Google TV….Coming Soon

Yes Google TV is coming soon now. The news is circulating on different blogs for almost 2 months now but finally Wall Street confirms that Google is going to launch Google TV soon. But what is Google TV by the way? Its a web based television software based on Android technology.  The software is designed to bring Internet content, web searches, apps and the as the name suggest Google TV so videos have to be there Ofcourse!

So now lets come to the plan how Google is thinking to execute this new software. According to Wall street, its may come with web enabled TVs, Game consoles or Blu ray players. Google is going to partner with Sony and Logitech on this TV initiative which are known as the top players in the market. So the software will be embedded in Sony and Logitech machines with Android as the running operating system .

Google TV is going to release in this month and according to WSJ the tentative date is 19th May. Google has always come up with state of the art innovations which has always changed the way people think of a paticular service. Can Google TV do the same? Stay tuned to Ishtihari