Facebook Testing A New Feature

Facebook is considering experimenting with the Twitter- Like feature. The feature is useful in alerting members in real-time to what their family member and friends have been up to when it comes to social networking.

This particular feature is known as ‘Happening Now’, and it is being tried by a fraction of Facebook users as currently it has more than 600 million active users. It is presently testing a new feature that concerns the News Feed that enables people to see what their friends are liking and commenting.

In the coming weeks, Facebook is anticipated to make vital improvements and would be expanding it a lot more. Presently, some of the Facebook features are there that are useful in altering people about what their friends have been up to at the social networking portal.

This particular feature is considered to be as a prospective challenge to Twitter – a global micro blogging service. Twitter enables users to easily share what they are seeing, doing or thinking instantly in their messages that comprise of 140 or fewer characters.


Why WordPress is a Popular Blog Choice?

The more you will get use to WordPress, the more you will start loving it. The reason behind is that it has various significant features that are not yet supported by Blogger.

First and foremost, with WordPress you can automatically set up the ping feature and you can ping all the blog and RSS feed directories each and every time you are going to make a post. This happens to be an extremely powerful and robust feature in case you are considering generating a lot of traffic from your blog instantly. Furthermore, you will be able to quickly develop back links to your blog or website and that too automatically. Just think about how long it takes to build a website, make the search engine indexing, getting back links and start generating traffic. On the other hand, a blog like WordPress can do all this automatically.

Secondly, WordPress enables you to make use of different Categories. These categories are an exceptionally robust feature to improve and enhance the structure of your web portal for both the search engines along with human visitors. For instance, if you are focusing on Widgets, you can create different Categories such as green widgets, orange widgets, black widgets and a lot more. Therefore, when you would be adding a blog post, you can choose the particular category that your post actually belongs to. This feature is not available with Blogger so it makes WordPress superior in this regard.

Categories happen to be extremely search engine friendly. When you categorize your blog or website, you will be getting a single link for each of them. This would be truly helpful in increasing your rankings with the search engines.

Another significant feature is the RSS feed that can be created for every single category. Each and every time when you are going to post content to your blog, it is going to ping the RSS/Blog directories for every single feed.

It is truly amazing and remarkable how easy blogging has become with well structured and simple with WordPress which provides a handy and incredible blogging experience.