Can we see Tablet based Xbox in near future?

Epic Games Vice President has predicted that the future of console games would be on Tablet PCs. While explaining his thoughts, he mentioned more specifically about XBox and PlayStation that portability has become the key need and desire would increase in near future. He is also foreseeing that mobile phones will be used as controllers and the user can see the output on Tablets. So, one can clearly imagine that you carry a future Xbox 360 which is actually a Tablet.

Mark further explained that portability will not be the only benefit of the future Xbox but also you will be able to plug and play the device anywhere so one can imagine playing the high definition Xbox games while sitting in the garden or any favorite place you like.

Lets keep our fingers crossed and see when Mark’s vision about the future of console based games can be fulfilled. Keeping in mind the advent of technology, its not very difficult to see this in very near future.

Can Firefox be the next fastest browser?

With the fierce war among the Internet browsers, Firefox has also announced to take a giant step ahead by deciding to launch a super duper speed browser version 4.0 in this year. With the advent of HTML 5 which is going to be the future of standard web technologies and plugins, Mozilla Firefox is planning to give full control of the browser to its users. The beta version will be available to the users in coming July of 2010 whereas the final version would be available by the end of this year.

Firefox 3.7 version is due in this month which has been already re-branded as 3.6.4. The coming versions has some improvements like crashing, support of some additional plugins and also reduce the starting speed. Firefox is the one of the most popular browsers in this category. The browser used to be only direct competitor for Internet Explorer but after Google Chrome and Safari coming in the market, Firefox and Internet Explorer lost their market shares. Every browser is positioned as the fastest browser in the world so we cannot say Firefox will meet the customer’s expectations or not. Internet explorer is already creating a hype for its version 9. Firefox 4.0 beta version is expected to release in coming few months.

Microsoft Office 2010 is all set for Release

MS Office 2010 has reached the RTM stage, which is the stage where the product is all set for release. This will mark the end of development for the most popular Microsoft Office software. After being released, the software will be distributed to the manufactures, which would be further followed by the retailers, businesses, and customers.

Generally, when a software reaches the RTM stage, and then it is fully geared up for mass distribution. The Microsoft’s manufacturing partners and other product makers will be getting the software initially, which would be followed by businesses and then it would be distributed to regular customers. The product downloads for the original and licensed products will start from April 27th, whereas the regular customers will see the Microsoft Office 2010 in the market by the start of June.

MS office 2010 had the largest beta tests, and this is the same approach, which Microsoft adopted before introducing Windows7 into the market. This is a tactic that seems to pay off for the technology gigantic.

The ‘ready to release’ stage is the final milestone while engineering the product before release, and according to Microsoft, the engineers have poured their soul and heart into it to reach the milestones. Microsoft is reemphasizing its sincere gratitude and appreciation to more than 5000 partners and organizations that have been working with them on the rapid development and testing method of the products.

Since November 2009, 7.5 million people till now have downloaded the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010, which is thrice more than the number of downloads being done for the beta version of Microsoft office 2007.

Google Vs Microsoft Vs Apple – The greatest war of I.T

It is extremely difficult to snatch the wondering and inspiring extent of an epic war taking place between Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Billions of dollars, even the entire industry, is at stake, these are just the pieces on the board.

People consider Apple or Microsoft to be such companies that are decades old and now have established a strong and sound base, but, actually, it is Google. In almost 10 years, Google has become the most prominent and remarkable company over the Internet, spreading anything over the web, touching the astonishing speed, merely like a virus, it is about everything including; mobile phones, books, movies, web portals, operation systems, soft wares, videos and soon it would be your TVs. There are only few aspects, where Google is left behind, and soon it will overcome the remaining gaps.

Microsoft had another name “hegemony; that was back in the 1990s era. Microsoft was looking to capture the entire market; it simply stated that anywhere there was something related to computing Microsoft was there. However, now it is actually Apple hat has captured the music market, mostly by revolutionizing the mobile and cell phones. Apple is growing fast in the market, as now, this is about considering what people are more concerned with which is the mobile phones and the web.

Figuring out what is at stake?

For Apple, it is entirely about inventing closed information devices along with the third-party appliances and computers that everyone can use. Microsoft is most interested in continuing the computing stuff, which is mostly tied to the desktop. Moreover, Google has its entire road linked to the web; furthermore, the Internet is tantamount by way of Google.