Disable iPhone Tracking System – Easy Steps to Follow

We all have been coming across news these days that iPhone secretly send records and tracks of a users’ location without their prior consent. Nonetheless, there is a useful and handy solution to it as well. You need to keep this point in your mind that only the Jail-broken iPhones will be able to access this particular feature.

Follow the following steps mentioned below and you can enjoy the freedom and risk of being tracked and monitored.

First and foremost, you are required to open the Cydia App and Update it.

In the second step, you have to type ‘UNTRACKED’ in the search bar.

The next step is to install ‘Untrackerd’ This particular application would be running in the background. The app is useful in initiating a process that runs in the background of your iPhone, which is helpful in cleaning and consolidating the .db files. Do not worry as now new icon will be added to your iPhone and you do not have to configure anything as well. The app will be working on its own which is going to prevent the iPhone to sent security related information over the World Wide Web by keeping track of the iPhone Users.



iPad 2: Buggy

The proud Owners of the iPad 2, unfortunately are struggling with resolving some of the glitches that have appeared in their new gadget. for instance, the Video Chat service Facetime simply freezes if it is being used for a lengthy period of time and evidently the back-light seems to be bleeding as people have heard about it. Yes!! these are not at all serious issues and we just cannot call it as a propaganda regarding the gadget but just think how irritating and frustrating it would be to work around such kinds of problems on a fancy, a new gadget!

People, more likely the iPad 2 users are voicing their relevant concerns on different forums. Presently, a time-being solution provided is to reboot so that the service does not freeze. However, the display still remains patchy as it has turned out to be a manufacturing defect and anything regarding it just cannot be changed.



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IPad vs IPad 2 – What is the difference?

iPad 1G by the Apple Corporation had a record breaking success and lately the company has launched iPad 2 and gadget lovers are anticipating it to be as successful as its prior model. After March 11th, 2011, IPad 2 is available at all the leading stores all across the USA; however, even before, everything is pretty clear about the newly launched gadget. It is quite evident that iPad 2 is much more enhanced, powerful, and robust as its previous model.

However, you are provided with a comparison chart which will enable you to check out the differences and similarities right away while you are thinking about iPad and iPad 2.

DISPLAY 9.7- Inches LED- backlit IPS LCD 9.7- Inches LED- backlit IPS LCD
RESOLUTION 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
















1 GHz Apple A4

Power VR SGX 535

256 MB RAM

16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB



EDGE plus triband HSPA


2.1+ EDR




680g (WiFi), 7300g (WiFi + 3G)


Multi- touch

Li – Polymer

Apple OS 4.0

1 GHz Dual-Core Apple A5

SGX543 dual core Technology

65536 MB in-built

16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB


720 p

EDGE plus quadband HSPA


2.1+ EDR




601g (WiFi), 607g (Version), 613g (AT&T)

Accelerometer sensor,  proximity sensor


Apple IOS 4.3

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Google Instant for iPod Touch and iPhone

Google has recently launched Google Instant iPod Touch and iPhone that supports iOS 4.0 or later. Google Instant was initially launched for the Desktop users and was truly appreciated by them. Mostly people may not know about what Google Instant is about, so here is goes!

Google Instant is actually about displaying the search results right away when you start typing your search related queries in the Google searching bar. This feature is extremely useful in saving too much of the user’s time as you will be getting rid of the hassle of typing the entire search query to get your preferred and required result without writing the complete search phrase.

According to Google Mobile: as Google Instant’s desktop version, when you are going to type your query, you will be provided with the predictions related to what you are trying to search for. For instance, you are typing ‘anse’ then you will be able to see an option such as ‘ansel adams’ along with several other guesses. The results and the predictions will start appearing automatically and will tap on various others while displaying the results. While you are going to enter the search button or the key, the predictions are going to be skipped and it will redirect to the results that you have typed.

Google Instant is worth adding; however, it may happen to perform slowly on the GPRS or EDGE networks; nevertheless, it will be working fully with 3G or WiFi networks.

Most Popular Mobile Operating System in U.S

Android is getting popular day by day now according to Nielsen’s latest findings, it has become the most popular mobile operating system who have bought smartphones in the last six months. As far as Blackberry’s RIM and Apple’s iOS are concerned, they are just dead. The acquisition of Android phones has increased significantly according to Nielsen’s data whereas Blackberry has seen a major downfall.

Blackberry still has a market share of 31% but the share is declining over Apple. Android phones with a market share of 19% is expected to grow in the near future. Since past six months, Android has shown a significant growth as the most popular operating system and with so much customization and new applications development, the OS is expected to be the next market leader