Sony & Tablets

Sony has been on the back foot of being behind the schedule. Until now, the Japanese consumer electronics giant has not at all announced any news related to the released of any digital tablets at all. However, some rumors have been circulating the market lately and now they have been confirmed!!

Sony has recently unveiled two of its tablets that are based on Android 3.0.

By this autumn, the ‘S1’ and the’S2’ are going to be in stores. The first ones seem to have a 9.4-inch screen and the second version seems to be unique and innovative. Making it go half of the prior version, the ‘S2’ holds two 5.5-inch screens that are useful in displaying either one application or simply the interfaces of two different applications.

As both the gadgets are making use of the DLNA wireless technology, you will also be able to stream videos to your Television. Moreover, both of these devices are PlayStation certified. Because of which these gadgets stand out as tablets capable of winning over video gaming fans.


Let’s See What Sony is offering! 🙂




Can we see Tablet based Xbox in near future?

Epic Games Vice President has predicted that the future of console games would be on Tablet PCs. While explaining his thoughts, he mentioned more specifically about XBox and PlayStation that portability has become the key need and desire would increase in near future. He is also foreseeing that mobile phones will be used as controllers and the user can see the output on Tablets. So, one can clearly imagine that you carry a future Xbox 360 which is actually a Tablet.

Mark further explained that portability will not be the only benefit of the future Xbox but also you will be able to plug and play the device anywhere so one can imagine playing the high definition Xbox games while sitting in the garden or any favorite place you like.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and see when Mark’s vision about the future of console based games can be fulfilled. Keeping in mind the advent of technology, its not very difficult to see this in very near future.