Facebook being Richie Rich!!

The bank balance of Facebook is simply reaching amazing heights. All you are required to do is to ‘Like’ it. Until now, Facebook is an entity worth $5o billion and there is simply ‘stopping the bull’! All the credit goes to the funding parties particularly from the Goldman Sachs, Digital Sky technologies and various other clients of the banks that are worth $1.5 billion. Facebook has already raised its funds up to $800 million lately.

You can now easily sign in any web portal if you have your Facebook account, it turns out to be a passport kind of thing; moreover, it is a giant that is growing and growing. David Ebersman, the Facebook’s CFO stated in an announcement that the giant has gained an amazing financial status and is ready to opt for amazing and unique opportunities. DST and Goldman Sachs invested around $50 million and $450 million respectively.

Lately, overseas investments have also been reported and this all was only possible due to the Goldman Sachs Facebook investment venture. While it could have reached to the figure of $1.5 billion, Facebook just restricted the funds to $1 billion. Facebook will be disclosing the financial results right before April 30, year 2012 as until now it has gained more than 500 shareholders.

Speculations have been spreading that Facebook having $2.8 billion on its hands; the social network-marketing giant will be escalating acquisitions and also is anticipated to buy the Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park, California from Oracle Corporations. It is also going to broaden its resources as more recruitment is going to take place which is extremely a good news for all those who are eyeing a job there.

Facebook is emerging as one of the biggest and leading competitors in the market globally. All other competitors are cagey whereas the rest of the world will keep on ‘Liking’ it!!

All We have to do is to Wait & Watch!

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