HP’s WiFi Mouse: 9-Month Battery Life!

Now this really something that has made us sit back and take notice. the one and only reason whey we did not like using wireless mouse of  of yore was for the reason that it had a pathetic battery life. lately, HP has launched a winner as this is a wireless mouse that works on advanced Wi-Fi technology.

you will be amazed to know that this WiFi Wireless Mouse from HP has a battery life of around nine months! It also has five buttons that can be programmed in accordance to your needs and requirements along with a four-way tilt to make sure that you are able to navigate through it in a smooth manner.

Now, if you can compare it with the HP’s new ‘Link-5’, it will enable you to hook up your mouse, keyboard and three other gadgets that are Wi-Fi enabled to only one USB dongle.


New Facebook Apps Notifies the Breakup Status

Other than Social Networking, Facebook is extremely popular for its unique and amazing applications. It holds a large number of applications ranging from Friendship, relationships, love and all such weird themes. Lately, another application has been added to the list and it has been named as the Breakup Notifier. It will be notifying via an email whole the love of your life is being in a relationship with anyone else breaks up.

Dan Loewenherz has designed this app. For all those who want to make use of this application need to sign up via their email and informing friends about their relationship status. However, it keeps on changing as per your new relationship or wall posts. Undoubtedly, it will be extremely helpful in figuring out whether whomever you are connected to is free or not?

Facebook breakup app

Loewenherz states that he built this particular web app that is useful in getting alerts while people you are interested in breakup on Facebook. Some safety features have also been included such as if anyone’s relationship status becomes ‘Married’; the app warns them that it is possibly advisable not to make use of this particular service.

This turns out to be ideally an ‘Alarming’ App for all those people who are still in search of finding their someone special. Once they are making use of this particular App, they are not required to check that person’s Status on daily basis. Thus, it is offering you with an outstanding opportunity to play the rebound woman; somewhat, a hard and Soft deal for you!

Hard in a sense that you are being notified and it turns out to be soft if you are not!! Notification is the best part as it updates you real-time. You can make use of the application and share your experiences with Ishtihari as well! :p