Nokia E7 anticipated arriving in year early 2011 – Celebrations for 3G mobile networks

The Nokia E7 is anticipated to be available in the early period of year 2011 and because of this; the 3G mobile networks are excited for this latest addition to the growing and escalating mobile phone market. This new gadget has some of the most unbelievable and amazing features and Nokia expects this model to be the most preferred by the business professionals as well as for routine day usage.

Nokia E7 has vital comforts that are alike to 4 in. it has an integrated 8-megapixel camera with twin LED flash, slip out QWERTY keyboard along with touch screen arrangements, 16 GB internal storage capacity, and also audio tech “SILK”. It is supporting a Symbian^3 operating system and an N8 aluminum physique.

Nokia E7 is extremely stylish and its estimated price until now is £584.99. The Smartphone can be accessed on 3G mobile networks and after it can be accessed upon all other networks. The gadget is truly the best for the song lovers as they can even listen to transparent songs. With the Symbian 3 OS support, it offers easy navigation, aging contacts and easy to supplement photos.

The head of Branded Devices at 3G networks, Sylvia Chind stated that they are pleased to add another Symbian 3 device to their Smartphone’s range. However, Nokia E7 is making the 3G-network display more strong with features such as customizable home screens, 4 inch screen for speedy browsing and accessing emails.

Yahoo Plans to compete with Google and Facebook

Today, the success of any website is not measured in terms of its daily traffic but the engagement of the users with the website and also the total time a user is spending in one visit. The concept of Web 2.0 is greatly influenced by this phenomenon and websites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and many others where the user is interacting more with the website are becoming famous.

Yahoo has surely learned from this trend and they are now intensively working on their website. The trigger behind this new working is the trend that Yahoo has observed in the part 16 months where the user engagement has significantly dropped.  According to, users spent an average of 336.4 minutes in January 2009, but just after 2 months this number dropped to 247.9 minutes in April 2009. In an interview with Yahoo’s CEO Carol Baltz; he said that the biggest disengagement has been witnessed in Yahoo mail so we need to work on the mail side to increase the user’s engagement with the website.  We cannot forget the stiff competition, Yahoo must be currently facing from Google and Facebook which might be the reason behind Yahoo’s concern. Yahoo is also very hopeful once it’s partnership gets stronger with Microsoft will definitely help the portal in increasing the user’s engagement. Baltz said that by the mid of 2012, we are going make yahoo an intense personalization portal for which we have started working already.

Face book is now commanding 41% of the Social Media Traffic

YouTube and face book are shifting the rivals and actually taking over the social media network. Moreover, to show continued and massive traffic growth throughout the year 2009 and in the beginning of year 2010, YouTube and face book continued to capture the market of social media network traffic to the highest volume. Twitter also acquired mainstream attention, helping and serving the company to increase the number of visitors to the website by five folds throughout the year.

Taking a more closer look at the traffic charts, we can see a widespread and extensive migration of users from MySpace to face book very clearly. By March year 2010, face book traffic was up to 41percent considering all the popular social media network destinations. MySpace stood second by capturing around 24percent of the traffic. Gmail had 15percent and twitter only had8percent.

Nevertheless, in year 2009, MySpace was leading with 38percent of visitor’s traffic over Face book, which was 33percent. Whereas, Gmail maintains to show sluggish year-over-the year growth and the websites like Twitter and LinkedIn experienced exponential increase in the past 12 months, and MySpace traffic has been completely inactive and stagnant. On the other hand, face book has exhibited a strong and potential growth with high volumes of traffic.

Gmail adds geographic security check

The option is already available on Facebook. Imagine you are living in USA and you login from your Gmail account at 1.00 PM; after an hour some hacker tries to login from some other location. Gmail offers an internet security protocol which checks for the suspicious activity.

An engineer who worked and executed this project said that we don’t have the ability to check the location from where the account has been accessed but what this protocol can do is if a person has login from one location and after few hours he or she has login from another location, Gmail security check will generate an alert.

Gmail adds Drag & Drop facility to attach files

This is one of the feature which I was looking for. Gmail has added a new exciting feature to it and you don’t have to go to Gmail Labs to activate it as it is the default option. To attach the file, you do not have to click attach file, then browse for it and finally attach. Now you can do it in one simple step. Just drag and drop the file where Attach Files is written and you will notice that Gmail will prompt you whether to Drop these files to attach. You can drop the files and they will be attached. I must say its a very nice feature and Google has once again rocked in innovation. The option is compatible for Google Chrome and Firefox only as they are also working to make it compatible with other browsers as well