Apple Creating the BUzZzZ

We all know that Apple is always way ahead of the entire competition; At least when it is about creating the buzz over the World Wide Web in terms of its unique and latest products.

This is something which the list of some particular keywords has shown us, these are the words that ascended the fastest in the Google search engine request throughout year 2010 for the consumer electronics, gadgets and products.

Leading this particular category of Google’s most recent Zeitgeist is the Apple’s iPad. It is a multimedia touch screen tablet manufactured by Apple and it is standing out as the trendiest hi-tech gadget of the modern times. One other gadget from the Steve Jobs’ firm that stands second on the listing is the iPhone 4; it is the latest and hottest addition to the Apple’s range of smartphones.

The gadget that ranks third is the Nokia “5530 XpressMusic; thus confirming that consumers around the world are still interested in such mobile phones; however, they are losing the ground…

Google Tablet-the forthcoming gadget

The upcoming Google gadget is extremely sophisticated. Furthermore, it is simply too hard to wait. When Apple released the Ipad, it was written at most of the blogs that ‘do we need to have this gadget from Apple?’ it was discussed a lot that does this gadget is of any value or worth as a business tool. The result was merely an overwhelming no; it was just a toy, which was of no worth to the business industry.

Now the actual contender has arrived, yes it is the new Google tablet. It is that Google is nipping at Apples heels now, and this tablet is almost ready to be launched. This tablet by Google has not yet given a formal and official name until now.

This device will function as an e-reader, and it work just like a computer. The foremost features are:

The slate shaped computer will be running the Android operating system. Android is extremely soundly developed, moreover, before now has all the attributes, capabilities and features that Apple’s iPad is offering. This tablet will simply surpass the Apple Ipad, because, this is an open-system platform and anyone can develop softwares, unlike the closed system of Apple. This is surely exciting for the software developers. One of the other characteristics this tablet has is that it will be able to run through Google Cloud Computing. All the Google services will be available in this Google tablet such as Google Voice, Google Reader, Google books, and Google has purchased Skype.

Google, however, is not the primary corporation to come forward with the objective of overhauling the iPad. It has been announced by Wireless Nokia that soon it will also be releasing a tablet that would be running Windows 7.

IPhone 4G – 5 Megapixel Camera

Iphone 4g, the forthcoming version of Apple IPhone, is going to make its appearance at the WWDC’10, is considered to have a 5-megapixel camera in it. The Omni Vision is all set and ready to provide a 5-mexapixel camera for the upcoming next generation Iphone 4G to Apple.

One other fascinating addition to this buzz is that the Omni Vision is also willing to supple 3.2-mexapixel camera sensor to Apple, which has already been a part of Iphone 3Gs. It has been professed by OmniVision that the orders have almost doubles it is ranging from 20 million units to now 40 million and plus units for the year 2010.

Android Users! Flash support is coming

We still don’t know when Android 2.2 is going to release but Google has officially announced that Android 2.2 is going to have the full Flash support in this version. According to ZDnet, the latest version is hitting the streets on May 19th but this hasn’t been confirmed by Google. Some other features which are expected in Android 2.2 are its JIT compiler, also all the apps will be updated automatically, FM radio and support for colored lights on handset’s trackball. On the other hand, Flash announced Flash version for smartphones last year but right now they are working on the optimized version of Flash which will be releasing shortly.

On the other hand, Apple continued to take stance that they don’t require any Flash support in Iphone, Ipad or other Apple devices. The story doesn’t end here as Apple has banned their developers from using Adobe CS development tools. What would it have an effect on the sales volume of Apple products and can this rift boost the sales of other players? Stay tuned to Ishtihari

Apple is dominating the Japanese SmartPhone market!

Nowadays, china is not the only Asian country right now that is making the smartphone. Half of the smart phones market is caputred by another Asian country, and that is Japan. According to the recent market research being made in Japan, it is the region where smart phones have become a part of their culture. And, Currently, Apple is around teo third of all the smart phone.

Yes! this is correct. This is the nation, where every individual can get their hands on smart phones putting all American models to shame.
Among all Iphone is still the king. Japan has been years ahead of everyone, when compared with the smart phone industry, this may be a revealing look into the future of the market everywhere else. Perhaps the Android and WP7 are not as much of a threat as they had hoped.

Upcoming iPhone OS 4.0 permits its users with multitasking

It has been rumoring around everywhere in the blogs now a days. Apple has unveiled some of the features of its latest and upcoming Iphone’s facial appearance, and we cannot just wait for the fresh iphone, which has an operating system that supports multitasking activities.

This iphone OS 4.0 is determined to be launched until the end of this year, and it looks especially high quality   cell phone. Primarily, the information is determined for the existing Ipod, Iphone and eventually it would be the Ipads. Now lets wait and see till the new Iphone arrives

Top 3 Free applications for Ipad

Like someone said everything good in this world is not for free is sometimes wrong especially when it comes to Ipad. We all know that most of the applications on Ipad are not free but there are some which are free to download.

ABC Player

This is one of the most highly used applications not even on Ipad but also Iphone and other Apple devices.  If you are interested in watching Prison break or you have just missed the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy, ABC player is just here for you and its totally free.  According to a report by Wall Street, ABC player for Ipad has been downloaded 205,000 times and  650,000  different television episodes have been watched in just10 days since Ipad has been released.

The Weather Channel Max

This application’s cost was $3.99 when you were an Iphone user but guess what; its free now for Ipad. This application is as flashy as it should be and gives you the right forecast about weather and also read tweets from Weather channel Max. But the story doesn’t end here as you can also watch Weather Channel videos


Like the name suggest, its a navigator for wikipedia so its your wikipedia companion. The differentiating attribute of this gadget is its user friendliness and easy navigation. Wikipanian gives you exactly the same experience as the real wikipedia.

There are of course many others like NYT editors, Bloomberg for Ipad, AIM and many others which are available for free

Google’s Tablet PC

Ipad has been launched by Apple Inc and is selling like hot cakes. While cut throat competition already exists between Apple and Google on Cellphone, Google has decided to launched its tablet PC on which Android will be run. Now how Google can grab the share of Ipad users is still a question mark because Iphone is something wholly owned by Apple from its hardware to software. While Google develops every hardware in collaboration with HTC.  One thing which Google has to keep in mind that there are some companies which are offering Andriod powered Tablet PCs. But Google is also a very smart marketer like Apple. The rumors are wandering on blogs and people have already named Google’s tablet PC as “Ipad Killer”. The demo of Ipad killer is available on YouTube.