Why WordPress is a Popular Blog Choice?

The more you will get use to WordPress, the more you will start loving it. The reason behind is that it has various significant features that are not yet supported by Blogger.

First and foremost, with WordPress you can automatically set up the ping feature and you can ping all the blog and RSS feed directories each and every time you are going to make a post. This happens to be an extremely powerful and robust feature in case you are considering generating a lot of traffic from your blog instantly. Furthermore, you will be able to quickly develop back links to your blog or website and that too automatically. Just think about how long it takes to build a website, make the search engine indexing, getting back links and start generating traffic. On the other hand, a blog like WordPress can do all this automatically.

Secondly, WordPress enables you to make use of different Categories. These categories are an exceptionally robust feature to improve and enhance the structure of your web portal for both the search engines along with human visitors. For instance, if you are focusing on Widgets, you can create different Categories such as green widgets, orange widgets, black widgets and a lot more. Therefore, when you would be adding a blog post, you can choose the particular category that your post actually belongs to. This feature is not available with Blogger so it makes WordPress superior in this regard.

Categories happen to be extremely search engine friendly. When you categorize your blog or website, you will be getting a single link for each of them. This would be truly helpful in increasing your rankings with the search engines.

Another significant feature is the RSS feed that can be created for every single category. Each and every time when you are going to post content to your blog, it is going to ping the RSS/Blog directories for every single feed.

It is truly amazing and remarkable how easy blogging has become with well structured and simple with WordPress which provides a handy and incredible blogging experience.


Twitter vs Facebook – Which one is the best marketing tool ?

280509221014twitter_facebookI never thought I will compare these two websites because both of them have different implications and different set of users. If I ask a layman to compare both twitter and facebook, he/she would definitely go for facebook because of one important factor which is the user base. Comparatively, the number of users of facebook is quite high which is 175 million active users. On the other hand, twitter has just 5 million users but keep that in mind that twitter hasn’t disclosed this as a documented figure. It is actually an estimate. So lets see how twitter and facebook can be good marketing tools for promoting your business.


Facebook is offering advertising space which is one of the sources of revenue for facebook. The company can analyze the cost depending upon the cost per impression and the exposure a company want to give to their ad to different groups. Another way of promoting your business is to add a business page, start some activity in your group, posting the group link and your company’s website link on different related groups etc( something we already know)


Let’s talk about Twitter now! The best thing about twitter is you can setup your business for free despite the rumors that twitter is going to charge the businesses in future but up till now its totally free. Lets first define who are the people using twitter right now. If I have to group them in one segment, I would say most of them are influencers and they really want to share their opinion in each and every aspect. I would suggest a series of steps which can help companies set up and launch successfully their businesses on social media tool.

Identify your objective

What do you want to do on twitter and you should be very clear in this regard. I would like to quote some examples here like mostly I have seen News channels posting news on twitter through RSS feed. Even if you are not a news channel, post something related to your business. Try to share the knowledge with your followers and you will see the number of followers would be increasing

Analyze the Search terms

Most of the twitter users have defined the search terms, so they can filter their results. For example, I have defined the search term ‘Pakistan’ on twitter so I will get each and every news related to the word Pakistan. Companies can analyze the trends of those search terms and try to use in their microblogging.

Install Twitter client software

If you ask any of the twitter’s user, he/she would say that we don’t know but its an addiction. Most of them don’t have words to define what twitter actually does. Installing a twitter client software would give you some extra options and you can manage all of your tweets in a separate window.


In the end, if you really want to sustain on twitter and increase your number of followers, you have to tweet daily, you have to be consistent like I said most of the twitter users are hyper connected.