Facebook being Richie Rich!!

The bank balance of Facebook is simply reaching amazing heights. All you are required to do is to ‘Like’ it. Until now, Facebook is an entity worth $5o billion and there is simply ‘stopping the bull’! All the credit goes to the funding parties particularly from the Goldman Sachs, Digital Sky technologies and various other clients of the banks that are worth $1.5 billion. Facebook has already raised its funds up to $800 million lately.

You can now easily sign in any web portal if you have your Facebook account, it turns out to be a passport kind of thing; moreover, it is a giant that is growing and growing. David Ebersman, the Facebook’s CFO stated in an announcement that the giant has gained an amazing financial status and is ready to opt for amazing and unique opportunities. DST and Goldman Sachs invested around $50 million and $450 million respectively.

Lately, overseas investments have also been reported and this all was only possible due to the Goldman Sachs Facebook investment venture. While it could have reached to the figure of $1.5 billion, Facebook just restricted the funds to $1 billion. Facebook will be disclosing the financial results right before April 30, year 2012 as until now it has gained more than 500 shareholders.

Speculations have been spreading that Facebook having $2.8 billion on its hands; the social network-marketing giant will be escalating acquisitions and also is anticipated to buy the Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, California from Oracle Corporations. It is also going to broaden its resources as more recruitment is going to take place which is extremely a good news for all those who are eyeing a job there.

Facebook is emerging as one of the biggest and leading competitors in the market globally. All other competitors are cagey whereas the rest of the world will keep on ‘Liking’ it!!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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iPad Entering Schools!!

Every school is striving hard to be the one ahead of others when it comes to adopting and applying the latest technology. Until now, many have been made available to their students; however, the recent fad is to clinch the latest from the communication technology which has entertainment and computer, just all in one, the iPad!!!!

It has been recently reported that the public Schools in the New York City have acquired approximately 2000 iPads whereas in Chicago, more than 200 schools have filed a grant for the same purpose. In the states of Virginia and California, all the schools have by now achieved the iPads in a big way.

In some of the schools, the students were provided with the iPads which were useful in substituting the books on two subjects. Students can use them on both at school and at home. It priced them around $56 and 250 of taxpayers were incorporated for this innovative idea; however, this has been claimed that this is going to eventually benefit in the long-term.

The approach of integrating advanced technology in schools at the right time turns out to be an investment which is going to be extremely fruitful in the future. Other than that, students can carry the light-weighted gadget with them.

What do you think about this investment?? Have you say!!

Apple Sending Personal Information to the Advertisers

The iPhone and iPad apps manufacturers of Apple have recently filed a claim that the personal information of their users has been sent out to the advertising network companies for promotion purposes. This has been done without taking any permission from the customers.

The case has been filed in San Jose, California, federal court on 23rd December. It alleges that these apps are containing a large number of data or information which is related to its gadget users such as usernames, passwords, and contact list. Other than this, it also has a comprehensive bio-data of users’ concerning their earnings, gender, age and many more factors. The petitioners alleged that sharing such kind of personal information with the consent of the user certainly breaks the privacy as well as the national laws. Court has been reached, so that strict actions can be taken against Apple along with its application manufacturers.

The case was filed with the support of a person named Jonathan Lalo, who lives in Los Angeles County. He claimed that Apple and its apps manufacturers can easily track its customers and their personal information because both iPhones and iPads have an integrated device named as ‘global unique device identifier’. This device is useful in tracking any kind of information or data which is related to the consumers all around the world.

Let’s wait for the Courts decision!

Samsung Galaxy Tab – Selling convincingly well

For most of the people, all the mobile devices that have been equipped with the Google’s Android OS are standing out because these are the only ones that are casting shadow over Apple’s iPad and iPhone. Samsung’s “Galaxy Tab” which has been recently released is one of the serious rivals to the Apple’s iPad; it is supported by Android 2.2 operating system.

This South Korean firm has proclaimed that this is a multimedia tablet and till now it has sold approximately 600,000 units in the first month since it has been released. The figure is noteworthy enough to give Samsung adequate assurance and confidence.

It is aiming to reach the target of one million units by then end of this year which seems perfectly achievable. The manufacturer hopes to sell 6 million units of Galaxy Tab by the end of year 2011.

Nevertheless, this particular success rate remains much more reticent when compared with the iPad, which sold around 1 million units in the first month after it was launched.

Top 5 Tech products of year 2010

Each and every year that passes by holds its own individuality and exclusivity. Year 2010 has been a year with recession but packed with tech products. The market is flooding with tech products that you have always been dreaming of. Following are some of the top tech products that have been truly admired by the techy lovers.

  1. Google Android: this is an operating system for the Smartphones which is now included within the phones such as the Apple iPhone 4, the HTC Incredible, and the Motorola Droid X and with this numerous creative apps we liked within the largest products category. This operating system is included with phone Mobility that is an innovation to the tech industry in year 2010 and is aiming to flourish a wide range of outstanding mobile products and Google Android has been a consistent standout. Android is supporting powerful and robust apps, extreme customizability, a slick interface, which is tremendously amazing in supporting tablets and phones all around the world.
  2. Apple ipad: the tablet’s price starts from $499; this is a technological revolution positioning handheld slates at the vanguard. The gadget holds entire credit as it was launched. Tablets manufactured previously had a false start; however, Apple’s 9.7-inch model simply resisted the market with its svelte design, a exceptional array of apps, and a robust but simple touch interface
  3. Amazon Kindle: this is a third-generation E-reader that has a starting price of $139. Amazon has changed the rules and trends for e-readers with its newly launched third-gen kindle. This is an only WI-Fi- version that is useful in delivering convenient e-book shopping with a lightweight design, and an E-Ink Pearl screen.
  4. Netflix: it has a starting price of $9, offers video-by-mail and Streaming video services. You can instantly watch free with monthly subscription plan. It is growing and dominant provider of streaming TV shows, movies, and videos. Netflix offered its Watch Instantly service this year. Apart from gaining popularity on desktop PCs, it was highly appreciated with devices such as iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab: this tablet has been priced around $600 from Verizon and price from other carriers is yet to be determined. Until now, this sleek little slate is one of the best Android tablet. It holds designed finesse to fun, polished softwares, highly portable and multipurpose touch screen device. Samsung Galaxy Tab is the new iPad.