iPhone 4 – Best Mobile Device

iPhone 4, a gadget from Apple corporation is rated as one the Best Mobile Device at the Global Mobile Awards 2011, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona UK. The panel of judges at the Global awards truly praised iPhone. An Apple insider stated that the judges admired iPhone 4 for the reason that it has a sharp design, great screen, phenomenal ecosystem for app developers and fantastic materials. In this inflexible race, iPhone 4 builds on the success of its ancestors setting a pace for Smart Phones.

In year 2010, a large number of phones were launched. Thus, it was not contending against the stellar group of mobile devices. Smart phones competing against iPhone 4 included Samsung Galaxy S, BlackBerry Torch 9800, LG Optimus 7, and the HTC Desire. Samsung Galaxy was also competing in the Best Mobile Device competition as it received great reviews and huge selling. Lately, Samsung Galaxy series smart phone has registered as one of the largest selling gadget in 2010 and it topped in the entire Android Market.

Although, an HTC phone was also nominated for the Best Mobile Device but it did not win; on the other hand, it won the award for the Device Manufacturer of the Year. The Taiwanese company was highly praised by the judges panel commenting that it built its market existence just from nowhere with fresh marketing, branding and a strong portfolio of gadgets across different platforms. In particular, it has turned out to be an enduring and an exceptionally popular phone manufacturer. With outstanding customer service and great communication, this was a well-deserved recognition.

Apple INC. has designed iPhone 4 which is a touch screen Smartphone. In fact, it is a fourth generation of the iPhone gadget and a successor to the iPhone 3GS version. It has been predominantly marketed for video calling purposes, opting for different mediums such as  games, music, movies, periodicals, books and accessing emails and Web on the whole. The latest OS being released in the iOS 4.2.1 which offers additional functionality like AirPlay and AirPrint.

Eric Schmidt replaced; Larry Page is the new Google CEO

Google is to make two significant announcements this afternoon – firstly, it’s the Q4 earnings, the second and the most considerable one if that Eric Schmidt is to be replaced by Larry Page as the new CEO, who is going to take charge of the IT giant from April 4 2011.

Page is not someone who is new to Google, the fact is that he was Google’s CEO back in year 1998 for three consecutive years and now he will be handling the operations, on the other hand, Schmidt will be serving as the Executive Chairman. His role would be more of external operations such as deals, mergers, partnerships, interaction, leadership, knowledge, and technological exchange with the Governments. Moreover, Schmidt verified that the will be working as an internal advisor to Larry Page along with other co-founder named as Sergey Brin and he is currently managing the strategic projects.

The primary focus of the entire top management actually led to t his restructuring of the management, it will be extremely helpful in simplifying the entire management structure, which will be improving the efficiency, and effectiveness of the decision making process that was due since long. This well thought out restructuring is anticipated to enhance the accountability and clarity of the top management and Schmidt believes that working with Page and Sergey in this new role will be offering Google with long-term benefits.

Page is likewise excited about the future scenarios that would be resulting from this restructuring practice. He states that Schmidt’s role in the in last decade enabled the company to attain outstanding growth and this has been proved by the spectacular results. Google’s entire top management is simply unique in the whole world that is combining all the genius of the founders and the brilliant business success that does not looses focus on any of the areas. He believes that Google is a company that has incredible potential to grow and he has all such reasons which make him extremely excited about his new role in the company.