Text Messaging Craze amongst Teenagers

Text messaging on cellphone has become one of the most frequent mode of communication amongst teens. According to a latest report, every third teen with mobile phone sends more than 100 SMS per day. The age bracket of these fellows are between 12 to 17 years. The ratio is higher in girls than boys as amongst girls the daily average send/receive of messages ration is 80 while with a huge gap its 30 messages as far as boys are concerned.

Another interesting fact that came out of this study is that 87% of the teens who text daily said that they sleep next to their cellphone. As text messaging sometimes leads to misunderstanding so teens have come up with emoticons, smiley and other periods which allow them to express their feelings and emotions in a better way.

Why humorous appeal is working in Telecom advertisements?

1234This was all started when Ufone was launched with tremendous packages that actually were priced in such a way that even a middle class consumer could easily go and buy a connection. With Faisal Qureshi, the mind behind all the ads with humorous appeal, the ads were loved by the masses.

Well, that was a gist of history. Ufone is still following that humorous appeal in their ads and they are creating impression in a great manner. The message behind those ads is well communicated. But have you noticed something ? Recently, Jazz and Zong both are trying to follow the same approach.  Look at the Jazz ad first in which Waseem Akram ( who was once endorsed by Ufone) is endorsed as the main celebrity. But have you seen the faces who were sitting behind in this ad. Yes, they are Azfar and Mani and they have come from the same group who used to produce Ulta Seedha ( Geo TV) and many other programs with Faisal Qureshi team. So, Jazz is also thinking on the same lines that humorous appeal is gonna work fine and will create an impact. So they have endorsed Azfar and Mani to create some kind of humor in it. Of course, Ufone is the pioneer but now Jazz has become a follower and they are following this approach.

Now, Coming to Zong, another telecom brand, who used to be sarcastic in most of their ads by making comments on every brand. Surprisingly, their latest ad of “Chotay” is again creating an humorous appeal. If you are not familiar with the Ustaad’s face then let me tell you this guy was one of the characters in the sitcom “Rubber Band”. Personally, I loved the advertisement but then I thought for a while all these companies are following each other. First, they followed in terms of Value added services (VAS) and now they are also copying each other’s themes. Looks like, our advertising agencies have nothing to think something creative.

I must appreciate Telenor here which is strictly following the “Gentleman’s approach” by giving this attitude that “I really don’t care about what others (My competitors) say. Personally, I think that’s a good approach if you think long term and want to develop a good brand image. Their ads (except for their Annie ads) depict emotional bonds between families and people can easily associate themselves. At this point of time, I must say that most of our telecom brands have failed to make a strong brand identity in the minds of consumers except Ufone who is consistently following one theme approach. This is especially in the case of Jazz, Zong and Warid who are still experimenting with their brand identities even after such a long presence in the market.