Parents, Facebook & Depression

Are you one of those who are suffering from depression or mental trauma??? If the answer is yes, you should immediately stop using Facebook!! the reason behind is that according to a study that has been conducted by doctors, all the Social Media networking portals are a means of Depression because of different situations among teenagers. All those kids who are troubled or disturbed should not make use of these Social networking sites.

It is a highly endangering condition for all the teenagers, as per the researchers because there is an additional room of low mood that the kids happen to feel anyway or bit different condition that are connected when they are making use of various online networking portals. Facebook is offering a tough and difficult environment for teenagers, to live and to survive! It certainly is reducing the level of confidence and Self-esteem. There should be certain tips cum limitation for the social media regular users particularly the teenagers.

It has been noticed that there are numerous teens that are just in competition to have one of the most Facebook Friends along with popular tags, peers, photos, tallies, updates and all these things are creating a sense of competition among the teenagers.

According to analysts, Facebook is providing teenagers with a skewed perspective of life. All of them end up sitting all alone in a crowded place and for this reason kids feel low most of the times.

Numerous guidelines have been issues regarding social media networks presently that urge the doctors to encourage parents to talk t o their kids about networking portals usage and they should also be well aware of the depression Facebook is causing mainly including cyber bullying, addiction along with several other online risks.

Parents have been requested to work together with their kids to overcome the Cyber bullying related problems. Otherwise, it can greatly affect the young genre minds.




Protected by Copyscape Web Plagiarism Finder is bringing Office to Face book

Microsoft and Face book have now teamed up over new and forthcoming online document sharing service that will flawlessly integrate with the well in demand and current social networking website. The beta version of the website enable all users to login to their face book account credentials, and create Office documents such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel files, and add in their friends as either the document editors or as viewers. The new uploaded documents will be showed up in the users’ news feeds, simply like the pictures and status updates.

This service is powered by Microsoft’s upcoming Office 2010 Web Application suite that taps into the lager user base of face book, as It will bring them a convenient and evitable start up while being in competition with the Google Docs. The crucial question that arises here is that are the users interested in collaborating this new document activity over face book? Now, everyone knows that this is a social networking web portal; it is known to be the biggest distraction at the work place. is presently in a restricted beta stage, therefore; everyone can view the documents, and however, to create and edit the new ones, you need to join a waiting list. Google has already been earning a lot from the online-document sharing, and with some recent updates, Google is now offering business-related services for the paid Google applications. These offerings are becoming immensely popular and highly in demand as a replacement to the desktop suites.