IPad vs IPad 2 – What is the difference?

iPad 1G by the Apple Corporation had a record breaking success and lately the company has launched iPad 2 and gadget lovers are anticipating it to be as successful as its prior model. After March 11th, 2011, IPad 2 is available at all the leading stores all across the USA; however, even before, everything is pretty clear about the newly launched gadget. It is quite evident that iPad 2 is much more enhanced, powerful, and robust as its previous model.

However, you are provided with a comparison chart which will enable you to check out the differences and similarities right away while you are thinking about iPad and iPad 2.

DISPLAY 9.7- Inches LED- backlit IPS LCD 9.7- Inches LED- backlit IPS LCD
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
















1 GHz Apple A4

Power VR SGX 535

256 MB RAM

16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB



EDGE plus triband HSPA


2.1+ EDR




680g (WiFi), 7300g (WiFi + 3G)


Multi- touch

Li – Polymer

Apple OS 4.0

1 GHz Dual-Core Apple A5

SGX543 dual core Technology

65536 MB in-built

16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB


720 p

EDGE plus quadband HSPA


2.1+ EDR




601g (WiFi), 607g (Version), 613g (AT&T)

Accelerometer sensor,  proximity sensor


Apple IOS 4.3

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Apple iPad 2 Launched!!

Apple Corporation has finally unveiled the long awaited iPad 2. The company has launched the gadget with the final version of the iOS 4.3 at the iPad Launch event that was held in San Francisco.

Some of the primary specs iPad 2 supports are;

  • A dual-core A5 Processor
  • Read and Front Facing Camera
  • Gyroscope Sensor
  • Weighing 1.3 Pounds
  • As compared to the iPad 1, the iPad 2 is 33mm thinner while having thickness of 8.8mm
  • It is being made available in two colors that is Black and White
  • The price starts from $499 for the 16 GB and only Wi-Fi model; however, another model with the specs including 3G, Wi-Fi and 64GB model, the price is $829.
  • The shipment will be started from March 11, 2011

Having A5 processor means that the iPad 2 version will be running on approximately double and faster speed as compared to the iPad 1. This version is supporting faster and improved graphics along with enhanced power consumption feature. Concerning the supported career, iPad 2 will be working well with both Verizon and AT&T as well. In addition, iPad 2 is also offering HDMI mirrored video output which is up to 1080p while you are making use of appropriate accessories.

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All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Apple iPad – 5 Major Disappointments

Talking about Apple iPad here, it received a large number of mixed reactions. Although, there are some cool features associated that makes the gadget stand out; however, there are certain features that are completely missed out.

Some of the major disappointments related to Apple iPad are;

  1. Camera: this feature has been completely missed out when it comes to iPad. It is a significant features required for video chats or video conferencing. iPad disappointed its users with it.
  2. GPS: Apple’s iPad was one of the most awaited gadgets and it was known as a modified version of iPhone, however; it completely missed out the GPS feature. on the other hand, the Wi-Fi or 3G can provide users with a speedy access to the Google Maps but an integrated GPS feature has been missed out.
  3. Removable Battery; iPad supports the battery timeline of ten hours which certainly is great; however, for such a revolutionary product such as iPad, it should been provided with a feature of a user removable battery.
  4. Multitasking; for the iPad,it is one of the biggest drawbacks. Apparently, the case is that this gadget is unable to run background process. Thus, it makes you stick to one job at a time. This makes a complete big NO for most of the people who consider the iPad as one of the advanced netbook.
  5. Mac OS; Apple’s iPad has been incorporated with an A4 processor which runs perfectly fine with the iPhone operating System, nevertheless, a complete OS X would have given the iPad a processor to kill for.

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Ipad with the Golden Apple

After the iPhone 4 has been embellished with its own incomparable style in the last year, the Gresso has reasonably itself into the iPad. The Russian Company has a good reputation when it comes to the luxury mobile and smart phones industry and the most of them are extremely beyond the means of a common consumer.

You must be remembering the example of the ‘Lady Diamond’ Model which was released back in year 2009, it was inlaid with diamonds and gold. It was available for sale worth 5,500 dollars!

With the dawn of the New Year, the company is having its targets anticipated to offer an iPad that is made up of precious African Blackwood, which is going to be around 200 years old. The Apple’s logo will be adorned at the back of the tablet, shimmering like never before, as it is going to be plated with the 18ct gold.

The price of this luxurious tab has not been revealed yet; thus, probably, the vast majority of the consumer base is not going to keel over in shock!

Buyer’s first Preference for the leading Music Players

In the virtual world, there are a large number of gadgets that are available to people. One of the most common ones is the Mega MP3 Players or music players. There are numerous firms that are offering cool and amazing music players starting from Sony to Apple. Different kinds of features have been incorporated into these gadgets which make them the most preferred ones.

Some of the players that turned out to be buyer’s first preference are;

  1. Apple iPod Touch: the most preferred product from Apple is its Ipod. The Ipod keep on updating its features; it is however, also coming across a tough competition when it comes to Apple’s iphone. Nevertheless, the capacities stay the same but a large number of features have been included into it such as killer apps, stacks of great games, maps, email, and even Wi-Fi. All these applications are absolutely Free to access.
  2. Sony NWZ A845: Sony’s innovative gadget is also available in the market with same features. it is falling over its  nano competitor on the in-built and sound tools. It is bundled with Hi-res BBC iPlayer, 16GB capacity, 2.4-inches OLED screen.
  3. Apple iPod Shuffle: this is a super cool and most sellable gadget, Apple has named it shuffle as it will be reining an outclass voice track along with reliability. It is offering 2GB storage capacity; in short, it is a great yet simple music player.
  4. Apple iPod Nano: it is a multi-look and touch music player that belongs to the Apple’s ipod series. It is loaded with numerous features and applications. As compared to the iPod Touch, it is particularly cheap; however, not much appreciable with the screen size and price tagged.
  5. Creative Zen X-Fi Style: it is a portable music player with a several outstanding features. It is certainly a value for your money. It offers remarkable video performance supporting all the available formats that are operating under the digital sun.

iPad international pre-orders go live

iPad’s International launch is forthcoming. Across the globe, the ‘pre-order’ button has been lighting up this weekend, with some of the initial sightings on the Apple store web portals being in UK and Australia.

It was reported in the last month of April that Apple announced the delay in international sales their products until May. No reason was mentioned except ‘overwhelming demand’; however, the announcement corresponded with an assumed LCD screen shortage, which probably have been somewhat at fault.

The international release date for iPad is 28th May 2010. Both the 3G-enabled models and Wi-Fi based models will be available across nine countries around the world including Belgium, Singapore, New Zealand, Luxembourg, Ireland, Hong Kong, Austria, and Mexico. In July, you will be able to enjoy the Apple’s upcoming gadget the Tablet computing.

IPad 3G weekend sales estimated at 300,000 units

The iPad 3G experienced another successful and prosperous launch this weekend by hitting up the 300,000 mark, and some estimates have even given 500,000. These are the addition the estimated sales of the currently being sold the Wi-Fi only iPads, which have topped one million. These above-mentioned figures also include the pre-orders.

Regardless of the desirable figures, iPad 3G sales were in an inferior position by the delayed international launch and lack of accessibility in the U.S. With that in mind, one may be able to wrap up that Apple’s production troubles were due at least in module to the reported LCD screen lack. Even with this problem and imperfection, the iPad 3G has coped to round up several inspiring and exciting figures with just seeing that many units sold in its first weekend as the creative and innovative iPad launch.

3G-enabled models are available in the market with a non-contractual data system via AT&T, which costs around $30 per month. The iPads cost approximately $130, which is more than their Wi-Fi solitary siblings, however supports the similar and equaling hardware and the 3G capabilities. Prices are $629 for the 16GB, $729 for the 32GB and $829 for the 64GB, respectively.

IPhone 4G – 5 Megapixel Camera

Iphone 4g, the forthcoming version of Apple IPhone, is going to make its appearance at the WWDC’10, is considered to have a 5-megapixel camera in it. The Omni Vision is all set and ready to provide a 5-mexapixel camera for the upcoming next generation Iphone 4G to Apple.

One other fascinating addition to this buzz is that the Omni Vision is also willing to supple 3.2-mexapixel camera sensor to Apple, which has already been a part of Iphone 3Gs. It has been professed by OmniVision that the orders have almost doubles it is ranging from 20 million units to now 40 million and plus units for the year 2010.

Android Users! Flash support is coming

We still don’t know when Android 2.2 is going to release but Google has officially announced that Android 2.2 is going to have the full Flash support in this version. According to ZDnet, the latest version is hitting the streets on May 19th but this hasn’t been confirmed by Google. Some other features which are expected in Android 2.2 are its JIT compiler, also all the apps will be updated automatically, FM radio and support for colored lights on handset’s trackball. On the other hand, Flash announced Flash version for smartphones last year but right now they are working on the optimized version of Flash which will be releasing shortly.

On the other hand, Apple continued to take stance that they don’t require any Flash support in Iphone, Ipad or other Apple devices. The story doesn’t end here as Apple has banned their developers from using Adobe CS development tools. What would it have an effect on the sales volume of Apple products and can this rift boost the sales of other players? Stay tuned to Ishtihari

Israel finally ended the ban on Ipad

It was in news for many days as this never happened before that a computer device is banned in some part of the world. Just weeks ago, Israel banned Ipad selling and also the usage of the same in Israel due to security concerns as its wireless signals can disturb the frequency of other wireless devices. But now Ministry of Communication in Israel has finally announced to end the ban of Ipad in Israel. After the launch, Israel banned the import of Ipad and this news was coming on different blogs and news sites for many days as Israel was the only country to do that.

In explanation, the official of ministry said that this ban happened due to negative PR and we didn’t want to take any risk but we had also announced that we are going to test it and if it is disrupting the other wireless systems, the ban will continue otherwise we will lift it and here it is.