Google 3D Maps accessible offline with Android

You need to get ready for one other Innovation in Google’s Android, it is simply moving ahead one after the other. This one is particularly different and is enriched when compared to the prior ones. Google Map 5.0 application is now available for Android and it is simply going to make your life more vibrant and easier. It offers reliability, well orientation, and extreme accuracy while any specific operation is being conducted. The best part is that you can even access it while you are offline.

The application is rated to be much faster and quicker when compared to the prior versions. 3D buildings are also visible at street-level view with which you can easily tilt it and check out all the surroundings virtually. As you move, you will be able to adjust the map, which is directed by a compass, or you can also rotate the map on your own, in case, you want to check out some other views. The most bountiful feature the integrated feature offering offline support. Firstly, while you are running an application and then connecting it to the Internet, it is itself an innovation. All the credit goes to the Android’s team and Google Map engineers.

The application is not available to public as yet, nevertheless, it will be requiring Android 1.6 (Donut) or superior versions of the Android OS.

Now it is time that we should all keep our fingers crossed until this application is launched publically. This application is certainly going to double the Android’s sale and it will be becoming a tough competition particularly the offline support feature as just Android is offering such an awesome application.

Gizmodo is Apple’s next victim

Apple has requested and appealed the local law enforcement officials to investigate and examine the conditions adjoining an Apple employee’s misplaced next-generation iPhone, which was probably 4G, and this was already published and announced on the Internet in the last week later to ending up in the hands of Gizmodo lately.
Presently, the investigation and inspection is being focused on shaping the piece of information that whether enough evidences exist or not to pursue criminal and unauthorized charges against the person who actually found the Gizmodo, iPhone, or both. Gizmodo admitted that he rewarded $5000 for the gadget to the person who actually found it.
He not only investigated the  details and pictures, however, additionally tore it to one side, and published just about every probable fact that he can come up with to the Internet.
The possible charge, which is to be filed against Gizmodo with the local law enforcement agencies by Apple, can take him to severe penalties. In case, if he gets away from the police, and being in prison, he will be suffering a lot ultimately.