Facebook slashing up protection with One-Time Passwords, additional Features

Facebook has taken some vital and considerable measures that are useful in hiking up the user security. The best one of it is the one-time password feature which can be requested even by sending a text message from your cell phone.

This feature is considered ideal for such users who are accessing their Facebook accounts from shared or public computers and they prefer keeping their code words uncompromised. You can text ‘otp’ from your phone number that is registered with Facebook to 32665 and your password will be sent to you which works as a single login and is only applicable for the next twenty minutes from the time you have received it.

Jake Brill, product manager for the site’s integrity team said that initially we are launching this one-time password feature as it would be extremely safe for users to access Facebook’s account at public places such as air ports, cafes, hotels and many more. While you are thinking that you may going to have any security issues with your Facebook account then you can simply ask for this one-time password instead of using the regular password.

This one-time password feature is currently available to a selective user base; however, it will be soon made available to every user. Moreover, you need to confirm your cell phone number that you have registered for the system that you prefer working. There is a lot more…

In case, you are logged in suddenly from some other location then you will sign out remotely. You will be able to access your login status from various other places and this feature can be accessed from accounts settings page into your profile.

If an unauthorized person is accessing your account then you can immediately access this session and reset your password. Ultimately, you being a user have most of the security features in your hand. This is one of the reasons why Facebook has been prompting users regularly about their login information and verifying your account’s ownership in case you happen to lose entrée to your account.

However, updating your information time-to-time is extremely useful particularly related to the security concerns.

30,000 people quit Facebook in Protest!

Large groups of users are protesting against the Facebook’s privacy policies, and it has been reported that more than 30,000 people heeded the call to abandon Facebook, the social networking giant.

The protesting group states that for us it is about two things, best intentions, and fair choices. In our point of view, Facebook does not do well in either department. Although, Facebook provides you with choices about how to manage your information, however, they are not the fair choices. The group reported that 32,749 users have dropped out from the Facebook’s universe.

According to Google data; 540 million people, who are distinctive in nature, monthly visit Facebook, which is to some extent around 35 percent of the entire Internet community.

Facebook is re-developing the privacy controls in the face of a hail of condemnation that it is betraying the trust and confidence, which has made it the world’s largest and leading social media network.

Facebook revamped its privacy control settings page to endow with a single control for content, which will be useful in “significantly reducing” the amount of information that is always visible to everyone. Facebook also claimed that it is providing its users with more control over websites or third-party applications to access the user’s information.

The critics are continuously demanding Facebook to make every users information extremely private as default, and let people allow all by themselves as what they want to share and what not.

Again, we can just wait, and watch what Facebook comes up with this time, and all we can expect is that it is providing its users with the privacy controls as per expectations or not!

Facebook Privacy : My Boss Shouldn’t know what I am doing on Facebook

While the survey has been conducted in Malaysia, but this study can be applied anywhere in the world. According to this secure survey, 73% of the respondents haven’t added  their Bosses as friends on Facebook. The reason is pretty obvious i.e. the privacy concerns. No one really wants their Bosses to track what they are actually doing on Facebook its because it would negatively affect their jobs for sure.

With the revised Facebook privacy policies, many people have serious privacy concerns . Back in 2009, many people have deleted their photo albums when the profile picture went public and could be shown to the users who are not in the friends list. According to the survey by F-secure, almost 56% of the respondents have backed up their photos from Facebook.  Employed people have great concerns about these new Open privacy policies because now they have to be careful while sharing anything, commenting on someone’s status. In a nutshell, they can’t do anything openly like they used to be.