Is This Google’s Next Nexus Smartphone?

A picture that has been leaked, asserting to be Google’s next Nexus Smartphone, has actually surfaced, showcasing a design that is lacking behind the recognizable Android buttons.
The sources state that apparently Google’s employee from the Android development team, for now Google is considering both LG and HTC manufacturing this particular Nexus 3. Whatever they come up with, the gadget would be targeted for a release in December along with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich itself.

Though this particular picture does not give us a lot more to go on, it certainly is lacking behind the Android navigation buttons that are extremely popular. This images is not depicting what the ultimate Nexus 3 gadget is going to be like; however, it does demonstrates a prototype which is at its initial stages as Google is still choosing the appropriate and accurate hardware’s. The end results could be two different models; one for Sprint and the other one for T-Mobile that are to be launched simultaneously.

Let’s Wait and Watch! 🙂


iDect iHome Phone – Android based Land-line Phone

Binatone is seriously considering bringing unique and innovative products to the market and now it is here with the iDECT iHome Phone. It is about revolutionizing our home based phones.

This new phone named as iDECT iHome is supported by Android cordless phone which has a 2.8inches resistive touch-screen.

This phone will be supporting all the conventional Android functionalities such as email, Internet radio, alarm clock, YouTube/video player, picture gallery, mp3 player, Internet browser, and many others. However, unfortunately, it will not be having any access to the Android Market where actually the apps are available.

The list of features is as under; it is black in color, Auto-screen rotation between landscape and portrait orientation. Micro SD card can be accessed. Email client, contact manager, YouTube, and Internet browser, internet radio, calendar Picture viewer and MP3 music player. Widgets for stock, weather, news, and RSS are also available. It has an in-built memory of 256MB and it is running Android OS 1.6.

The telephonic features include; Ringer volume control, 200 number and name memories, 100 call log, 20 ringtones, Caller display, Call timer, Call waiting, Speaker volume control, Mute function, Last number redial, talk time up to 8 hours, standby time up to 80 hours. Indoor range is up to 50m and the outdoor range is up to 300m. Wi-Fi connectivity is up to 30m.  2.8inches touch display with Keypads lock on handset, supporting DECT radio technology, answering machine utilities, personalized recording facility as well.

Google adding more countries to Android sellers and buyers list

It’s pretty evident that Google’s Android has earned a pretty decent market share when it comes to Smartphone business industry. It is however making all the significant efforts to keep it growing. The most interesting part in it is it has already been done by barely taking its Market worldwide. The fact is that only few days back there were only 14 countries from which users could easily purchase the apps from the market which were only sold by developers from only 9 countries.

Escalating the list, Google has now expanded its Android’s Market to another 18 different countries from where consumers can easily buy the apps. Now, 20 more developers have been added to the selling list so that they can submit the apps easily for sale. The new buyers and sellers list will be accessing the market in the coming two weeks.

Extending the list means having more and more potential buyers and capturing larger market base, which is extremely useful in attracting Java developers as they will be contributing to the Android developers’ community. Google states that approximately 200,000 and more Android devices are being registered on daily basis. This is the point, where they are actually outpacing iPhones, however, the Android Market needs to grow as it will be gathering more and more developers who prefer opting for Apple App Store as they know that it has a strong consumer base.

Following is the New Seller’s list, which includes; Taiwan, Argentina, Switzerland, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, South Korea, Brazil, Singapore, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Norway, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland , Mexico and Israel.

The buyers list includes the names of various countries which are; Argentina, Taiwan, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Singapore, Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark, Portugal, Finland, Poland, Hong Kong, Norway, India, Mexico, Israel and Ireland.

Top Android Phones in Year 2010

Due to the open source nature of Android, the market is now flooded with many android phones other than HTC so before buying the best one, you need to evaluate different options based on a certain criteria. However, getting the best one is a little difficult; I am just mentioning some of them which have been rated as the best Android phones during 2010.

The mobile phone market is changing extremely fast; each day when you wake up you find that there are multiple products with most modern technology. Smart phones market has moved to a different level with the Android phones. Different products are being launched on daily basis that are simply increasing the options for the buyers. And for this reason, purchasing a phone has become extremely challenging job to do. Choosing the best Android handset would be extremely great only if you have appropriate information related to the products.

You need to consider few tips while you are buying Android Phones; you need to make sure that you are opting for a higher Operating System version so that you can have improved performance. Consider enhanced processor versions and 1 GHz and above are safest. Make sure that the keys are spaced out and easy to handle.

Some of the best Android Phones in year 2010 are as under;

  1. Google Nexus One: it only weighs 130 gms, the lightest phone launched by Google which is loaded with Android 2.1 OS, giving iPhone a perfect run for its money. It holds 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7 “AMOLED touch screen, 800 X 480 pixel, digital compass, Wi-Fi connectivity, accelerometer, and 5 megapixel camera.
  2. HTC EVO 4G: this is a killer gadget which offers 4G speed and is loaded with HD camcorders. It has 2 cameras, one at the front which is 1.3 megapixel and the other one at the back is 8 megapixel. Other than these, it supports Wi-Fi connectivity, and 4.3 “touch screen.