A New Feature from Google – Recipe View!!

What’s ‘cooking’??? It could be something in your mind as you may be thinking to prepare something with your hands preferring hand-made stuff in your own kitchen. For this reason, you can try out the new feature of Google named as ‘Recipe View’. This feature has been introduced by Google which will be telling you about the instructions related to any recipe. However, the bad news is that this feature is currently made available in Japan and the United States until now but will be introduced in other countries as well depending on its success rate.

According to Google Product Manager, Kavi Goel, contrasting his parents who could cook a dish by intuitively adding an accurate amount of spices in frequent basis of their gut feeling, this particular technique did not work well for a computer and math geek such as him. Therefore, with this new feature, a large number of people who prefer having accurate instructions and numbers can be benefited while cooking their food.

The search engine functions accurately as an eBook and it has all the recipes listed in it. The search terms vary from names of different dishes to the seasoned foods such as holidays or strawberries. Moreover, all the recipes have been rated that appear in the search results. On the other hand, the search results can even be filtered by inputting your criteria such as ingredients, calorie count, as well as cooking time!

Goel further stated that this ‘Recipe View’ feature would be released shortly as some test results are awaited and soon it will be doled out to other countries as soon as it becomes a ‘seasoned’ player.



Amazon VS Google – The E-book War!

The two major and leading e-booksellers are now standing in front of each other. As soon as Google’s e-book store and applications were launched, Amazon also came up with an idea of launching a desktop e-reader application.

Google is claiming an advanced e-reading b

ook application; all these applications are related to

the Google eBook store venture. Presently, the prime player in the field of e-bookselling is Amazon. Amazon itself introduced a large number of features with Google. Both the companies even worked together until Google made an announcement. The next venture of Google is going to be the largest online portal in the list of gigantic inventories.

Most importantly, Google issued a statement that is based on a software strategy. A large number of applications that support Android devices, laptop/desktop Web browsers, the iPod Touch, the iPad, the iPhone, along with the two particular e-book readers, the Sony Reader and the Nook. Other e-bookers can also easily access and view the books from the Google Book store in two formats such as PDF or ePub formats.

Amazon, in the end, on its part announced its own and unique desktop Web e-reader, the beta version was being launched from September, and according to Amazon, the advanced version will be available in the next few months.

Google already has cleared the terms and conditions along with the policies that are somewhat same as of Microsoft Windows Live. The Google Book Store contains free and tagged books and some of their parts can be reviewed. Google has also stated them as Google Books and all users can easily access the books on the Google eBooks Store. Google is even trying to get the e-book store linked with the Google checkout. Google Checkout is an online payment system that is offered by Google for purchasing its products and services over the Web. All the services can be easily accessed by browsing through Books.Google.com.

Google is adopting an approach that is adjustable and simpler as well.