Facebook Privacy : My Boss Shouldn’t know what I am doing on Facebook

While the survey has been conducted in Malaysia, but this study can be applied anywhere in the world. According to this secure survey, 73% of the respondents haven’t added ¬†their Bosses as friends on Facebook. The reason is pretty obvious i.e. the privacy concerns. No one really wants their Bosses to track what they are actually doing on Facebook its because it would negatively affect their jobs for sure.

With the revised Facebook privacy policies, many people have serious privacy concerns . Back in 2009, many people have deleted their photo albums when the profile picture went public and could be shown to the users who are not in the friends list. According to the survey by F-secure, almost 56% of the respondents have backed up their photos from Facebook. ¬†Employed people have great concerns about these new Open privacy policies because now they have to be careful while sharing anything, commenting on someone’s status. In a nutshell, they can’t do anything openly like they used to be.