Skype with Caller ID – Thanks to Google Voice

Google Voice is a testing service for which one can subscribe by invites only. Google has recently added the Skype support because whenever someone calls from Skype to any phone number, others could see the Skype number which normally people living in US don’t want. Skype and Google voice offer now the ability to set your Google voice number as your Skype Caller ID which is great.

After setting up your account on Skype, you just need to browse through your Account page, where you can enter your Google Voice number as your Call ID. Skype will send a verification code to your Google voice and here we go! Your caller ID has been set up for use. The feature was available in Skype for cellphones but Google voice has also added this facility now so if someone wants to call to your Google Voice number, he or she can easily now. So now you can call from your Skype number and still displaying the Google voice number with this new feature

Google Tablet-the forthcoming gadget

The upcoming Google gadget is extremely sophisticated. Furthermore, it is simply too hard to wait. When Apple released the Ipad, it was written at most of the blogs that ‘do we need to have this gadget from Apple?’ it was discussed a lot that does this gadget is of any value or worth as a business tool. The result was merely an overwhelming no; it was just a toy, which was of no worth to the business industry.

Now the actual contender has arrived, yes it is the new Google tablet. It is that Google is nipping at Apples heels now, and this tablet is almost ready to be launched. This tablet by Google has not yet given a formal and official name until now.

This device will function as an e-reader, and it work just like a computer. The foremost features are:

The slate shaped computer will be running the Android operating system. Android is extremely soundly developed, moreover, before now has all the attributes, capabilities and features that Apple’s iPad is offering. This tablet will simply surpass the Apple Ipad, because, this is an open-system platform and anyone can develop softwares, unlike the closed system of Apple. This is surely exciting for the software developers. One of the other characteristics this tablet has is that it will be able to run through Google Cloud Computing. All the Google services will be available in this Google tablet such as Google Voice, Google Reader, Google books, and Google has purchased Skype.

Google, however, is not the primary corporation to come forward with the objective of overhauling the iPad. It has been announced by Wireless Nokia that soon it will also be releasing a tablet that would be running Windows 7.