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Ramadan Kareem – As I See It

Posted: 4th August 2011 by Sarah Aslam in Advertising
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We Muslims are celebrating the month of blessings which is called as Ramadan. I would just like to give a brief review about how it is and what it means to me. The month of Ramadan is meant to train Muslims to strenghthen their Iman by QURAN, control nafs (Self/ Desires) , develop feelings of […]

Google+ has more than 10 million users at present. WOW! It certainly shows that each and every Internet user is truly excited about it and there are people who find themselves too cool while they are using Google+ among their friends. It’s pretty obvious that whenever Google launches something, it comprises of such things that […]

An amazing and shocking 3,440 tweets per second were posted on an average over the killing of Osama bin Laden – Al Qaeda leader that lead Twitter to a new record. The US commandos killed him in a raid that was carried outside the mansion where he was hiding. Huge rumors were being spread since […]

‘Dating you is just like dating a StairMaster’; these were the words said to gauche Mark Zuckerberg by Erica Albright while she was breaking up with him at the initial part of the movie called ‘The Social Network’. This movie is completely based on the life of Mark Zuckerberg who is the co-founder of Facebook […]

We all know that Apple is always way ahead of the entire competition; At least when it is about creating the buzz over the World Wide Web in terms of its unique and latest products. This is something which the list of some particular keywords has shown us, these are the words that ascended the […]

After Apple and Google, Now it is Microsoft Corporation which is planning introducing its latest Windows 7 mobile applications for Smart Phones. According to the media reports, Microsoft Corporation is anticipated to work on this latest version of its core Windows OS for gadgets like tablets. It has been confirmed by the Microsoft sources that Windows Phone […]

The advent of technology enables you to look all the way through walls and even make you click over the images of such things that you even can’t see. All you need for this is an X-ray vision incorporated into your camera and it makes you snap and see images even around the corner. A […]

Products have now turned into brands and because of this; companies are investing heavily in them so that their brand name can be recognized. There is nothing related to share of mind but now it’s all about share of heart. For this reason, branding plays the leading role. Interbrands has just pointed out some of […]

We all know that selling products is certainly an art and it requires having creative advertisements, as this is going to be memorized by all t hose people who are coming across. The most memorable ones are those which are most creative. Some advertisements have jingles that do not make you forget them and every time […]

Google recently stated that it has now extended the phone call services for the United States Gmail account holders. Once they subscribe to this facility, they can easily carry on all calls to Canada and North America for free. Google initially announced the phone calls facility via Gmail in August and the plan was to offer […]