Android Users! Flash support is coming

We still don’t know when Android 2.2 is going to release but Google has officially announced that Android 2.2 is going to have the full Flash support in this version. According to ZDnet, the latest version is hitting the streets on May 19th but this hasn’t been confirmed by Google. Some other features which are expected in Android 2.2 are its JIT compiler, also all the apps will be updated automatically, FM radio and support for colored lights on handset’s trackball. On the other hand, Flash announced Flash version for smartphones last year but right now they are working on the optimized version of Flash which will be releasing shortly.

On the other hand, Apple continued to take stance that they don’t require any Flash support in Iphone, Ipad or other Apple devices. The story doesn’t end here as Apple has banned their developers from using Adobe CS development tools. What would it have an effect on the sales volume of Apple products and can this rift boost the sales of other players? Stay tuned to Ishtihari

Nokia N8 is arriving soon

With the battle between Iphone and Google, Blackberry and Nokia have also decided to revamp their softwares as well.  To compete directly with the new smartphones, Nokia is coming up with N8 which is positioned as Nokia’s smartphone. While looking at the features, it has almost everything you need in a smartphone. Starting with a 12 megapixel camera with auto focus and also 720p video recording which existing smartphones are not offering.

We are defintiley awaiting for Nokia’s OS Symbian 3 which promises to be a smartphone OS. The highlighting features of OS are its multitasking, swipeable home screens,hardware-accelerated graphics and above all it is said to be more faster and responsive. Well, lets see its kind of a Do or die situation for Nokia because with the existing players and the upcoming trends and changing patterns of consumers towards smartphone either N8 should have the punch so that consumers can atleast have the choice to think and evaluate between N8 and other smartphones. Also dont forget Blackberry’s RIM is also coming so stay tuned to Ishtihari