Google Applying for Mapping License

China Business New lately reported that Google Incorporation has applied for a mapping license to maneuver its Google Maps apps in the region of inc

A license from the China’s State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping is required by Google which will enable it to operate its Google Maps in the particular region. In the recent times, the mapping license requirements were quite relaxed to permit the foreign online mapping service providers like Google, which is extremely useful in engaging into various joint ventures to manage the service. It has been reported by a newspaper that Google has filed for the license with the Beijing Guxiang information Technology.

It is anticipated that Google will be provided with the license soon and then people from China will also be able to make use of Google Maps service no matter wherever they are in the region!


Apple iPad – 5 Major Disappointments

Talking about Apple iPad here, it received a large number of mixed reactions. Although, there are some cool features associated that makes the gadget stand out; however, there are certain features that are completely missed out.

Some of the major disappointments related to Apple iPad are;

  1. Camera: this feature has been completely missed out when it comes to iPad. It is a significant features required for video chats or video conferencing. iPad disappointed its users with it.
  2. GPS: Apple’s iPad was one of the most awaited gadgets and it was known as a modified version of iPhone, however; it completely missed out the GPS feature. on the other hand, the Wi-Fi or 3G can provide users with a speedy access to the Google Maps but an integrated GPS feature has been missed out.
  3. Removable Battery; iPad supports the battery timeline of ten hours which certainly is great; however, for such a revolutionary product such as iPad, it should been provided with a feature of a user removable battery.
  4. Multitasking; for the iPad,it is one of the biggest drawbacks. Apparently, the case is that this gadget is unable to run background process. Thus, it makes you stick to one job at a time. This makes a complete big NO for most of the people who consider the iPad as one of the advanced netbook.
  5. Mac OS; Apple’s iPad has been incorporated with an A4 processor which runs perfectly fine with the iPhone operating System, nevertheless, a complete OS X would have given the iPad a processor to kill for.

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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Google 3D Maps accessible offline with Android

You need to get ready for one other Innovation in Google’s Android, it is simply moving ahead one after the other. This one is particularly different and is enriched when compared to the prior ones. Google Map 5.0 application is now available for Android and it is simply going to make your life more vibrant and easier. It offers reliability, well orientation, and extreme accuracy while any specific operation is being conducted. The best part is that you can even access it while you are offline.

The application is rated to be much faster and quicker when compared to the prior versions. 3D buildings are also visible at street-level view with which you can easily tilt it and check out all the surroundings virtually. As you move, you will be able to adjust the map, which is directed by a compass, or you can also rotate the map on your own, in case, you want to check out some other views. The most bountiful feature the integrated feature offering offline support. Firstly, while you are running an application and then connecting it to the Internet, it is itself an innovation. All the credit goes to the Android’s team and Google Map engineers.

The application is not available to public as yet, nevertheless, it will be requiring Android 1.6 (Donut) or superior versions of the Android OS.

Now it is time that we should all keep our fingers crossed until this application is launched publically. This application is certainly going to double the Android’s sale and it will be becoming a tough competition particularly the offline support feature as just Android is offering such an awesome application.

Watch Out!!! Everyone is addicted to Cell Phones!!

Social networking mediums are extremely powerful tools and are a tremendously strong addiction. In reality, it has now become too obligatory that every fifth user is grabbed by its charm even while they are on the roads. This research has been recently conducted by the RAC.

The study conducted reveals that around 21 percent of motorists are adamant to check their social media accounts while they are driving and the mostly browsed ones are Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, music, photos, and email. 11percent prefer checking their emails however, 9 percent make use of the Google Map application to find out the routes whereas Facebook attracts 7percent.

There are 31 percent people text while they are driving and this figure has increased almost three times more than the last year figures. 28 percent people talk on phone and last year the figure was just 8 percent. 53 percent just cannot wait to check their cell phones to see who is calling them and only 45 percent subjects are not bothered about checking their phones while they are on the journey.

Nevertheless, taking a call while you are driving in considered un-influential by 46 percent of the drivers whereas the same is declared for texting by 47percent. 26 percent people prefer to check their cell phones while they have stopped at a red light whereas 9percent allow themselves with the emancipation of checking their phones when they are stuck in a traffic jam.

Adrian Tink, RAC motoring strategist stated that it is exceptionally concerning that the usage of cell phones for calling and texting is increasing greatly. The most worrying part is that people make use of all the social media applications and phones while they are driving. If you take you eye off the road even for a second to read any alert or checking the name of the caller; the results can be extremely fatal.

Google’s street view is getting gruesome

Although the technology has advanced to a level where you can view the satellite image just by sitting in your home. One of the pionners in this regard is Google  who took a giant  step  when it started the street view where cameras move 360 degree.  Although there is more disturbing to share here. This week Google has annouced to add Brazil, Ireland and Antartica for street view library

Now comes the disturbing part when brazilian website G1 fouind a corpse in Google’s mapping service. The website shows the body covered by a black bag. Although, different other sources tried to view the images again but it is now giving the message that the image is no longer available. While viewing such disturbing images, people can report the problem to Google. The same story happend in UK back in August, where a dead body of a 10 year old boy  was seen in street view image of street view.

Keeping these disturbing images aside, these street images are directly invading the privacy of lives and people have reported complaints about such issues.

Nokia’s exclusive partnership with Yahoo

Nokia and Yahoo have now formed a partnership, and according to it, they will mutually present the exclusive content over their contrary platforms.

Nokia will be the exclusive content provider for navigation and maps for Yahoo; and Yahoo has offered Nokia with an exclusive email provider.

This has turned out to be a deeper collaboration than expected, and it could be particularly useful for Nokia to broaden its scope and range of messaging and email services in the upcoming markets, where it is already holding a strong market share.

This remarkable move made by Nokia has made its stocks price go up with a percentage of 0.4, whereas Yahoo got an increase of 0.8percent in its stock price. This partnership will definitely open new horizons for both the players as both are one of the best in their business. Yahoo could offer its other services and they can also come up with their own operating system which they can run on Nokia’s smartphones. Similarly, Nokia’s infrastructure can be a real benefit for Yahoo as well.