Are We Obsessed with Facebook?

Facebook is more like belly buttons; each and every individual has got one.

In case there are some exceptions, people consider them weird!

It may seem to be some kind of an exaggeration or amplification to you, but according to the figures, WE (the Internet Users worldwide) are being more and more obsessed and infatuated with Facebook with each and every passing day.

There are some extremely interesting stats according to which out of every thirteen earthlings, three out of four Americans are on Facebook and one out of twenty-six login their Facebook on a regular basis. and SocialHype have conducted this particular research; Ishtihari is having the pleasure of integrating it here for all its readers!

Following is a precise visual illustration with some of the highlights associated to Facebook usage, adoption numbers, 2010 trends, and a lot more.

Check out the information mentioned below and let Ishtihari know in the remarks about what do you really think about our worldwide fascination and appeal with Facebook. Is Facebook an incredible and useful connective medium? Is it a plague or disease that preys on the by far addicted? Merely, a little bit of both or entirely something else?