Social Networking – Understand in a Better Way!



You will be provided with the fundamentals related to the Social Networking. This video primarily focuses on the role of Social Media Networking in your day-to-day life. it includes:

  • People related to different networks via their personal life and business
  • Networks in the real world – the hidden nature of those networks
  • How Social Media Web Portals are useful in revealing hidden connection
  • The fundamental concept related to social networking websites



Wave of Popularity – Twitter’s CEO

Without doubts, we all happen to appraise our professional relationships. Nevertheless, our opinions and ideas tent to remain with us only. The web portal Cubeduel is considering changing this particular state of affairs, it has been launched lately, and this runs while you connect to your LinkedIn account. For this company, it did not take much long to reveal a standing one of the most popular CEOs in Silicon Valley. Conceivably, it is an effort to raise its own profile to some extent..

Based on approximately 1.2 million votes that have been registered by the company’s workforce such as Google, LinkedIn and even Microsoft, the professionals working at Cubeduel were able to determine that Dick Costolo was one of the most bosses in the Silicon Valley. Dick Costolo even replaced Evan Williams as head of Twitter last October.

This is something not bad at all for someone who does not even had an honor of having a single page Wikipedia by his name!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Linkedin turned seven today!

LinkedIn was founded in year 2002, December, however, the actual and original website was not launched until 2003, May5th. This makes LinkedIn older than Face book, which was launched in year 2004, twitter in year 2006, YouTube in year 2005, and MySpace in 2003, August.

LinkedIn dominated the business social networking vertically with no rivals along. Lately, its growth and expansion has been accelerating.

LinkedIn surpassed 50million users in the last year and now, has launched a wave of new and innovative features, which generally includes new link-sharing features, ability to track the companies and many others. Some estimates nail the Worth of LinkedIn at $1.3 billion or more.

All we can do it wait for more and more features from LinkedIn and wish LinkedIn more success.