Cloud Computing – A New Era

HP lately has announced a suite of brand new products and services that allow governments and businesses to control the power of cloud while making certain that they are meeting up the necessary and required availability, performance along with the levels of security. Cloud computing is an extremely imperative and significantly growing podium for Instant-On Enterprises, where everyone and everything is connected. Such enterprises ask for such IT based environments that are secure, automated, flexible, and are able to easily adjust to the everyday changing demands.

Although cloud computing offers a large number of benefits mainly including reduction in IT headcount and a pay-as-you-go model, rapid deployment of new services; however, it conventionally lacked behind in some of the areas such as ease of integration, availability and security. The brand new HP Hybrid Delivery solutions are  helpful in providing the required benefits when it comes to enterprise-grade cloud computing as it is useful in meeting the particular requirements of governments and businesses.

The managing director and senior vice president Piau Phang Foo, HP Asia Pacific and Japan states that Cloud computing is entering the mainstream and the path is being lead by HP, this is because HP holds the enterprise experience, an extensive portfolio and a globally recognized name which is helpful in leading its clients through this kind of transformation.