Android Leads OS Market With Apple Being Top Manufacturer – Nielsen

Nielsen has lately released a report and according to that Android, the Operating system from Google happens to be the prevalent piece of the U.S based consumer Smartphone market acquiring 39% of it. The iOS by Apple stands second with 28% whereas the RIM’s Blackberry OS has dropped down to almost 20%.

The graph provided by Nielsen in this regard shows that Apple has been still able to grasp the position of ‘Top Manufacturing Unit’ as they all along with RIM are the only manufacturers of their respective operating systems. On the other hand, Android Operating system is featured on hardware from various companies.

The popularity rate concerning Android has even exceeded its previous protrusions. In the last report by Nielsen, the month surveys concerning U.S. mobile-based consumers showed that there had been a progressively more variable change in the popularity and preferred of mobile operating systems. 31% of the consumers who were planning to opt for a Smartphone said that they would be going for Google’s Android as this is the platform they preferred. On the other hand, iOS by Apple has dropped a little to 30%. RIM Blackberry which was once a leader has only 11% interest whereas 20% were unclear and vague – though it seems that most of them would be going to Android!

Google Android Smart phones are No.1 Choice of U.S. Consumers

With the continuous release of innovative smart phones, mobile devices and PC tablets, they are directly associated to the mounting innovation in these particular niches. Technological advancements and developments are creating a need for modern and compact mobile products.

Nielsen, one of the leading research based companies has lately confirmed it after they have conducted a research. The data being collected highlighted that the Smartphone market is exceptionally competitive and this makes the consumers take a new challenge when they are considering opting for their new Smartphone.

There are three leading manufacturers when it comes to the Smartphone market; however, Google’s Android Smartphone has finally taken the lead. According to the new data, the USA consumers prefer buying Android phones as compared to any other Smartphone model on the market. Both the iPhone and Blackberry have been sharing 27 percent market share for the past year whereas Google’s Android presently is holding around 29 percent of the entire U.S. based Smartphone market.

Android is offering its users with a lot more choices; this is something far away from the fairly low-tech Samsung Intercept to the high-end with Motorola Droid Pro. Android offers a large variety of manufacturers as the Operating System can be modified so that the models, features along with the overall user experience completely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Nielsen explains this point that when it is about the producers then Apple winners and RIM, ever since they are the only ones that are creating and selling Smartphones with their respective OS. The company has further added that the HTC’s consumer base has 12% a HTC Android device and 7% own a HTC device running Microsoft OS. At Motorola, it is 10% and 1% of consumers who have Android and Microsoft OS.



Nokia E7 anticipated arriving in year early 2011 – Celebrations for 3G mobile networks

The Nokia E7 is anticipated to be available in the early period of year 2011 and because of this; the 3G mobile networks are excited for this latest addition to the growing and escalating mobile phone market. This new gadget has some of the most unbelievable and amazing features and Nokia expects this model to be the most preferred by the business professionals as well as for routine day usage.

Nokia E7 has vital comforts that are alike to 4 in. it has an integrated 8-megapixel camera with twin LED flash, slip out QWERTY keyboard along with touch screen arrangements, 16 GB internal storage capacity, and also audio tech “SILK”. It is supporting a Symbian^3 operating system and an N8 aluminum physique.

Nokia E7 is extremely stylish and its estimated price until now is £584.99. The Smartphone can be accessed on 3G mobile networks and after it can be accessed upon all other networks. The gadget is truly the best for the song lovers as they can even listen to transparent songs. With the Symbian 3 OS support, it offers easy navigation, aging contacts and easy to supplement photos.

The head of Branded Devices at 3G networks, Sylvia Chind stated that they are pleased to add another Symbian 3 device to their Smartphone’s range. However, Nokia E7 is making the 3G-network display more strong with features such as customizable home screens, 4 inch screen for speedy browsing and accessing emails.

Nokia’s exclusive partnership with Yahoo

Nokia and Yahoo have now formed a partnership, and according to it, they will mutually present the exclusive content over their contrary platforms.

Nokia will be the exclusive content provider for navigation and maps for Yahoo; and Yahoo has offered Nokia with an exclusive email provider.

This has turned out to be a deeper collaboration than expected, and it could be particularly useful for Nokia to broaden its scope and range of messaging and email services in the upcoming markets, where it is already holding a strong market share.

This remarkable move made by Nokia has made its stocks price go up with a percentage of 0.4, whereas Yahoo got an increase of 0.8percent in its stock price. This partnership will definitely open new horizons for both the players as both are one of the best in their business. Yahoo could offer its other services and they can also come up with their own operating system which they can run on Nokia’s smartphones. Similarly, Nokia’s infrastructure can be a real benefit for Yahoo as well.

Again, Nokia sues Apple! Dragging Ipad in the fight

Today, Nokia has again slapped Apple with an additional patent-infringement suit, and this time it is about the technologies that have been used in iPhone and iPad 3G. Last October, the handset maker, claimed that iPhone violated around 10 of the patent rights, which hauled Apple into the court. This action results is a counterfeit Cupertino and both filed complaints with the ITC; in short, legal terms on both sides are updated.

In the latest lawsuit alleges the iPhone and the iPad 3G have violated five different patents. It generally involves ‘ enhancing the data transmission and speech by making use of positioning data applications and innovations in antenna configurations which are useful to improve the performance and save time, enabling compact and smaller devices.

Taking into consideration the preceding actions, it is just a matter of time ahead of Apple countersues Nokia in Wisconsin furthermore, both companies refine and modify their alleges with the ITC. One only has to speculate whether any of these cases will be resolved sooner than any other product launch and subsequent filing.