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A large number of studies being done until now have concluded that Google, Twitter, Facebook, and some of the other social networking portals are as addictive as drugs. While people were not provided with an access to any of the electronic mediums or even the Internet, they reacted just as twitchy addicts who have denied […]

iPhone 4, a gadget from Apple corporation is rated as one the Best Mobile Device at the Global Mobile Awards 2011, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona UK. The panel of judges at the Global awards truly praised iPhone. An Apple insider stated that the judges admired iPhone 4 for the reason that it has […]

Talking about Apple iPad here, it received a large number of mixed reactions. Although, there are some cool features associated that makes the gadget stand out; however, there are certain features that are completely missed out. Some of the major disappointments related to Apple iPad are; Camera: this feature has been completely missed out when […]

There was a lady who was the 10 billionth individual to download an application from the Apple’s App Store was able to win herself a $10,000 gift certificate from iTunes. Her name is Gail Davis, from the Kent and she is living in the UK. She was downloading a free application named as ‘Paper Glider’; […]

An add-on to appease your eyes!

Posted: 25th January 2011 by Sarah Aslam in Technology
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If you happen to spend all your day working on the computer, then your eyes are the ones that feel the most of it. Consequently, it is not always simple to summon up the eagerness and interest to read long articles. While you are considering doing this with your Kindle reader, you need to make […]

After the iPhone 4 has been embellished with its own incomparable style in the last year, the Gresso has reasonably itself into the iPad. The Russian Company has a good reputation when it comes to the luxury mobile and smart phones industry and the most of them are extremely beyond the means of a common […]

Apple has really let the users down!! They were partying on the New Year’s Eve; they set their alarms using their iPhones so that they could wake up, bright and early on the very first day of the New Year. On the other hand, a malfunction came up in the iPhone’s alarming feature and for […]

We all know that Apple is always way ahead of the entire competition; At least when it is about creating the buzz over the World Wide Web in terms of its unique and latest products. This is something which the list of some particular keywords has shown us, these are the words that ascended the […]

There are no underlying details, but some pictures of Iphone 4G have been leaked, previewing what may be a white front., which is a Taiwanese website, posted these photos this last weekend. Is it a new move again by Apple to actually break off the color, and design from all other smart phones that […]

Apple has requested and appealed the local law enforcement officials to investigate and examine the conditions adjoining an Apple employee’s misplaced next-generation iPhone, which was probably 4G, and this was already published and announced on the Internet in the last week later to ending up in the hands of Gizmodo lately. Presently, the investigation and […]