Chat & Email Notifications right on your Desktop

Most of us are too conscious about continuously switching and checking Gmail for any new Email or chat message. If you happen to be like me, then you must be missing a significant message or chat just because you were not looking at your Gmail Window when it came. If you are making use of Google Chrome, then the days would be over as a new feature has been launched named as HTML5 desktop notifications. This feature will enable you to have pop-ups on your desktop whenever a new email or chat message arrives.

You can easily turn this feature on. All you need to do is to click on the Settings link which is at the top right corner of your Gmail inbox and then move down to  the ‘Desktop Notifications’ tab. If you consider being notified about any chat or email message or if you are making use of the Priority Inbox feature and you only consider getting notifications for vital messages then you can customize the setting accordingly.For the present times, this feature is only available for users who use Google Chrome; however, the Google email team is still working on this notification feature to be a part of the standard Web platform.