GPS Technology – Enhancing Security

We all are very much aware about different crime prevention techniques and methods particularly when it comes to GPS tracking and navigation devices and how these devices have been helping the police to apprehend and locate the stolen appliances, bikes, cars and many others. The creative utilization of different GPS devices is continuously making people wonder as it keeps on protecting and expanding its users to a great extent.

Lately, it has been in news that a bank robber was being caught for the reason that a quick thinking teller had already placed a GPS device in his bag along with the cash. Now apparently the robbers was only able to look out for the sings of a dye and no tracking device at all. In the same manner, another robbery attempt was being foiled as GPS devices were being utilized as a protective and precautionary measure. Another story was also reports where again the GPS device made it possible for the related authorities to fully take control of a bus by the remote means.

The idea was basically originated by the Department of Homeland Security, and later on it has been fully control a bus by remote means. In the Same way, an attempt that was being made by the terrorists to hijack buses and potentially turning the messenger loaded automobiles into such weapons that are capable of enormous destruction.

To avoid such acts and threats, all the vehicles drivers are required to press the panic button, which is apparently located hidden somewhere near the steering wheel. As soon as the distress signal is being generated, it activates the GPS device installed in the bus and enables the authorities to easily identify the vehicle, its travel direction, speed, and location. In such a scenario, the dispatcher can easily override the vehicle remotely slowly bringing the vehicle to a safe and secure place even preventing it from starting again. Presently, Coach USA and the Gray Line double-decker tourist buses are making use of this particular technology which is extremely useful in improving the safety and security of their passengers.

We should be grateful to different companies such as TomTom, Magellan, Garmin and various others as they have made our lives quite safer and secure via using such technological means and techniques.



Women More Engaged with Social Networking Media – Study

Women and Social Media, both these terms together are pretty hard to comment on, while it has been a perception that men have been more involved with social media compared to women. Presently, studies have been conducted that states that men are less pro-active as compared to Women.

This has been a new study that has been conducted by iVillage & BlogHer, approximately 73% of women are said to be active on such social networking platforms and they are now engaging themselves on frequent basis on this entire social networking portals. Rapleaf, an Internet technology based company conducted a study on gender influence and different ages groups that are associated with social networking mediums and this has been highlighted that women are more involved as compared to men on most of these social networking mediums with considerable exception of Flickr and LinkedIn.


Current study indicated that women are relying more on messaging & blogging stuff as compared to Men. They are seeking recommendations and advices through these social networking channels. In the Blogging or even in the case of purchasing or buying new products/services, women are more involved and the percentage is more than 70% in both the scenarios. Further, it has been indicated that Twitter and Facebook are the two Social Networking Sites that have been browsed through actively whereas Blogging has been ranked as second in the list in the searching options that are currently available with particular portals.

While concluding the entire study, we can sum it all in one sentence as ‘the upcoming wave of Innovation and Technology is coming via Women, that is because of Women engagement via social media, and it is increasing day by day’.

All the dearest Women Readers;

I hope all such facts mentioned above are applied to you as well? Are you also an active individual on the Social Media Networks? You are welcomed to share your comments with Ishtihari! 🙂

Wishing all women all around the world – Happy Women’s Day



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