Is This Google’s Next Nexus Smartphone?

A picture that has been leaked, asserting to be Google’s next Nexus Smartphone, has actually surfaced, showcasing a design that is lacking behind the recognizable Android buttons.
The sources state that apparently Google’s employee from the Android development team, for now Google is considering both LG and HTC manufacturing this particular Nexus 3. Whatever they come up with, the gadget would be targeted for a release in December along with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich itself.

Though this particular picture does not give us a lot more to go on, it certainly is lacking behind the Android navigation buttons that are extremely popular. This images is not depicting what the ultimate Nexus 3 gadget is going to be like; however, it does demonstrates a prototype which is at its initial stages as Google is still choosing the appropriate and accurate hardware’s. The end results could be two different models; one for Sprint and the other one for T-Mobile that are to be launched simultaneously.

Let’s Wait and Watch! 🙂


Google Android Smart phones are No.1 Choice of U.S. Consumers

With the continuous release of innovative smart phones, mobile devices and PC tablets, they are directly associated to the mounting innovation in these particular niches. Technological advancements and developments are creating a need for modern and compact mobile products.

Nielsen, one of the leading research based companies has lately confirmed it after they have conducted a research. The data being collected highlighted that the Smartphone market is exceptionally competitive and this makes the consumers take a new challenge when they are considering opting for their new Smartphone.

There are three leading manufacturers when it comes to the Smartphone market; however, Google’s Android Smartphone has finally taken the lead. According to the new data, the USA consumers prefer buying Android phones as compared to any other Smartphone model on the market. Both the iPhone and Blackberry have been sharing 27 percent market share for the past year whereas Google’s Android presently is holding around 29 percent of the entire U.S. based Smartphone market.

Android is offering its users with a lot more choices; this is something far away from the fairly low-tech Samsung Intercept to the high-end with Motorola Droid Pro. Android offers a large variety of manufacturers as the Operating System can be modified so that the models, features along with the overall user experience completely varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Nielsen explains this point that when it is about the producers then Apple winners and RIM, ever since they are the only ones that are creating and selling Smartphones with their respective OS. The company has further added that the HTC’s consumer base has 12% a HTC Android device and 7% own a HTC device running Microsoft OS. At Motorola, it is 10% and 1% of consumers who have Android and Microsoft OS.



iPhone 4 – Best Mobile Device

iPhone 4, a gadget from Apple corporation is rated as one the Best Mobile Device at the Global Mobile Awards 2011, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona UK. The panel of judges at the Global awards truly praised iPhone. An Apple insider stated that the judges admired iPhone 4 for the reason that it has a sharp design, great screen, phenomenal ecosystem for app developers and fantastic materials. In this inflexible race, iPhone 4 builds on the success of its ancestors setting a pace for Smart Phones.

In year 2010, a large number of phones were launched. Thus, it was not contending against the stellar group of mobile devices. Smart phones competing against iPhone 4 included Samsung Galaxy S, BlackBerry Torch 9800, LG Optimus 7, and the HTC Desire. Samsung Galaxy was also competing in the Best Mobile Device competition as it received great reviews and huge selling. Lately, Samsung Galaxy series smart phone has registered as one of the largest selling gadget in 2010 and it topped in the entire Android Market.

Although, an HTC phone was also nominated for the Best Mobile Device but it did not win; on the other hand, it won the award for the Device Manufacturer of the Year. The Taiwanese company was highly praised by the judges panel commenting that it built its market existence just from nowhere with fresh marketing, branding and a strong portfolio of gadgets across different platforms. In particular, it has turned out to be an enduring and an exceptionally popular phone manufacturer. With outstanding customer service and great communication, this was a well-deserved recognition.

Apple INC. has designed iPhone 4 which is a touch screen Smartphone. In fact, it is a fourth generation of the iPhone gadget and a successor to the iPhone 3GS version. It has been predominantly marketed for video calling purposes, opting for different mediums such as  games, music, movies, periodicals, books and accessing emails and Web on the whole. The latest OS being released in the iOS 4.2.1 which offers additional functionality like AirPlay and AirPrint.

Android has now 100,000 apps

There is nothing stopping Android and the latest development is that the OS has now more than 100,000 apps currently available in the market. Definitely, a new landmark has been set. Android is doing extremely well and has been proven as a major hit. Major handset manufacturers are now relying on Android. There are two major reasons for Android’s success; one is open source platform so manufacturers like Samsung and HTC have Android as their OS. Second most obvious reason is that it is the easiest way to compete with the giant Iphone. To develop a new OS from scartch will cost the company so much and Android is not secretive about its operating system so companies are switching towards this OS which makes this more tempting.

Android’s success is not confined to just smartphones now but now they have entered into Tablet PCs market as well.

Fingers crossed, Windows Phone 7 ready for launch

For all the techy and gadget fans the wait is almost over as the new is too exciting. The Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft is finally here! However, there is just too much buzz going around about what should be expected. You should not be expecting too high as only the market reviews will be giving a better idea about how the Windows Phone 7 is and is it really “the one” people  have been eagerly waiting for.

The most recent gossip is that Samsung, LG, and HTC will be having Windows Phone 7 handset all ready for the launch; all of them have been spotted out while pointing at each other. Omnia 7 by Samsung electronics, which is also known as, GT-i8700 got a little shaded spy shot treatment at Gizmodo. The specifications are not at all clear except the idea that it holds 8 GB of storage in it.
Optimus 7 has 800-by-480 resolutions and a 3.8-inch screen, 16 GB of storage and supports 1500-mAh battery. Other main features include; text-to-speech, sweeping motion while taking panoramic pictures, phone’s screen is 4.3-inch and a 1.3 GHz Snapdragon processor. The HTC Mozart is also there. It has 8 GB of storage, a 3.7-inch display,  1 GHz processor and 8-megapixel camera with Xenon flash.

Moreover, HTC is also launching the HD7 which has 1 GHz processor, 4.3-inch screen, 5-megapixel and camera8 GB of storage. It is pretty evident that HTC’s gadget is going to hit hitting Windows Phone 7 extremely hard.

AT&T is going to be the exclusive launch partner with Microsoft which will start by 8th November. It is expected that T-Mobile will start selling the Windows Phone 7 Smartphone after some time. The AT&T’s lock on Windows Phone 7 handset will be lasting through the holidays which is unclear till now. It is about having more phones and making more carriers available for sure. However, Motorola despite of being sued by Microsoft Corporation for copyright infringement, the co-chief executive, Sanjay Jha said that they are willing to consider this new gadget Windows Phone 7 but only if the software looks acceptable as he has not yet seen it.

On the other hand, Dell is also working over its own handsets of Windows Phone 7 and it seems to be a lot better than the Android phone that was launched by August.

Windows Phone 7 is expected to be adopted slowly however it will be capturing the market of global Smartphone by 9.8 percent by year 2014.

Most Popular Mobile Operating System in U.S

Android is getting popular day by day now according to Nielsen’s latest findings, it has become the most popular mobile operating system who have bought smartphones in the last six months. As far as Blackberry’s RIM and Apple’s iOS are concerned, they are just dead. The acquisition of Android phones has increased significantly according to Nielsen’s data whereas Blackberry has seen a major downfall.

Blackberry still has a market share of 31% but the share is declining over Apple. Android phones with a market share of 19% is expected to grow in the near future. Since past six months, Android has shown a significant growth as the most popular operating system and with so much customization and new applications development, the OS is expected to be the next market leader

Google’s Tablet PC

Ipad has been launched by Apple Inc and is selling like hot cakes. While cut throat competition already exists between Apple and Google on Cellphone, Google has decided to launched its tablet PC on which Android will be run. Now how Google can grab the share of Ipad users is still a question mark because Iphone is something wholly owned by Apple from its hardware to software. While Google develops every hardware in collaboration with HTC.  One thing which Google has to keep in mind that there are some companies which are offering Andriod powered Tablet PCs. But Google is also a very smart marketer like Apple. The rumors are wandering on blogs and people have already named Google’s tablet PC as “Ipad Killer”. The demo of Ipad killer is available on YouTube.