular brands and their rankings. In year 2010, we have Coca Cola and this year again; it has ranked number 1 with the highest brand equity and is ruling the world. This is not the first time when Coca Cola has ranked number 1.

Coca- Cola has been standing at the first place from the last decade. According to Interbrands, Coca Cola possesses a brand equity of $70 billion which has a rise of around 2% over a period of one year. IBM is still holding the second position in Top 100 brands of the world. It has also been showing a consistent and steady performance throughout the decade. IBM is a brand worth $64 billion; it stands second with the Interbrands ranking for year 2010. Within the last few years, IBM has risen to a certain level where it proved to have the ability to become one of the top brands in the world.

Another brand that stood 3rd on the ranking is the Computer Software providing US based company named as Microsoft. The brand has stood 3rd even in year 2009, and it’s the same in 2010. Microsoft is worth $60 billion with a 7% change in the brand’s value for year 2010.

Google, US based Internet service provider has managed to get itself at the 4th position this year having a 36% change in the brand value. This brand has risen despite of the global recession and has now a worth of $43 billion.

Recession has affected every single brand globally and they have turned out to be the biggest victims. There are numerous brand that have suffered a downfall and they are unable to retain their prior ranks and even have fallen down. The major victim according to Interbrands is the Citi group. The brand was ranked 19 in the Interbrands 2008 rankings. Because of the global recession, the brand’s value has fallen down to 40 in year 2010 with a downfall in brand value of -13%.

This branding list by Interbrands is being published every year. If you want to make your brand qualify for it, the brand should be publicly offering its financial data and also should be able to record at least 1/3 of its revenues from outside its country of origin. This is because it would be easy for them to measure the brand loyalty of such brand which are truly global in the actual sense. This is the reason why Wal-Mart does not exist here as it is not able to generate enough of its revenues internationally.

Buyer’s first Preference for the leading Music Players

In the virtual world, there are a large number of gadgets that are available to people. One of the most common ones is the Mega MP3 Players or music players. There are numerous firms that are offering cool and amazing music players starting from Sony to Apple. Different kinds of features have been incorporated into these gadgets which make them the most preferred ones.

Some of the players that turned out to be buyer’s first preference are;

  1. Apple iPod Touch: the most preferred product from Apple is its Ipod. The Ipod keep on updating its features; it is however, also coming across a tough competition when it comes to Apple’s iphone. Nevertheless, the capacities stay the same but a large number of features have been included into it such as killer apps, stacks of great games, maps, email, and even Wi-Fi. All these applications are absolutely Free to access.
  2. Sony NWZ A845: Sony’s innovative gadget is also available in the market with same features. it is falling over its  nano competitor on the in-built and sound tools. It is bundled with Hi-res BBC iPlayer, 16GB capacity, 2.4-inches OLED screen.
  3. Apple iPod Shuffle: this is a super cool and most sellable gadget, Apple has named it shuffle as it will be reining an outclass voice track along with reliability. It is offering 2GB storage capacity; in short, it is a great yet simple music player.
  4. Apple iPod Nano: it is a multi-look and touch music player that belongs to the Apple’s ipod series. It is loaded with numerous features and applications. As compared to the iPod Touch, it is particularly cheap; however, not much appreciable with the screen size and price tagged.
  5. Creative Zen X-Fi Style: it is a portable music player with a several outstanding features. It is certainly a value for your money. It offers remarkable video performance supporting all the available formats that are operating under the digital sun.

Google is going to ban Windows

Now thats what I call a hot story and yes you heard it right. Google is going to ban Windows due to some security controls. Lets find out the pros and cons of this move.

When we see the pros of this strategy, it looks perfectly fine; We all know the arch rivalry of Google and Microsoft and keeping in mind the Google’s products it just makes perfect sense. Android and Google’s web browser Chrome are built on Linux. Google has been grabbing the market share since its launch  and it has been proved that Internet Explorer has been used to target different systems for stealing data which brought some security concerns infront of Google. Most of the targeted systems were using Windows as the malware was speard among those users who were using Windows because of its dominant market share. So, more market share means more users leads to more targeted PCs. So it has been assumed by Google that if they shift to some other platform like Linux will help them avoiding such targeted attacks.

However, when asked the same question from different security experts they said that switching from one platform to another doesn’t guarantee that it would safe the organization from avoiding such Targeted attacks. It might be a possibility that the number of attacks are reduced but again we cannot guarantee. Director of ESET gave a very spectacular statement to which I agree upto 100%. He said that its just another marketing and public relation tactic which Google is using just to show their customers that they are doing something about Security concerns. So, to sum up the views of different Internet security companies, I would say Google should do something special about securing their data rather than just banning windows because if somehow Google’s data is being targeted, we need to remember one thing that its a jackpot of sensitive data.