iPhone sets World Guinness Record

iPhone’s release not only revolutionized the entire mobile industry but the gaming world as well. The Guinness World Records announces that the Apple’s ‘App store’ as one of the most groundbreaking and innovative gaming podium in the entire history and it has become a sober challenger in all the gaming records.

The App Store is offering countless application for this intuitive gadget, and Apple came up with an exclusive portal for making its casual games genre easily accessible and also bringing entertainment to users wherever they may be. The device has been listed as one of the fastest selling portable gaming system, with the day one sales recording 1.5 million units on June 24 year 2010. One of the most popular applications can be easily found in Apple’s App store. In less than three years time frame. The apps downloaded until now have exceeded the figure of 6.5 billion.

The app store also got the jiggle for being one of the largest downloadable video gaming store, with 37,362 games available as of September 2010. The most selling iPod/iPhone strategy game is PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies. Until February 2010, it had more than 300,000 paid downloads in the first 9 days of its release.